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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-01-01고리형 반도체 광섬유 레이저를 이용한 초고속 파장 변환기Jhon, Young Min
2000-07Look-up table based task planning for humanoid robotKim, M; Cho, K; Chung, WJ; You, BJ; Lee, CW
1999-10Charge/discharge performances of tin oxides thin film negative electrodesNam, SC; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS; Cho, BW; Chun, HS; Yun, KS
2000A 16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zonesSon, JY; Smirnov, VV; Kim, KT; Chun, YS; Kim, SS
2000Improvement of structural stability and IR detecting characteristics of microbolometerKang, HK; Ha, WH; Park, CW; Kim, BK; Moon, S; Kim, TH
2000Fabrication of horn shape antenna array using SU-8 & application to the bolometerSim, T; Moon, S; Hwang, SW; Chae, K; Oh, M
2000The quantum well property of semiconductor optical amplifier for broadband widthPark, YH; Kang, BK; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2000Photodetection mechanism in p-channel pseudomorphic MODFETLee, J; Kim, HJ; Kim, DM; Zimmermann, J
2000Torque ripple reduction in DTC of induction motor driven by 3-level inverter with low switching frequencyLee, KB; Song, JH; Choy, I; Choi, JY; Yoon, JH; Lee, SH
2000Dependence of buffer layer on the distribution of InAs quantum dotsKim, HJ; Min, BD; Park, YJ; Hyon, CK; Park, SK; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2000Holographic automotive display with full color propertiesSmirnov, VV; Son, JY; Chun, JH; Lee, HS; Bahn, JE
2000Investigation into freeform fabrication of multi-material parts by 3D welding and milling processSong, YA; Park, S
2000All-optical logic AND in a SOA-based Mach-Zehnder all-optical wavelength converterKang, BK; Kim, JH; Park, YH; Lee, S; Jhon, YM; Woo, DH; Kim, SH; Park, SH
2000A wearable robotic arm with high force-reflection capabilityJeong, Y; Lee, D; Kim, K; Park, J
2000A fully three-dimensional simulator for pulse borehole radar using the hybrid FDTD/PSTDKim, SW; Kim, SY
2000-10Flux enhancement by glass balls inserted into a membrane moduleKim, JP; Kim, JJ; Chun, MS; Min, BR; Chung, KY
2000-01Tailoring of Al-Si-X composite as a wear resistant and/or high modulus materialSeok Hyun Kwang; LEE JAE CHUL; 이호인
2000-01Visualization of the thoxotropic fluidLEE JAE CHUL; Seok Hyun Kwang; 이호인
2000-01-01Anisotropic Phase Formation of Polymer NanocompositesKoo, Chong Min
2000-01-01Modified PP/clay nanocompositesKoo, Chong Min