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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-06A study of stress generation mechanism during spray coating박정래; 나형용; 김재수
1998-07A study on the chemical vapor deposition of Si on Mo substrate윤진국; 정병성; 고흥석, et al
2003-07A study on the effect of catalysts to SIC nanowire growth by APCVD using hexamethyldisilane.양재웅; 노대호; 변동진, et al
1993-01A study on the formation of aluminide coating on KM 1557 alloy by pack cementation process윤진국; 유명기; 최주, et al
1995-01A study on the growth behaviors of MoSi2 diffusion layer formed by CVD of Si on Mo substrate윤진국; 변지영; 김재수, et al
2003-05A study on the low temperature growth of SiC film with a 1,3-DSB precursor양재웅; 노대호; 윤진국, et al
1998-01A study on thermodynamics and kinetics of pack siliconizing of Mo윤진국; 변지영; 김재수, et al
2005-05Ar and H2 gas effects of SiO2 nanowires growth김나리; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2004-12Caracterization of SiC nanowire Grown by APCVD using single precursor노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2002-08Characteristics of microstructure of hardfacing layer of stellite 6 with Mo addition신종철; 김재수; 이덕열, et al
2005-11Characteristics of SiC film using Tetramethylsilane김나리; 김재수; 노대호, et al
2005-01Characterization of SiC nanowires grown by APCVD using single precursors노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2003-10Characterization of sound absorption and fabrication of sound absorption materials using Al composite노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
1996-10Cr carbide 경사코팅법홍경태; 김재수; 박정래, et al
2005-10CVD법에 의한 SiCN 나노와이어의 성장안명원; 양재웅; 김재수, et al
2004-11Direct growth of SiC nanorods on Si using APCVD and single precursors노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2002-10Effect of ammonia nitridation on the microstructure of MoSi ₂ coatings formed by chemical vapor deposition of Si on Mo substrates윤진국; 이종권; 변지영, et al
1998-12Effect of Mn alloying on the growth rate and oxidation resistance of MoSi₂ coatings윤진국; 변지영; 김재수, et al
2003-03Effect of molybdenum on the microstructure and wear resistance of cobalt-base stellite hardfacing alloys신종철; 도정만; 윤진국, et al
2005-05Effects of Ambient Gas to Growth of SiO2 Nanpowires by Vapor Evaporation method노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
1998-09Effects of Cl/H input ratio on the chemical vapor deposition rate of silicon on molybdenum substrate윤진국; 윤호상; 김희수, et al
1986-06Effects of dopants on the microstructure of the doped tungsten wire.김현태; 김재수; 홍종휘, et al
1998-01Effects of inert filler and Si contents on kinetics of pack siliconizing of Mo윤진국; 변지영; 김재수, et al
2005-05Effects of metal catayst to SiC nanowire growth노대호; 김재수; 변동진, et al
2005-04Effects of the catalyst to growth of the SiC nanowire and CNTs노대호; 변동진; 김나리, et al
2003-10Fabrication of SiC and SiC composites by FAPACS노대호; 변동진; 김재수, et al
2005-11Fabrication of SiCxNy nanowires by VLS growth mechanism안명원; 김재수; 양재웅, et al
2003-02Formation of crack-free MoSi₂/α -Si₃N₄ composite coating on Mo substrate by ammonia nitridation of Mo5Si3 layer followed by chemical vapor deposition of Si.윤진국; 김긍호; 변지영, et al
2002-08Formation of MoSi₂-Si₃N₄ coatings on Mo substrate by CVD윤진국; 변지영; 김긍호, et al
2002-08Formation of MoSi₂-Si₃N₄ composite coating by reactive diffusion of Si on Mo substrate pretreated by ammonia nitridation윤진국; 김긍호; 변지영, et al