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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01Chemical analysis of natural drink-water in Korea.김선태; 한봉한; 박제한; 진현철
1991-01Determination of aluminum and manganese in barium titanate by ICP-AES.김선태; 이영희; 민경진; 진현철; 최범석
1992-01Determination of arsenic in human scalp hair by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma spectrometry김선태; 박형신; 진현철; 류시생; 최범석
1988-01Determination of germanium in ginseng radix by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma spectrometry김선태; 이종욱; 최범석; 이병조
1998-04Determination of germanium in spring waters by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry박경수; 송승연; 심의섭; 김선태
1990-01Determination of selenium in ginseng radix and ganoderma lucidum by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma spectrometry.김선태; 이종욱; 최범석; 이병조
2000-08Determination of total arsenic in drinking water by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry임유리; 박경수; 윤양희; 김선태; 정진호
1992-01Development of a bipolar pulse conductometric detector for environmental monitoring and electrochemical experiments.김선태; 김해동; 김택제; 김영상
1990-01Dissolution and analysis of refractory materials.김선태
1999-05Distribution of heavy metals and cyanide in tailings, soils, and stream sediments around Gubong disused mine김선태; 윤양희; 박제안; 심의섭
1995-05Effect of blanching time, blanching water and power settings on minerals retention in microwave blanched vegetables.김선태; 박세원; 유양자
1999-01Fatty acid intake, serum fatty acid composition and serum Se concentration of elementary school children in Korea이양자; 김인미; 정은정; 엄영숙; 김수연; 안홍석; 김선태
1999-08Fundamental studies on the development of on-line monitoring of trace mercury in drinking water장수현; 김효진; 김선태; 김영만
1998-09Indentification of soil remedial goal due to arsenic in soil near abandoned mine : approach to regarding future land use이효민; 윤은경; 최시내; 박송자; 황경엽; 조성용; 김선태
2001-02Investigation of acids on the germanium analysis by HG-ICP-AES임현의; 이연희; 김선태; 김영상; 김강진
1993-02Mineral content in Sam-Gye-Tang broth according to cooker and boiling time.김선태; 박세원; 유양자
1994-01On the first Korean glass melting crucivle and its glass beads excavated from Hwangnamdong, Kyongju city.최주; 안재호; 황상주; 권희경; 김수철; 도정만; 박기훈; 김선태
2000-10Preconcentration and determination of trace cobalt and nickel by the adsorption of metal-PDC complexes on the anion-exchange resin suspension한철우; 인교; 최종문; 김선태; 김영상
2001-12Pretreatment method for the analysis of platinum group metals김병희; 김영상; 김선태
1992-01Provenance and microstructures of an ancient Korean bronze dagger.최주; 도정만; 김수철; 김선태; 엄태윤; 김정배
1991-01Purification of technical grade methanol and acetonitrile for HPLC use.이영희; 최범석; 이종욱; 김영만; 김선태
1997-06Quantification of human exposure and analysis of PCBs in contaminated some site이효민; 박송자; 김명수; 윤은경; 최시내; 김선태; 박종세
1995-04Rapid thermoelectric power drop to zero at 250K in superconducting Hg-compoundsY. S. Ha; Y. W. Park; 염상섭; 박종구; 김선태; D. L. Kim; H. C. Ri; Y. S. Kim
1991-01Separation and concentration of trace mercury[Hg(II)] in water sample by coprecipitation flotation technique.김선태; 이강석; 최희선; 김영상
2000-04Simultaneuous determination of As(III) and As(V) in disused mine tailing samples by hydride generation-inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry김선태; 임유리; 박경수; 정진호
2005-01Speciation of Six Arsenic Compounds in Korean Seafood Samples by HPLC-ICP-MS박경수; 김정숙; 이효민; 표희수; 김선태; 이강봉
2003-12Study on the Pretreatment of Seafood for the Determination of Total Arsenic using Wet Ashing Method김선태; 박경수
1992-01Systematic analysis of inorganic compounds.김선태
1991-01The ancient glass making process in Korea.최주; 도정만; 김선태; 엄태윤; 최무장
1987-01The determination of rare earth oxides by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry using empirical coefficient method.김영만; 최범석; 김선태; 이종욱