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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Full color reflection type holographic screen for multiview image projectionSON JUNG YOUNG; Vadim V. Smirnov; 천유식; 김경태; KIM JAI SOON
-Formation of the diamond thin films for the sod structure이유성; 이광만; 고정대; Baik Young Joon; 최치규
-Effects of observation distance change on the diffraction pattern by a cylindrical air cavity이택경; Kim Se Yun; RA JUNG WOONG
-Diffraction coefficients of a composite wedge consisting of perfect conductor and lossless dielectricKim Se Yun
-Synthesis and antibacterial activities of new carbapenems having a proline reverse amide moiety at the C-2 position황순호; Shin Kye Jung; KANG YONG KOO; Kim Dong Jin; Kim Dong Chan; Yoo Kyung Ho; 박상우; LEE KI JUNG
-Synthesis and anticancer activity of pyrrolonaphthoquinones and pyrroloquinolinediones박윤영; JI DAE YOON; Kim Dong Chan; Yoo Kyung Ho; 박상우; Kim Dong Jin
-Patterning 된 전극을 이용한 4 인치 Glass-to-Silicon wafer 의 정전 열 접합 .이덕중; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 정지원; 장진; OH MYUNG HWAN
-Synthesis and binding affinity of quinuclidine derivatives to muscarine receptorKoh Hun Yeong; Choi Kyung Il; CHA JOO HWAN; Pae Ae Nim; Cho Yong Seo; Chang Moon Ho; 성현정
-Reliability of Cu/W-N thin films deposited on low dielectric constant SiO:F ILD이석형; 김동준; 양성훈; 박정원; 손세일; 오경희; Kim Yong Tae; 박종완
-Surface modification of PMMA surface by low energy ion assisted reactionPARK KI DONG; PARK HYEONG DAL; KOH SEOK KEUN; 이영무; Kim Young Ha
-Polymer sensors for metal and acid detection정병오; KIM JONG MAN; Han Dong Keun; 이찬우; Park Ki Hong; KIM NAK JOONG; 주동준; Ahn Kwang-Duk
-Pharmacokinetics of DK1001 and DK1002. New analgesic candidates, in ratsSONG YUN SEON; Kwon Oh-Seung; 김권; 박희석; Ryu Jae Chun
-(Undefined)김주옥; 이창호; 이후성; PARK SUNG; Ahn Byoung Sung; Park Kun You
-Dechlorination of HCFC-142b over supported Pd catalysts diluted with γ-Al//2O//3한광영; 서경원; 목영일; Kim Hong Gon; Ahn Byoung Sung
-Characteristics of nickel-alumina aerogel catalysts prepared with various nickel contents for CO2 reforming of methaneJIN-HONG KIM; Suh Dong Jin; Park Tae Jin; KIM Gyoungrim
-A Biomechanical study on the Tibial components under dynamic loadingCho Cheul Hyung; CHO YONG KYUN; CHOI JAE BONG; 이태수; Choi Kuiwon
-Consistency check algorithm of spatio-temporal constraints for multimedia presentation김영재; Kwon Yong-Moo
-Distribution of soot and PAH in a double-concentric diffusion flameJurng Jong Soo; LEE GYO WOO; 최강림; 고범승; 강경태
-Soot formation in a double-concentric diffusion flameJurng Jong Soo; LEE GYO WOO; 고범승; 강경태
-Silicon-to-silicon electrostatic bonding using lithia-silicate glass interlayer정지원; Ju Byeong Kwon; CHOI DOO JIN; OH MYUNG HWAN