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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-08COM Control of Dual Arm Robot using COM Jacobian류광현; 오용환; 최민준
2009-10Comparison Study on Walking Pattern Generation Method of Humanoid Robots for Real-time Implementation홍석민; 오용환; 김도익; 유범재; 오상록
2017-06Compensation of Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object with Cutaneous Feedback오용환; 박재영; 김재하; Hong Z. Tan
2011-11Compliance Control of a Position Controlled Robotic Hand Using F/T sensor조준희; 김성균; 오용환; 오상록
2011-05Concurrent Control of Position/Orientation of a Redundant Manipulator based on Virtual Spring-Damper Hypothesis김성균; 배지훈; 오용환; 오상록
2020-06Contact Force based Balancing and Tracking Control of a Ballbot using Projected Task Space Dynamics with Inequality Constraints오용환; 조준희
2012-08Contact Force Control of a Robotic Hand Using F/T Sensory Feedback with a Rigid Object조준희; 김성균; 오용환; 오상록
2011-12Control Design for Human-like Reaching Movements using Redundancy in Robot Arm-Trunk SystemsTapomayukh Bhattacha; 오용환; 배지훈; 오상록
2017-06Control Strategy for Stabilization of the Biped Trunk-SLIP Walking Model오용환; 이종우; 민 낫 부
2010-10Controlling Redundant Robot Arm-Trunk Systems for Human-like Reaching MotionTapomayukh Bhattacharjee; 오용환; 배지훈; 오상록
2010-10CPG based Self-adapting Multi-DOF Robotic Arm Control양우성; 배지훈; 오용환; 정낙영; 유범재; 오상록
2012-02Dependable Humanoid Navigation System Based on Bipedal Locomotion강연식; 김현수; 유수현; 도낙주; 오용환; 유범재
2008-01Design of a Humanoid Robot Hand by Mimicking Human Hand’s Motion and Appearance안상익; 오용환; 권상주
2007-11Design of a Humanoids Specific Anthropomorphic Robot Hand by Imitating Human Finger's Motion안상익; 오용환; 권상주
2020-08Design of a Parallel Haptic Device with Gravity Compensation by using its System Weight오용환; 박재영; 허성문; 박재흥
2014-06Design of Spatial Adaptive Finger김태욱; 오용환; 최용제
2014-08Design of Spatial Adaptive Fingered Gripper Using Spherical Five-Bar Mechanism김태욱; 오용환
2003-12Development of a biped humanoid robot - babybot.오용환; 최영진; 유범재; 오상록
2001-01Development of a humanoid robot system : design and initial experiment황보명; 이성온; 오용환; 유범재; 조영조; 오상록; 안경호; 정완균
2011-11Development of a Multi-fingered Robotic Hand and Its Compliance Control using F/T Sensors at Fingertips김성균; 조준희; 오용환; 오상록
2014-11Development of an Underactuated Robotic Hand using Differential Gear Mechanism천세영; 최우혁; 오상록; 오용환
2019-06Development of Hybrid-type Robot Hand오용환; 윤현수; 남대우; 이병주
2012-05Development of Kalman Filter based two-port Body Force Observer for the Flexible Joint: Design and Experiments박영진; 이호선; 오용환; 정완균
2016-03Direct Teaching for Upper-Body Dual Arm Robot with Whole Body Balancing오용환; 조준희; 이동현
2018-10Effect of Cutaneous Feedback on the Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object오용환; 박재영; Hong Z. Tan
2020-10Energy-Efficient Hip Joint Offsets in Humanoid Robot via Taguchi Method and Bio-inspired Analysis오용환; Jihun Kim; Jaeha Yang; Seung Tae Yang; 이기욱
2017-07Energy-Efficient Robotic Leg Design Using Redundantly Actuated Parallel Mechanism오용환; 이종우; 이기욱
2007-10Estimation of the Center of Mass of Humanoid Robot권상주; 오용환
2019-10Flexible Shear and Normal Force Sensor Using Only One Layer of Polyvinylidene Fluoride Film오용환; 차영수; 이예림; 정재훈
2013-11From Human Motion Analysis to Whole-Body Control of a Dual-Arm Robot for Pick-And-Place Tasks김성균; 이동현; 홍석민; 오용환; 오상록