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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02D'Arsonval Movement-Based Precise Milligram Force Control for Individual Touch Sense AssessmentKim, Junghoon; You, Bum-Jae; Choi, Youngjin
1992-09-08D-2-(6-메톡시-2나프릴)-프로피온 산의 제조방법김인오; 이재균; 송충의
1993-01-12D-2-(6-메톡시-2나프릴)-프로피온 산의 제조방법김인오; 이재균; 송충의
1993-08-13D-2-(6-메톡시-2나프릴)-프로피온 산의 제조방법김인오; 이재균; 송충의
2024-06D-Pinitol mitigates post-traumatic stress disorder-like behaviors induced by single prolonged stress in mice through mineralocorticoid receptor antagonismKong, Chang Hyeon; Lee, Jin Woo; Jeon, Mijin; Kang, Woo Chang; Kim, Min Seo; Park, Keontae; Bae, Ho Jung; Park, Se Jin; Jung, Seo Yun; Kim, Su -Nam; Kleinfelter, Benjamin; Kim, Ji-Woon; Ryu, Jong Hoon
2016-02-09D-sorbitol-induced phase control of TiO2 nanoparticles and its application for dye-sensitized solar cellsShaikh, Shoyebmohamad F.; Mane, Rajaram S.; Min, Byoung Koun; Hwang, Yun Jeong; Joo, Oh-shim
1986-10-15D-알파-(4-히드록시-6-메틸니코틴 아미노)-4-히드록시페닐 초산의  제조방법최경일; 김완주
2004-06D2EHPA로부터 코발트 脫去特性에 관한 硏究김성규; 오종기; 李華永
2006-03D2EHPA를 추출제로 한 사진폐액 함유 은의 처리 및 회수에 대한 기초연구정원주; 김동수; 이화영
2004-04D2EHPA에 의한 코발트 溶媒抽出에 관한 硏究김성규; 李華永
2010-10-01Dab1 Binds to Fe65 and Diminishes the Effect of Fe65 or LRP1 on APP ProcessingKwon, Oh Yeun; Hwang, Kyounghee; Kim, Jeom-A; Kim, Kwangmyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Song, Hyun Kyu; Jeon, Hyesung
2020-10DaHOG-based Mobile Robot Indoor Global LocalizationCheong, Howon; Kim, Euntai; Park, Sung-Kee
2015-02Damage Evaluation in Lithium Cobalt Oxide/Carbon Electrodes of Secondary Battery by Acoustic Emission MonitoringChoe, Chan-Yang; Jung, Woo-Sang; Byeon, Jai-Won
1991-12Damping capacities of nonthermoelastic BCC and HCP martensites of Fe-Mn binary system최종술; 김준동; 문인기; 백승한
1994-01Damping Capacity in Fe-27Mn-3.5Si AlloyJee, K.K.; Shin, M.C.; Ito, K.
1997-10-01Damping capacity in Fe-Mn based alloysJee, KK; Jang, WY; Baik, SH; Shin, MC; Choi, CS
1999-12-15Damping mechanism and application of Fe-Mn based alloysJee, KK; Jang, WY; Baik, SH; Shin, MC
2000-04Damping performance analysis of electro-rheological squeeze film damper sealed with slotted rings정시영; 김창호; 이용복
-Damping properties and microstructures of TiNi embedded Al composites이상진; 안인섭; Lee Kyu Hwan
-Damping properties of mechanically alloyed TiNi powders and Al/TiNi sintered materialsIn Shup Ahn; Tae Hyun Nam; Sung Soo Cha; Lee Kyu Hwan