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-SOI 웨이퍼를 이용한 압전박막 공진기의 설계 및 제작KIM IN TAY; 박윤권; 이시형; LEE YUN HI; Lee Jeon Kook; 김남수; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Observation of single tunneling in directly grown multiwall carbon nanotube bridge between Co electrodes장윤택; CHOI CHANG HOON; KIM EUN KYU; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 이창우; 김동호
-Development of a piezoelectric polymer-based sensorized microgripper for micromanipulation and microassemblyKIM DEOK HO; Kim Byung Kyu; KANG HYUN JAE; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Optimization and charcterization of the porous poly-silicon emitterKim Hun; 박종원; 이주원; LEE YUN HI; Ju Byeong Kwon; OH MYUNG HWAN; Yoon-Ho Song; Jin-Ho Lee; Kyung-Ik Cho; 장진
-A novel wafer level packaging of the RF-MEMS devices with low loss박윤권; 이덕중; 박흥우; 송인상; 김정우; SONG CI MOO; LEE YUN HI; 김철주; Ju Byeong Kwon
-Fabrication of tungsten nanowires using self-catalytic functionCHOI CHANG HOON; 장윤택; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 민남기; AHN JIN HO
-P-28:Flat lamp packaging using carbon-nitrogen nanofibers obtained by hot Isostatic pressure.이양두; 이덕궁; Ju Byeong Kwon; V.D.Blank; D.V.Batov; S.G.Buag; 남산; LEE YUN HI; OH MYUNG HWAN
-P-8:Hydrogen plasma treatment on the electrical characteriazation of inverted staggered pentacene thin film transistors장재원; Kim Hun; 김종무; Kim Jai Kyeong; Kim Young Chul; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 장진
-P-89:Passivation properties of inorganic films for flexible OLEDsKim Hun; Kim Kwang Ho; 구홍모; Kim Jai Kyeong; Ju Byeong Kwon; 도이미; 오영환; 장진
-P-30:The effects of a thermal treated Au on the porous polycrystalline silicon nano-structured emitter.이주원; Kim Hun; 김종무; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 장진; OH MYUNG HWAN