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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-04-10Capacitive deionization of NaCl solution with carbon aerogel-silica gel composite electrodesYang, CM; Choi, WH; Na, BK; Cho, BW; Cho, WI
2004-11-30Characterization of Ag-doped vanadium oxide (AgxV2O5) thin film for cathode of thin film batteryHwang, HS; Oh, SH; Kim, HS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Lee, DY
2001-04Characterization of all-solid-state thin-film batteries with V2O5 thin-film cathodes using ex situ and in situ processesJeon, EJ; Shin, YW; Nam, SC; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
1999-01Charge-discharge performance of electron-beam-deposited tin oxide thin-film electrodesNam, SC; Kim, YH; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Chun, HS; Yun, KS
2000-01Charge/discharge performance of electron beam deposited tin oxide thin film negative electrodesNam, SC; Yoon, YS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Yun, KS; Chun, HS
2000Charge/discharge performances of tin oxides thin film negative electrodesNam, SC; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS; Cho, BW; Chun, HS; Yun, KS
2002-09Correlation between the microstructures and the cycling performance of RuO2 electrodes for thin-film microsupercapacitorsKim, HK; Seong, TY; Lim, JH; Ok, YW; Cho, WI; Shin, YH; Yoon, YS
1998-09-01Corrosion behaviour of Zr1-xTixV0.6Ni1.2M0.2 (M=Ni, Cr, Mn) AB(2)-type metal hydride alloys in alkaline solutionKim, JS; Paik, CH; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Yun, KS; Kim, SJ
2004-05-20Cycling performance of LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium secondary batteriesKim, HS; Cho, BW; Cho, WI
2002-11-14Discharge characteristics of chemically prepared MnO2 and electrolytic MnO2 in non-aqueous electrolytesKim, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Ju, JB
2002-04-20Discharge characteristics of silver/lithium cobalt oxide cell for medical applicationKim, HS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Ju, JB
2005-02EDLC with UV-cured composite polymer electrolyte based on poly[(ethylene glycol) diacrylate]/poly(vinylidene fluoride)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blendsYang, CM; Cho, WI; Lee, JK; Rhee, HW; Cho, BW
2004-05-20Effect of Al2O3 coating on electrochemical performance of LiCoO2 as cathode materials for secondary lithium batteriesOh, S; Lee, JK; Byun, D; Cho, WI; Cho, BW
2001-01Effect of fluorination on the lanthanum-doped AB(2)-type metal hydride electrodesPark, HY; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Lee, SR; Yun, KS
2004-09-10Effect of silver co-sputtering on amorphous V2O5 thin-films for microbatteriesLee, JM; Hwang, HS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Kim, KY
2003-10-01Electrochemical and physical properties of composite polymer electrolyte of poly(methyl methacrylate) and poly(ethylene glycol diacrylate)Kim, HS; Kum, KS; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Rhee, HW
2001-12-15Electrochemical and structural properties of radio frequency sputtered cobalt oxide electrodes for thin-film supercapacitorsKim, HK; Seong, TY; Lim, JH; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2004-02-16Electrochemical characteristics of Al2O3-coated lithium manganese spinel as a cathode material for a lithium secondary batteryLee, SW; Kim, KS; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Ju, JB; Park, JW
2004-05-03Electrochemical characteristics of metal oxide-coated lithium manganese oxide (spinel type) Part II. In the range of 3.0-4.4 VLee, SW; Kim, KS; Lee, KL; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Park, JW
2002-01Electrochemical characteristics of sputtered lithium manganese oxide thin film for micropower systemsMoon, HS; Ji, KS; Park, JW; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2005-01-10Electrochemical characterization of high-performance LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteriesOh, SH; Jeong, WT; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Woo, K
1999-11Electrochemical characterization of various tin-based oxides as negative electrodes for rechargeable lithium batteriesNam, SC; Paik, CH; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Chun, HS; Yun, KS
2006-05-05Electrochemical characterization of zirconium-doped LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode materials and investigations on deterioration mechanismOh, SH; Lee, SM; Cho, WI; Cho, BW
2003-03Electrochemical investigations on electrostatic spray deposited LiMn2O4 filmsShu, D; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Cho, WI; Kim, KB
2005-03-01Electrochemical performances of electric double layer capacitor with UV-cured gel polymer electrolyte based on poly[(ethylene glycol)diacrylate]-poly(vinylidene fluoride) blendYang, CM; Ju, JB; Lee, JK; Cho, WI; Cho, BW
2001-12Electrochemical properties of diamond-like-carbon coated LiMn2O4 thin films for microbatteriesMoon, HS; Ji, KS; Kim, TJ; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS; Chung, SH; Park, JW
2004-04-22Electrochemical properties of Li-Cr-Mn-O cathode materials for lithium secondary batteriesKim, KS; Lee, SW; Moon, HS; Kim, HJ; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Choi, JB; Park, JW
2004-11-15Electrochemical properties of LiMxCo1-xO2 [M = Mg, Zr] prepared by sol-gel processKim, HS; Ko, TK; Na, BK; Cho, WI; Cho, BW
2001-07Electrochemical properties of PAN-based carbon fibers as anodes for rechargeable lithium ion batteriesLee, JK; An, KW; Ju, JB; Cho, BW; Cho, WI; Park, D; Yun, KS
2001-09Electrode characteristics of the Cr and La doped AB(2)-type hydrogen storage alloysPark, HY; Chang, I; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Jang, H; Lee, SR; Yun, KS