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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-10Macroscopic and microscopic charging effects of Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 layer김재호; 오도현; 이수진; 이규환; 조운조; 김태환; 박용주
2003-04Magnetic properties and microstructure of cobalt nanoparticles in a polymer filmI.-W. Park; M. Moon; Y.M. Kim; Y. Kim; H. Yoon; H.J. Song; V. Volkov; A. Avilov; 박용주
2003-08Magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles in a polymer filmM. Moon; Y.M. Kim; Y. Kim; V. Volkov; H.J. Song; 박용주; S.L. Vasilyak; I.-W. Park
2000-11Microscopic analysis of direct synthesized GaN microcrystals박일우; 고의관; 박찬수; 박용주; 김은규; 박성수; H.W. Shin; 조성호; 김상식; 성만영
2004-03Mn-implanted dilute magnetic semiconductor InP:Mn손윤; W. C. Lee; Y. S. Park; Y. H. Kwon; Seung Joo Lee; K. J. Chung; H. S. Kim; D. Y. Kim; D. J. Fu; T. W. Kang; X. J. Fan; 박용주; 오형택
2001-02Mn-related defects in diluted magnetic semiconductor : GaMnAs오형택; 박찬진; 강태원; 조훈영; 박용주; H. Munekata
2003-01Nano optoelectronic devices송진동; 박용주; 최원준; 조운조; 한일기; 이정일
1999-11Nano-structural investigation of InAs quantum dots multi-stacked on GaAs (100) substrates노정현; 이선우; 심광보; 박용주; 김광무; 박영민; 김은규
2007-11Nanocrystalline Si formation inside SiNx nanostructures usingionized N₂ gas bombardment정민철; 박용주; 신현준; 변준석; 윤재진; 박용섭
2003-05Nanostructured silicon formations as a result of ionized N₂ gas reactions on silicon with native oxide layers정민철; 이태경; 박용주; 전성호; 이주상; 한문섭; 정종석; 이정용
2003-02Nanostructures of SiNx and Si formed by exposure of ionized gas정민철; 이태경; 박용주; 고창훈; 전승호; 함철영; 한문섭; 박경완
2003-06Noise sources in polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors.한일기; 박용주; 조운조; 최원준; 이정일; Alain Chovet; Jean Brini
1999-01Nuclear magnetic relaxation studies of **6**9Ga, **7 ¹ Ga, and **7**5As nuclei in GaAS single crystals doped with paramagnetic impurities.염태호; 김인규; 조성호; K.S. Hong; 박용주; 민석기
2000-09Observation of a universal behavior in the growth of InAs self-assembled quantum dots on patterned substrates황성우; 손맹호; 최범호; 안도열; 현찬경; 송상헌; 박용주; 김은규
1994-06Observation of Cr**3**+ electron paramagnetic resonance center in GaAs co-doped with Cr and In.박용주; 염태호; 민석기; 박일우; 조성호
2003-11One-dimensional array of InAs quantum dots on grown V-grooves손창식; 최인훈; 박용주
2005-12Optical and electronic properties in (In0.53Ga0.47As)1-z/(In0.52Al0.48As)z digital alloysJ. T. Woo; J. H. Kim; T. W. Kim; 송진동; 박용주
2004-12Optical and magnetic properties of Mn+-implanted GaAs손윤; Y.S. Park; K.J. Chung; D.J. Fu; D.Y. Kim; H.S. Kim; H.J. Kim; 강태원; 김용민; X.J. Fan; 박용주
2002-08Optical properties of dilute magnetic semiconductor GaFeχAs1-χHosun Lee; T.D.Kang; 박용주; H.T.Oh; H.Y.Cho; R.Moriya; H.Munekata
2005-02Optical properties of Ga1-xMnxAs (0≤x≤0.09) studied using spectroscopic ellipsometry강태동; 이길수; 이호선; 고동완; 박용주
2004-03Optical properties of multilayer of SiNx/SiNy prepared by PECVD박용주; 이태경; Chang Hyo Lee; 김은규
2004-06Optical Properties of Silicon Nanoparticles by Ultrasound-Induced Solution Method이수진; 조운조; 진종식; 한일기; 최원준; 박용주; 송진동; 이정일
2004-07Optical Studies of self-Assembled InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Structures Grown by Atomic Layer Epitaxy노희석; 송진동; 박용주; 최원준; 이정일
2001-12Optical study of InAs quantum dots and wetting layer using spectroscopic ellipsometry이호선; 박용주; 김은규
2006-08Origin of clear ferromagnetism for p-type GaN implanted with Fe+ (5 and 10 at.%)손윤; 이세준; 전희창; Y.S. Park; D.Y. Kim; 강태원; 김진석; 김은규; D.J. Fu; X.J. Fan; 박용주; J.M. Baik; J.L. Lee
1997-03Oxygen atomic flux O* enhancement by gas-pulsed electron cyclotron resonance plasma박용주; Patrick O’Keeffeb; Kazunari Ozasa; Harunobu Mutoh; Yoshinobu Aoyagi; 민석기
2005-11Performance Improvement of High-Power AlGaAs Lasers김경찬; Tae Geun Kim; Yun Mo Sung; Young Chul Choi; 박용주; 한일기; Seung Woong Lee; Gi Won Moon; Sang Ho Yoon; Kee Youn Jang; Jong Ik Park
2004-07Photoluminescence and Electromodulation Study of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots김성수; 정현식; 송진동; 박영민; 신재철; 박용주; 최원준; 이정일
2000-09Phtoluminescence spectroscopy of self-assembled InAs quantum dots using a Si-molecular beam박영민; 박용주; 김광무; 김은규
2003-10Physical model for low frequency noise in poly-Si resistors and thin-film transistors한일기; 최원준; 박용주; 조운조; 이정일; 이명복; Alain Chovet; Jean Brini; Gerard Ghibaudo