Analysis of p-Type Doping in Graphene Induced by Monolayer-Oxidized TMDs

Huynh, TuyenNgo, Tien DatChoi, HyungyuChoi, MinsupLee, WonkiNguyen, Tuan DungTran, Trang ThuLee, KwangroHwang, Jun YeonKim, JeongyongYoo, Won Jong
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American Chemical Society
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, v.16, no.3, pp.3694 - 3702
Doping is one of the most difficult technological challenges for realizing reliable two-dimensional (2D) material-based semiconductor devices, arising from their ultrathinness. Here, we systematically investigate the impact of different types of nonstoichiometric solid MOx (M are W or Mo) dopants obtained by oxidizing transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs: WSe2 or MoS2) formed on graphene FETs, which results in p-type doping along with disorders. From the results obtained in this study, we were able to suggest an analytical technique to optimize the optimal UV-ozone (UVO) treatment to achieve high p-type doping concentration in graphene FETs (similar to 2.5 x 10(13) cm(-2) in this study) without generating defects, mainly by analyzing the time dependency of D and D ' peaks measured by Raman spectroscopy. Furthermore, an analysis of the structure of graphene sheets using TEM indicates that WOx plays a better protective role in graphene, compared to MoOx, suggesting that WOx is more effective for preventing the degradation of graphene during UVO treatment. To enhance the practical application aspect of our work, we have fabricated a graphene photodetector by selectively doping the graphene through oxidized TMDs, creating a p-n junction, which resulted in improved photoresponsivity compared to the intrinsic graphene device. Our results offer a practical guideline for the utilization of surface charge transfer doping of graphene toward CMOS applications.
CRYSTALLITE SIZE; RAMAN; TRANSPORT; OXIDATION; DEFECTS; DIODES; STRAIN; 2D semiconductors; UV-ozone treatments; tungstenoxide; molybdenum oxide; surface charge transferdoping
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