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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08A knowledge-based service approach for human-centered robotsOmar, Faruque Sarker M.; Park, J.-M.; Kim, C.; You, B.-J.
2007-08A run-time estimate method of measurement error variance for Kalman estimatorKang, J.-G.; You, B.-J.
2000-10A stable target-tracking control for unicycle mobile robotsLee, S.-O.; Cho, Y.-J.; Hwang-Bo, M.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.
2006-10An IEEE-1394 based real-time robot control system for efficient controlling of humanoidsSarker, M.O.F.; You, B.-J.; Baek, S.; Kim, C.
2007-10An omni-directional walking pattern generation method for humanoid robots with quartic polynomialsHong, S.; Oh, Y.; Chang, Y.-H.; You, B.-J.
2010-12Autonomous task execution of a humanoid robot using a cognitive modelKim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Choi, D.; Park, J.-M.; You, B.-J.
2006-10Color segmentation robust to brightness variations by using B-spline curve modelingKim, C.-H.; You, B.-J.; Kim, H.
2009-08Coordinated task execution by humanoid robotKim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, S.; Lee, J.; Jeong, M.-H.; Kim, C.; You, B.-J.
2009-07Dual control network method for efficient real-time humanoid robot control systemCha, Y.-S.; You, B.-J.
2011-11Human localization based on the fusion of vision and sound systemKim, S.-W.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.; Doh, N.L.
2009-09Human-like catching motion of humanoid using Evolutionary Algorithm(EA)-based imitation learningPark, G.-R.; Kim, K.; Kim, C.; Jeong, M.-H.; You, B.-J.; Ra, S.
2011Implementation of an inertial measurement Unit based motion capture systemPrayudi, I.; Seo, E.-H.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.
2008-08Multiple humanoid cooperative control system for heterogeneous humanoid teamLim, H.; Kang, Y.; Lee, J.; Kim, J.; You, B.-J.
2010-12Network-based humanoid operation in home environmentKim, K.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, S.-J.; Jeong, M.-H.; You, B.-J.
2004-09On the stability of indirect ZMP controller for biped robot systemsChoi, Y.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.
2011-12Problem solving and learning for a humanoid robotChoi, D.; Kim, K.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.
2008-10Real-time adapting captured human motions for tangible tele-meeting : Kinematic and dynamic approachesRa, S.; Yoo, J.; Kim, C.; You, B.-J.
2010-12Robot head-eye calibration using the minimum variance methodKim, S.-J.; Jeong, M.-H.; Lee, J.-J.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, K.-G.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.
2011-05Robotic arm control inspired by human muscle tension effect under the gravityBae, J.-H.; Yang, W.; Kim, D.; Oh, Y.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.
2009-12Robust laser scan matching in dynamic environmentsKim, H.-Y.; Lee, S.-O.; You, B.-J.
2008-10Robust speaker localization system for a humanoid robot in noise and reverberation environmentsKim, U.-H.; Kim, J.; Kim, D.; Kim, H.; You, B.-J.
2004-09Simple visual self-localization for indoor mobile robots using single video cameraDao, N.X.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.; Choi, Y.J.
2011-08Stair boundary extraction using the 2D laser scannerPark, C.-S.; Seo, E.-H.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.
2008The most attentive person selection using HMM with multiple sourcesTiawongsombat, P.; Jeong, M.-H.; You, B.-J.
2010-12The realization of a real-time distributed control systems using IEEE-1394 for humanoid robotCha, Y.-S.; Seo, E.-H.; Kim, D.; You, B.-J.
2008-10The tangible tele-meeting system for effective remote human communicationLee, H.-J.; Jeong, M.-H.; You, B.-J.
2008-11Walking pattern generation for humanoid robots with LQR and feedforward control methodHong, S.; Oh, Y.; Chang, Y.-H.; You, B.-J.
2009-09Walking pattern generation method with feedforward and feedback control for humanoid robotsHong, S.; Oh, Y.; Kim, D.; Ra, S.; You, B.-J.
2013Whole body motion control framework for arbitrarily and simultaneously assigned upper-body tasks and walking motionKim, D.; You, B.-J.; Oh, S.-R.