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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-10A self-assembled silicon quantum dot transistor operating at room temperature최범호; 황성민; I. G. Kim, et al
1999-12Aligned In0.5Ga0.5As quantum dots on laser patterned GaAs substrate박세기; 현찬경; 민병돈, et al
1996-01Carbon doping characteristics of GaAs epilayers grown by MOCVD on GaAs substrates with various crystal orientations.손창식; 민병돈; 박만장, et al
1996-08Control of GaAs lateral growth rate by CBr4 during metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on patterned substrates김성일; 김무성; 김용, et al
1996-01Conversion efficiency increase of GaAs solar cell grown on V-grooved GaAs substrate by metalorganc chemical vapor deposition.손창식; 박만장; 민병돈, et al
1997-02Crystallographic orientation dependence of carbon incorporation into GaAs epilayers손창식; 김성일; 김용, et al
1997-04Crystallographic orientation dependence of carbon incorporationin to GaAs epilayers using CBr ₄ and CCl ₄손창식; 김성일; 김용, et al
2013-03Distinct Universality Classes of Domain Wall Roughness in Two-Dimensional Pt/Co/Pt Films문경웅; 김덕호; 유상철, et al
2001-08Effects of GaN buffer layer thickness on characteristics of GaN epilayer조용석; 고의관; 박용주, et al
1996-01Enhanced of lateral growth rate during MOCVD growth on patterned GaAs substrates with CBr//4.손창식; 황성민; 김성일, et al
1995-12Enhancement of side wall growth rate during MOVPE growth on patterned substrates with CCl//4.김용; 김무성; 김성일, et al
1995-01Enhancement of side wall growth rate during MOVPE growth on patterned substrates with CCl//4.김용; 김무성; 김성일, et al
2015-10Evaluation of hindrance to the growth of SiN passivation layer by contamination of fluoride ions in front opening unified pod송길주; 황성민; 구수종, et al
2000-09Evaluations of strains in fused layers using patterned substrates황성민; 이주영; 박세기, et al
1998-11Fabrication of AlGaAs/GaAs heteroface solar cells김효진; 박영균; 김성일, et al
1998-01Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage metal organic chemical vapor deposition김태근; 손창식; 황성민, et al
1997-04Fabrication of high-efficiency heteroface AlGaAs/GaAs solar cells grown by MOCVD황성민; 김성일; 이달진, et al
1997-03Fabrication of V-grooved inner stripe GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-wire lasers김태근; 황성민; 김은규, et al
1995-11Facet evolution study on CCl4-doped AlGaAs/GaAs multilayer during MOCVD on patterned GaAs substrates.김용; 박양근; 강준모, et al
2000-09Formation of high quality GaAs epilayers on InP substrates by using a patterned GaAs fusion layer황성민; 최인훈; 박용주, et al
1996-01Formation of submicron current-blocking layer for high power GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array layer.손창식; 김태근; 김성일, et al
1998-02GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on V-grooved substrate김은규; 김태근; 손창식, et al
1998-11GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage MOCVD on V-grooved substrates김은규; 김태근; 손창식, et al
1996-01GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laser with an effective current blocking layer.김성일; 민석기; 김태근, et al
2000-11Growth behavior of GaAs/AlGaAs multi-layers grown on U-grooved GaAs fusion layer on InP substrate황성민; 박용주; 나종범, et al
1996-01Heavily carbon-doped GaAs epilayers grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD using CBr//4.손창식; 김성일; 민병돈, et al
2017-03Influence of Fluoride Ions Contamination in Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) Generating Defective Bonding Pad신유환; 김진영; 김민수, et al
1997-03InGaAs layer effect on the growth of AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wires on v-grooved InGaAs/GaAs substrates이민석; 김은규; 김성일, et al
1996-01Large-area GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on a GaAs substrate with submicron gratings.김태근; 황성민; 김은규, et al
1995-01Lateral growth rate control of GaAs and AlGaAs by CCl//4 during MOCVD on patterned substrates.김성일; 민석기; 김용, et al