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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-09Measurement of Residual Stresses in Film Insert Molded Parts with Complex GeometryKim, Seong Yun
2013-08Measurement of residual stresses in polymeric parts by indentation methodPak, Seong Yeol; Kim, Seong Yun; Kim, Sung Ho; Youn, Jae Ryoun
2017-11Mechanical and optical properties of electrospun nylon-6,6 nanofiber reinforced cyclic butylene terephthalate compositesAn, Taehee; Pant, Bishweshwar; Kim, Seong Yun; Park, Mira; Park, Soo-Jin; Kim, Hak-Yong
2015-01-15Microwave plasma carbonization for the fabrication of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiberKim, So-Young; Kim, Seong Yun; Lee, Sungho; Jo, Sungmu; Im, Yeon-Ho; Lee, Hun-Su
2018-02-08Multiscale prediction of thermal conductivity for nanocomposites containing crumpled carbon nanofillers with interfacial characteristicsKim, Seong Yun; Jang, Han Gyeol; Yang, Cheol-Min; Yang, B. J.
2021-10-01Nano-bridge effect on thermal conductivity of hybrid polymer composites incorporating 1D and 2D nanocarbon fillersJang, Ji-un; Lee, Seung Hwan; Kim, Jaewoo; Kim, Seong Yun; Kim, Seong Hun
2019-06-16Phenyl glycidyl ether as an effective noncovalent functionalization agent for multiwalled carbon nanotube reinforced polyamide 6 nanocomposite fibersPark, Min; Lee, Hyeseong; Jang, Ji-un; Park, Jong Hyuk; Kim, Chai Hwan; Kim, Seong Yun; Kim, Jaewoo
2022-08Phenyl glycidyl ether-based non-covalent functionalization of nano-carbon fillers for improving conductive properties of polymer compositesLee, Hyeseong; Kim, Mi Na; Jang, Han Gyeol; Jang, Ji-un; Kim, Jaewoo; Kim, Seong Yun
2015-01-16Prediction and experimental validation of electrical percolation by applying a modified micromechanics model considering multiple heterogeneous inclusionsKim, Seong Yun; Noh, Ye Ji; Yu, Jaesang
2021-04Processing temperature window design via controlling matrix composition for polypropylene-based self-reinforced compositesLee, Hyeseong; Kim, Yoon Sang; Choi, Woo Hyuk; Yun, Deok Woo; Lee, Jaeyong; Song, Jong Man; Kim, Seungho; Kim, Jaewoo; Kim, Seong Yun
2009-11Residual Stresses and Thermo-viscoelastic Deformation of Film Insert Molded PartsKim, Seong Yun
2015-03Silica aerogel/epoxy composites with preserved aerogel pores and low thermal conductivityKim, Hyung Min; Kim, Hyun Su; Kim, Seong Yun; Youn, Jae Ryoun
2014-01Silica aerogel/polyimide composites with preserved aerogel pores using multi-step curingKim, Seong Yun; Noh, Ye Ji; Lim, Jun; You, Nam-Ho
2015-08Silica aerogel/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) insulation composites with preserved aerogel pores using interfaces between the superhydrophobic aerogel and hydrophilic PVA solutionKim, Hyung Min; Noh, Ye Ji; Yu, Jaesang; Kim, Seong Yun; Youn, Jae Ryoun
2023-11Stepwise percolation behavior induced by nano-interconnection in electrical conductivity of polymer compositesJang, Ji-un; So, Soon Oh; Jang, Han Gyeol; Kim, Jaewoo; Oh, Myung Jun; Kim, Seong Hun; Lee, Jung Tae; Kim, Seong Yun
2019-08Super-insulating, flame-retardant, and flexible poly(dimethylsiloxane) composites based on silica aerogelLee, Hyeseong; Lee, Doojin; Cho, Jaehyun; Kim, Young-O; Lim, Soonho; Youn, SangJun; Jung, Yong Chae; Kim, Seong Yun; Seong, Dong Gi
2020-01Swarm intelligence integrated micromechanical model to investigate thermal conductivity of multi-walled carbon nanotube-embedded cyclic butylene terephthalate thermoplastic nanocompositesKim, Seong Yun; Jang, Ji-un; Haile, Bezawit F.; Lee, Min Wook; Yang, Beomjoo
2016-09Synergistic effect of hybrid graphene nanoplatelet and multi-walled carbon nanotube fillers on the thermal conductivity of polymer composites and theoretical modeling of the synergistic effectYu, Jaesang; Choi, Hoi Kil; Kim, Hyun Su; Kim, Seong Yun
2017-01-05Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in composites filled with expanded graphite and multi-walled carbon nanotube fillers via melt-compounding based on polymerizable low-viscosity oligomer matrixKim, Hyun Su; Kim, Jong Hyeok; Yang, Cheol-Min; Kim, Seong Yun
2016-10-15Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in polymer composites filled with self-hybrid expanded graphite fillersKim, Hyun Su; Na, Jung Hyun; Jung, Yong Chae; Kim, Seong Yun
2015-08Synergistic improvement of thermal conductivity in polymer composites filled with pitch based carbon fiber and graphene nanoplateletsNoh, Ye Ji; Kim, Seong Yun
2012-11Synergistic improvement of thermal conductivity of thermoplastic composites with mixed boron nitride and multi-walled carbon nanotube fillersPak, Seong Yeol; Kim, Hyung Min; Kim, Seong Yun; Youn, Jae Ryoun
2015-02Thermal conductivity of graphene nanoplatelets filled composites fabricated by solvent-free processing for the excellent filler dispersion and a theoretical approach for the composites containing the geometrized fillersKim, Seong Yun; Noh, Ye Ji; Yu, Jaesang
2015-09-15Thermal conductivity of polymer composites based on the length of multi-walled carbon nanotubesKim, Hyun Su; Jang, Ji-un; Yu, Jaesang; Kim, Seong Yun
2016-07Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites With Geometric Characteristics of Carbon AllotropesNoh, Ye Ji; Kim, Hyun Su; Ku, Bon-Cheol; Khil, Myung-Seob; Kim, Seong Yun
2016-05-25Thermal conductivity of polymer composites with the geometrical characteristics of graphene nanoplateletsKim, Hyun Su; Bae, Hyun Sung; Yu, Jaesang; Kim, Seong Yun
2018-10Thermal Management in Polymer Composites: A Review of Physical and Structural ParametersKim, Hyun Su; Jang, Ji-un; Lee, Hyeseong; Kim, Seong Yun; Kim, Seong Hun; Kim, Jaewoo; Jung, Yong Chae; Yang, Beom Joo
2017-02-01Thermally conductive composite film filled with highly dispersed graphene nanoplatelets via solvent-free one-step fabricationYu, Jaesang; Cha, Ji Eun; Kim, Seong Yun
2018-11-01Thermally insulating, fire-retardant, smokeless and flexible polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers filled with silica aerogelsKim, Young-Gon; Kim, Hyun Su; Jo, Seong Mu; Kim, Seong Yun; Yang, B. J.; Cho, Jaehyun; Lee, Sungho; Cha, Ji Eun