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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-073D welding and milling: Part I - a direct approach for freeform fabrication of metallic prototypesSong, YA; Park, S; Choi, D; Jee, H
2005-073D welding and milling: part II - optimization of the 3D welding process using an experimental design approachSong, YA; Park, S; Chae, SW
2002-04-15A new curve-based approach to polyhedral machiningJun, CS; Kim, DS; Park, S
2002-08A rapid reverse engineering system for reproducing 3D human bustsRoh, HM; Jun, Y; Park, S; Choi, HR
2004-02A robust approach to edge detection of scanned point dataLee, Y; Park, S; Jun, Y; Choi, WC
1999-11A study on polymerization of PVDF based fluoropolymers with high performance for battery (I)Jo, SM; Lee, WS; Oh, HJ; Park, S; Ahn, BS; Park, KY
1997-01-01An improved synthesis of levofloxacinKang, SB; Park, S; Kim, YH; Kim, Y
2002-05Automated segmentation of point data in a feature-based reverse engineering systemPark, S; Jun, Y
2000-01Biological monitoring of benzene in residents living near petrochemical industrial areas in KoreaChoi, Y; Shin, D; Park, S; Chung, Y; Kim, M
2005-08Contractile force measurements of cardiac myocytes using a micro-manipulation systemPark, S; Ryu, S; Kim, DH; Kim, B
2002-01Effect of environment on the tribological behavior of Si-incorporated diamond-like carbon filmsYang, SH; Kong, H; Lee, KR; Park, S; Kim, DE
2003-08Effect of molecular structure of self-assembled monolayers on their tribological behaviors in nano- and microscalesAhn, HS; Cuong, PD; Park, S; Kim, YW; Lim, JC
2006-01Experimental investigations into rapid prototyping of composites by novel hybrid deposition processSong, YA; Park, S
2006Fabrication of 3D thin polymer structures for hybrid sensors and actuatorsPark, J; Kim, J; Roh, D; Park, S; Kim, B; Chun, K
1997-11-20Formation and properties of dimethylamine complexes of palladium(II) having trans phosphorus spanning terdentate ligands.Ryu, SY; Yang, W; Kim, HS; Park, S
2001-06Geometric feature recognition for reverse engineering using neural networksJun, Y; Raja, V; Park, S
2004-09-03Indinavir increases glucose production in healthy HIV-negative menSchwarz, JM; Lee, GA; Park, S; Noor, MA; Lee, J; Wen, M; Lo, JC; Mulligan, K; Schambelan, M; Grunfeld, C
2003-12-15Interference-free tool path generation in five-axis machining of a marine propellerYoun, JW; Jun, Y; Park, S
2000Investigation into freeform fabrication of multi-material parts by 3D welding and milling processSong, YA; Park, S
2000-08Luminescence of SrY2O4 : Eu3+Pyun, C; Park, C; Park, S; Yu, B; Bae, H; Kim, C
1999Managing design knowledge: Active document systemHa, S; Pahng, G; Chang, M; Park, S; Rho, HM
2001-12-04Molecular weight effect on the behaviors of polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymers at air/water interfaceSeo, Y; Paeng, K; Park, S
2003-01Nano- and microscale friction behaviors of functionalized self-assembled monolayersPark, S; Kim, YW; Lim, JC; Ahn, HS; Park, SJ
2004-11-30NO decomposition over the electrochemical cell of lanthanum stannate pyrochlore and YSZ composite electrodePark, S; Song, HS; Choi, HJ; Moon, J
2002-01PCDDs, PCDFs, and PCBs concentrations in breast milk from two areas in Korea: body burden of mothers and implications for feeding infantsYang, JY; Shin, DC; Park, S; Chang, YS; Kim, DH; Ikonomou, MG
1999-12-25Preparation of the palladium(II) dimethylamide Pd(2,6-(Ph2PCH2)(2)C6H3)(NMe2) at low temperatures and its ligand exchange with the dicyclohexylamideRyu, SY; Kim, H; Kim, HS; Park, S
2001-09Reconstruction of a composite surface by reverse engineering techniquesSeo, J; Lee, HC; Park, S
1999-08Reverse engineering: Multilevel-of-detail models for design and manufacturingFischer, A; Park, S
2003-04-15Study on the behaviors of different polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymers adsorbed at the air/water interfaceSeo, Y; Esker, AR; Sohn, D; Kim, HJ; Park, S; Yu, H
1998-01Synthesis and thermal properties of copolymers of L-lactic acid and epsilon-caprolactonePark, S; Chang, Y; Cho, JH; Noh, I; Kim, C; Kim, SH; Kim, YH