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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Doping effect of precious metal on the activity of CuO-CeO2 catalyst for selective oxidation of COJung, Chang Ryul; Kundu, Arunabha; Nam, Suk Woo; Lee, Ho-In
2007-01Unprecedented coloration of rutile titanium dioxide nanocrystalline thin filmsMane, Rajaram S.; Joo, Oh-Shim; Lee, Won Joo; Han, Sung-Hwan
2007-01Oxygen, nitric oxide and articular cartilageFermor, B.; Christensen, S. E.; Youn, I.; Cernanec, J. M.; Davies, C. M.; Weinberg, B.
2007-01Magnetic properties of Mn-Zn ferrite nanoparticles fabricated by conventional ball-millingJe, H.-J.; Kim, B.-K.
2007-01An in-depth empirical analysis of patent citation counts using zero-inflated count data model: The case of KISTLee, Y.-G.; Lee, J.-D.; Song, Y.-I.; Lee, S.-J.
2007-01Middle- and high-permittivity dielectric compositions for low-temperature co-fired ceramicsChoi, Young-Jin; Park, Jeong-Hyun; Park, Jae-Hwan; Nahm, Sahn; Park, Jae-Gwan
2007-01Development of the multi-functional indoor service robot PSR systemsChung, Woojin; Kim, Gunhee; Kim, Munsang
2007-01Characterization of a passivation layer comprising MgO-SiO2 and ZrO2Kim, Na-Rae; Lee, Yang-Doo; Paek, Kyeong-Kap; Lee, Joo-Won; Kim, Jai-Kyeong; Hwang, Sung-Woo; Ju, Byeong-Kwon
2007-01Structural study on the crystallization behavior of Sb3Te2 alloy for phase change memorySun, Chang Woo; Lee, Jeong Yong; Youm, Minsoo; Kim, Yong Tae
2007-01Novel synthesis and electrorheological properties of monodispersed submicron-sized hollow polyaniline dicarboxylate salt form suspensionsSung, Bo Hyun; Ko, Young Gun; Choi, Ung Su
2007-01Levels of persistent organic pollutants in air in China and over the Yellow SeaLammel, Gerhard; Ghim, Young-Sung; Grados, Amelie; Gao, Huiwang; Huehnerfuss, Heinrich; Lohmann, Rainer
2007-01Anisotropic polar state of Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6 single crystalSimon, Annie; Joo, Gi-Tae; Maglione, Mario; Ravez, Jean
2007-01Red emitting phenothiazine dendrimers encapsulated 2-{2-[2-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)vinyl]-6-methylpyran-4-ylidene}malononitr ile derivativesKim, Go Woon; Cho, Min Ju; Yu, Young-Jun; Kim, Zee Hwan; Jin, Jung-Il; Kim, Dong Young; Choi, Dong Hoon
2007-01Low temperature sintering of ZnO-doped 0.01Pb(Mg1/2W1/2)O-3-0.41Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.35PbTiO(3)-0.23PbZrO(3) ceramicsKim, Sang-Jong; Kang, Chong-Yun; Choi, Ji-Won; Kim, Hyun-Jai; Sung, Man-Young; Yoon, Seok-Jin
2007-01Identification of leukemia-specific fusion gene transcripts with a novel oligonucleotide arrayChun, Sung-Min; Kim, Yoo-Li; Choi, Hee Baeg; Oh, Yong-Taek; Kim, Yoo-Jin; Lee, Seok; Kim, Tai-Gyu; Yang, Eun Gyeong; Park, Yong-Keun; Kim, Dong-Wook; Han, Byoung-Don
2007-01Cladding mode coupling suppression in hole-assisted fiber Bragg gratingsHan, Young-Geun; Lee, Young Jun; Kim, Gil Hwan; Cho, Hung Su; Lee, Ju Han; Lee, Sang Bae
2007-01A new 2-imino-1,3-thiazoline derivative, KHG22394, inhibits melanin synthesis in mouse B16 melanoma cellsKim, Dong-Seok; Jeong, Yun-Mi; Park, Ik-Kyu; Hahn, Hoh-Gyu; Lee, Hyun-Kyung; Kwon, Sun-Bang; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Yang, Sung Jun; Sohn, Uy Dong; Park, Kyoung-Chan
2007-01Field dependence of switching currents in an exchange biased spin valveNguyen, Hoang Yen Thi; Joo, Sung-Jung; Jung, Kuyoul; Shin, Kyung-Ho
2007-01Oxidation characteristics of the layered Ti(3)AIC(2) compound between 900 and 1,200 degrees C in airNguyen, Thuan Dinh; Han, Jae-Ho; Park, Sang-Hwan; Lee, Dong-Bok
2007-01Survival change of ventral mesencephalon-derived progenitor cells after grafting into unilateral intact adult rat striatumPark, Moon Seok; Lee, Hae Young; Li, Shu Peng; Koh, Phil-Ok; Bahk, Jong Yoon; Chung, Bong Chul; Kim, Myeong Ok