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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-053D-Structured Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solid-Electrolyte-Interface Layers for Lithium Metal Anode임희대; 곽진환; Son Ha; Hyeok Jun Yoon; Ji In Jung; Hayoung Kim; Sukyoung Won; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Jeong Jae Wie; Young Soo Yun
2015-05Carbonization of a stable b-sheet-rich silk protein into a pseudographitic pyroproteinSe Youn Cho; Young Soo Yun; 이성호; 장다원; Kyu-Young Park; Jae Kyung Kim; Byung Hoon Kim; Kisuk Kang; David L. Kaplan; Hyoung-Joon Jin
2021-05Effect of surface characteristics of carbon host on electrochemical performance of nonaqueous Li-O2 batteries오시형; 정훈기; 임희대; 이민석; 유이슬; 곽진환; Young Soo Yun; Dongjin Byun
2020-10Hierarchically nanoporous 3D assembly composed of functionalized onion-like graphitic carbon nanospheres for anode-minimized Li metal batteries임희대; 곽진환; Son Ha; Jong Chan Hyun; Young Soo Yun
2019-10Magnesiophilic graphitic carbon nanosubstrate for highly efficient and fast-rechargeable Mg metal batteries오시형; 류승호; 임희대; 이민의; Dae Hyun Kim; Sunwoo Park; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun
2019-05Relationship between microstructure and sodium ion storage in pyroprotein-derived hard carbon이성호; 이민의; 유지선; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun
2015-11Sodium-Ion Storage in Pyroprotein-Based Carbon NanoplatesYoung Soo Yun; Kyu-Young Park; Byoungju Lee; Se Youn Cho; Young-Uk Park; Sung Ju Hong; Byung Hoon Kim; Hyeokjo Gwon; Haegyeom Kim; 이성호; Yung Woo Park; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Kisuk Kang
2018-04Standalone macroporous graphitic nanowebs for vanadium redox flow batteries이성호; Min Eui Lee; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun
2017-08Tin Sulfide-Based Nanohybrid for High ­Performance Anode of Sodium-­Ion Batteries강진구; Jaewon Choi; Na Rae Kim; Kyungmi Lim; Kyojin Ku; Hyeon Ji Yoon; Kisuk Kang; Paul V. Braun; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun
2016-11Tuning the carbon crystallinity for highly stable Li-O2 batteries이성호; 임희대; Youngjoon Bae; Young Soo Yun; Jinsoo Kim; Hyeokjun Park; Youngmin Ko; Hyuk Jae Kwon; Hyunjin Kim; Dongmin Im; Kisuk Kang; Hongkyung Lee; Yun-Jung Kim
2021-02Ultra-fast and efficient calcium co-intercalation host enabled by hierarchically 3D porous carbon nanotemplates정경윤; 임희대; 박재호; 곽진환; Jong Chan Hyun; Seung-Ho Yu; Young Soo Yun
2020-11Unveiling the Pseudocapacitive Effects of Ultramesopores on Nanoporous Carbon임희대; 곽진환; Seongbak Moon; Do-Hoon Kim; Sang Moon Lee; Kisuk Kang; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun
2021-01Waste Sawdust-Derived Nanoporous Carbon as a Positive Electrode for Lithium-Ion Storage임희대; 곽진환; Jong Chan Hyun; Seong Bak Moon; Hyoung-Joon Jin; Young Soo Yun