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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12K and Cs Doped Ag/Al2O3 Catalyst for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by Methane라오; 유창용; 최희락; 하헌필
2005-06K-band Coplanar Stripline Resonator for Microwave Tunable Devices강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재
2007-10K-Haptic ModelerTM : A Haptic Modeling Scope and Basic Framework서용원; 이범찬; 김영미; 김종필; 류제하
2010-10k-MART: Authoing Tool for Mixed Reality Contents최진혁; 김영선; 이명희; 김정현; 남양희; 권용무
1992-01k-nonconserving transition in heavily doped LPE grown n-type In//0//.//5Ga//0//.//5P.이정일; B. S. Jeong; J. S. Choi; S. K. Chang; C. H. Chung; H. L. Park; H. J. Lee; H. Lim; S. Y. Kim
2001-04K5.76Ga5.76Si10.24O32ㆍ3.4H2O, a gallosilicate with the zeolite gismondine topologyAkhilesh Tripathi; John B. Parise; 김선진; 이용재; 어용선
2018-09K6 linked polyubiquitylation of FADD by CHIP prevents death inducing signaling complex formation suppressing cell death이철주; 신지혜; Jinho Seo; Eun-Woo Lee; Daehyeon Seong; Young Woo Nam; Manhyung Jeong; Seon-Hyeong Lee; 송재환
2016-04Kaempferol's Anti-Proliferative Activity on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell정병화; 이현범; 채현기; 윤나은
2014-10KAISO, a critical regulator of p53-mediated transcription of CDKN1A and apoptotic genes고동인; 한도현; 류훈; 최원일; 전부남; 김민경; 김영수; 김진영; Lee Parry; Alan R. Clarke; Albert B. Reynolds; 허만욱
2021-02Kaleidoscopic fluorescent arrays for machine-learning-based point-of-care chemical sensing이상희; Hyungi Kim; Sang-Kee Choi; Jungmo Ahn; Hojeong Yu; Kyoungha Min; Changgi Hong; Ik-soo Shin; Hakho Lee; Hyungsoon Im; JeongGil Ko; Eunha Kim
2018-06Kalman Filter Based Multiple Human Tracking Method in Auto aligned Multi-Camera Environment최종석; 임윤섭; 이겨레
2004-04Kaolin/UHMWPE Composite via Polymerization Filling Method and its Mechanical and Wear Properties곽순종; 박홍조; 김정안; 진용현
2008-06KAT II: Tactile Display Mouse for Providing Tactile and Thermal Feedback양기훈; 권동수
1970-01Kationenaustauscher auf basis von p-caboxystyrolhaltigen copolymeren.김은영
2014-09Kdo hydroxylase is an inner core assembly enzyme in the Ko-containing lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis정학숙; 양은경; 황두현; 이지은; Ziqiang Guan; Christian R. H. Raetz
2021-10KDS2010, a Newly Developed Reversible MAO?B Inhibitor, as an Effective Therapeutic Candidate for Parkinson’s Disease오수진; 박기덕; 박종현; 남민호; 김현정; 이효원; 최지원; 김시원; 박선준; 송효정; 장보고; 윤형호; 허준영; 안희영; Doo?Wan Cho; 양영수; 한수철; 김상욱; 전상용; 이창준
2000-06Keeping safety stocks by simulation in supply chains with uncertainty이언경; 김승권; 하성도
2016-07Kelvin probe force microscopy of DNA-capped nanoparticles for single-nucleotide polymorphsim detection황교선; 이형빈; 이상원; 이규도; 이원석; 이정훈; 양재문; 이상우; 윤대성
2017-07Kernel Approximation Approach to the L1 Optimal Sampled-Data Controller Synthesis Problem김정훈; Hagiwara, Tomomichi
2014-12Kerr rotation in Cu, Ag, and Au driven by spin accumulation and spin-orbit coupling최경민; David G. Cahill