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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-09-13Fabrication and performance evaluation of 3-cell SOFC stack based on planar 10 cm x 10 cm anode-supported cellsJung, H. Y.; Choi, S. -H.; Kim, H.; Son, J. -W.; Kim, J.; Lee, H. -W.; Lee, J. -H.
2007Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Multi-Cell Arrayed Planar SOFC StackKim, H.; Jung, H. Y.; Jung, H. -G.; Kim, J.; Lee, J. -H.; Lee, H. -W.; Song, H.
2006-08Fabrication of large ceramic components with controlled microstructure by powder thermoset moldingLee, H. -W.; Kim, J.; Lee, J. -H.; Song, H.
2006-08Fabrication of nanoabrasive grinding wheels and their application to grinding silicon wafersKim, T. W.; Hyun, S. H.; Kim, J.; Lee, J. H.; Lee, H. W.
2005-12Field emission enhancement by electric field activation in screen-printed carbon Nanotube filmLee, H.; Lee, Y.; Cho, W.; Kim, J.; Hwang, S.; Ju, B.
2017-10Forebrain-specific ablation of phospholipase C gamma 1 causes manic-like behaviorYang, Y. R.; Jung, J. H.; Kim, S-J; Hamada, K.; Suzuki, A.; Kim, H. J.; Lee, J. H.; Kwon, O-B; Lee, Y. K.; Kim, J.; Kim, E-K; Jang, H-J; Kang, D-S; Choi, J-S; Lee, C. J.; Marshall, J.; Koh, H-Y; Kim, C-J; Seok, H.; Kim, S. H.; Choi, J. H.; Choi, Y-B; Cocco, L.; Ryu, S. H.; Kim, J-H; Suh, P-G
1997-09Formation of integrally skinned asymmetric membranes without skin defects for gas separationKang, Y.S.; Jung, B.; Park, H.C.; Won, J.; Kim, U.Y.; Kim, J.; Rhee, H.-W.
2021-09Frailty Assessment Using Temporal Gait Characteristics and a Long Short-Term Memory NetworkJung, D.; Kim, J.; Kim, M.; Won, C.W.; Mun, K.
2022-01Growth and Fabrication of GaAs Thin-Film Solar Cells on a Si Substrate via Hetero Epitaxial Lift-OffWoo, S.; Ryu, G.; Kim, T.; Hong, N.; Han, J.-H.; Chu, R.J.; Bae, J.; Kim, J.; Lee, I.-H.; Jung, D.; Choi, W.J.
2021-09Heat and pressure-assisted soft lithography for size-tunable nanoscale structuresKim, W.; Park, S.; Gwon, Y.; Kim, H.N.; Kim, J.
2021-10Highly potent, selective, and competitive indole-based MAO-B inhibitors protect PC12 cells against 6-hydroxydopamine-and rotenone-induced oxidative stressElsherbeny, M.H.; Kim, J.; Gouda, N.A.; Gotina, L.; Cho, J.; Pae, A.N.; Lee, K.; Park, K.D.; Elkamhawy, A.; Roh, E.J.
2011-05Hydrophobicity and micro-/nanotribological properties of polymeric nanolinesPham, D. -C.; Na, K.; Piao, S.; Yang, S.; Kim, J.; Yoon, E. -S.
2001-11Improved crystalline quality of GaN by substrate ion beam pre-treatmentByun, D.; Cho, Y.S.; Kim, J.; Park, Y.J.; Kim, E.K.; Kim, G.; Koh, E.-K.; Min, S.-K.
2006-08Improved field emission by liquid elastomer modification of screen-printed CNT film morphologyLee, H.; Lee, Y.; Cho, W.; Kim, J.; Lee, Y.; Hwang, S.; Ju, B.
2006-08Improved surface morphologies of printed carbon nanotubes by heat treatment and their field emission propertiesLee, H.; Lee, Y.; Cho, W.; Kim, J.; Lee, Y.; Hwang, S.; Ju, B.
2022-03In-situ food spoilage monitoring using a wireless chemical receptor-conjugated graphene electronic noseKim, K.H.; Park, C.S.; Park, S.J.; Kim, J.; Seo, S.E.; An, J.E.; Ha, S.; Bae, J.; Phyo, S.; Lee, J.; Kim, Ka young; Moon, D.; Park, T.H.; Song, H.S.; Kwon, O.S.
2020-09-03Intended gait speed prediction via swing limb kinematics applicable for patients with slow gaitKim, J.; Kim, Y.; Lee, J. M.; Kim, S. -J.
2006-07-14Interpretation of the interconnected microstructure of an NiO-YSZ anode composite for solid oxide fuel cells via impedance spectroscopyLee, K. -R.; Pyo, Y. S.; So, B. S.; Kim, S. M.; Lee, B. K.; Hwang, J. H.; Kim, J.; Lee, J. -H.; Lee, H. -W.
2003-03Lasing Characteristics of Optical Thyristor for Optical Logic FunctionKim, D.; Lee, H.; Choi, W.; Choi, Y.; Lee, S.; Woo, D.; Byun, Y.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.; Nakano, Y.
2021-12Lead-Sealed Stretchable Underwater Perovskite-Based Optoelectronics via Self-Recovering Polymeric NanomaterialsKim, J.; Seong, D.; Kwon, H.; Jin, S.; Kim, H.; Kim, Y.; Jeong, Y.; Lee, K.; Kwon, S.J.; Shin, M.; Son, D.; Kim, I.S.
2013-07Long-range hand gesture interaction based on spatio-temporal encodingKim, J.; Han, G.; Kim, I.-J.; Kim, H.; Ahn, S.C.
2002-06Magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Fe-N nanocrystalline thin filmsKim, H.J.; Han, S.H.; Kim, Y.M.; Choi, D.; Kim, J.
2017-02Mass spectrometry-based strategy for effective disulfide bond identificationJin, J.; Min, H.; Kwon, O.-S.; Oh, H.J.; Kim, J.; Park, C.
2004-05Microstructural analysis of Ga1-xMnxN films grown by PEMBEKim, I.; Kim, J.; Han, S. H.
2014-01Motor rehabilitation based on brain machine interface and Microsoft KinectLee, C.; Park, H.; Kim, J.; Kim, B.; Kim, L.; Kwon, G.H.
2022-08Multi-Level Control of Conductive Filament Evolution and Enhanced Resistance Controllability of the Cu-Cone Structure Embedded Conductive Bridge Random Access MemoryKim, H.J.; Kim, J.; Park, T.G.; Yoon, J.H.; Hwang, C.S.
2008-08Multiple humanoid cooperative control system for heterogeneous humanoid teamLim, H.; Kang, Y.; Lee, J.; Kim, J.; You, B.-J.
2021-03-25Nanomechanical Microwave Bolometry with Semiconducting NanowiresKim, J.; Cha, J.; Kim, M.; Ryu, Y.; Park, S.I.; Song, J.D.; Suh, J.
2015-01Neutube 1.0: A new design for efficient neuron reconstruction software based on the swc formatFeng, L.; Zhao, T.; Kim, J.
2022-01Numerical and experimental study of tribological properties of glass/polymer-based micro ball bearingsKim, B.-K.; Han, D.-L.; Kang, K.-H.; Kim, J.; Kim, D.-E.