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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-05-21Fabrication of wirelike InAs quantum dots on 2 degrees-off GaAs (100) substrates by changing the thickness of the InAs layerKim, HJ; Park, YJ; Park, YM; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2001-04Dependence of buffer layer on the distribution of InAs quantum dotsKim, HJ; Park, YJ; Min, BD; Hyon, CK; Park, SK; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2001-04Isolation of virus-cell fusion inhibitory components from Eugenia caryophyllataKim, HJ; Lee, JS; Woo, ER; Kim, MK; Yang, BS; Yu, YG; Park, H; Lee, YS
2001-11Electrical properties of 3-component piezoelectric thick films by screen printing methodKim, YB; Kim, HJ; Cheon, CI; Choi, DJ; Kim, TS
2001-07High frequency characteristics of As-sputtered Co-Ni-Fe-N soft magnetic thin filmsKim, YM; Choi, D; Kim, KH; Kim, J; Han, SH; Kim, HJ
2001-05Magnetic properties of as-sputtered Co-Ni-Fe alloy filmsKim, YM; Choi, D; Kim, SR; Kim, KH; Kim, J; Han, SH; Kim, HJ
2001-12Microwave dielectric properties of B2O3 doped Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)(0.9)Ti-0.1]O3-delta ceramicsChoi, JW; Kang, CY; Yoon, SJ; Kim, HJ; Jung, HJ; Yoon, KH
2001-04Slow crack growth behavior in Si3N4 sintered with Yb2Si2O7 tie-line composition additivesChoi, HJ; Kim, HJ; Lee, JG; Kim, YW
2001-06-01Interlayer coupling field in spin valves with CoFe/Ru/CoFe/FeMn synthetic antiferromagnets (invited)Kim, KY; Jang, SH; Shin, KH; Kim, HJ; Kang, T
2001-04-10HDPE surface functionalization by low-energy ion-beam irradiation under a reactive O-2 environment and its effect on the HDPE/nylon 66 blendKim, HJ; Lee, KJ; Seo, Y; Kwak, S; Koh, SK