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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A desktop autostereoscopic display with head-tracking capabilitySon, JY; Shestak, SA; Kim, SS; Choi, YJ
2001Biomechanical study on the periodontal ligamen-like artificial membrane around dental implantChoi, K; Kwon, IC; Khang, G; Rhee, K; Lee, YC
2001The synthesis of Ti3SiC2 by Si melt infiltrationLim, B; Park, SW; Lee, SS; Kim, TW
2001A real-time color-based object tracking robust to irregular illumination variationsLee, YB; You, BJ; Lee, SW
2001Fundamentals and analysis of compliance characteristics for multi-fingered handsKim, BH; Yi, BJ; Oh, SR; Suh, IH
2001Enhanced performance of microbolometer using coupled feed horn antennaKim, K; Park, JY; Kang, HK; Park, JO; Moon, S; Park, JH
2001A device for diagnosis and treatment of impairments on binocular vision and stereopsisBahn, JE; Choi, YJ; Son, JY; Kodratiev, N; Elkhov, V; Ovechkis, YN; Chung, CS
2001Improved performance of La0.85Sr0.15MnO3 cathodes by sol-gel coatingsYoon, SP; Nam, SW; Lim, TH; Han, J; Hong, SA
2001Disturbance observer-based digital control for single-phase UPS invertersJang, JY; Lee, KB; Song, JH; Choi, Ick
2001A self-propelling endoscopic systemLim, YM; Lee, J; Park, J; Kim, B; Park, JO; Kim, SH; Hong, YS
2001Linearization of quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique for analog optical linksChoi, WJ; Han, IK; Park, YJ; Kim, EK; Lee, JI; Kim, WS; Yi, JC
2001Reduced inertial effect in damping-based posture control of mobile manipulatorKang, S; Komoriya, K; Yokoi, K; Koutoku, T; Tanie, K
2001Implantation of N-ion on sapphire substrate for GaN epilayerPark, YJ; Cho, YS; Koh, EK; Kim, EK; Kim, GG; Byun, DJ; Min, SK
2001Thermoelectric properties of n-type bismuth telluride based alloys prepared by hot pressing and zone melting methodHa, HP; Kim, TH; Hyun, DB; Yoon, EP
20011/f noise in semiconductor heterostructure laser diodesLee, J; Han, IK; Choi, WJ; Brini, J; Chovet, A
2001Role of inserting layer controlling wavelength in InGaAs quantum dotsPark, SK; Park, YJ; Kim, HJ; Lee, JH; Park, YM; Kim, EK; Choi, WJ; Han, IK; Lee, C
2001Effects of doping methods on characteristics of InAs quantum dotsPark, YM; Park, YJ; Kim, KM; Shin, JC; Kim, EK; Son, M; Hwang, S; Yoo, KH
2001Performance comparison of direct membrane separation and membrane bioreactor for domestic wastewater treatment and water reuseAhn, KH; Song, KG; Yeom, IT; Park, KY
2001Design and control of a wearable robotJeong, Y; Kim, YK; Kim, K; Park, JO
2001Approximate life cycle assessment of classified products using artificial neural network and statistical analysis in conceptual product designPark, JH; Seo, KK; Wallace, D