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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-063D architectures of single-crystalline complex oxides김진상; 최지원; 강종윤; 원성옥; 장혜정; 백승협; 김성근; 김신익; 최형진; 이광엽; 정인기; 영서광; 정수영; 노창재; 이종석
2015-08A differential method for measuring cooling performance of a thermoelectric module권범진; 백승협; 김성근; 현도빈; 김진상
2018-09A novel class of oxynitrides stabilized by nitrogen dimer formation김진상; 최지원; 강종윤; 최정혜; 백승협; 김성근; 김상태; 권효진; 백성욱
2018-11A Ru-Pt alloy electrode to suppress leakage currents of dynamic random-access memory capacitors김진상; 강종윤; 김성근; 편정준; 조철진; Doo Seok Jeong
2017-12A two-step synthesis process of thermoelectric alloys for the separate control of carrier density and mobility현도빈; 김진상; 김동익; 백승협; 김성근; 임상순; 김병규; 박형호
2017-10Advanced Silicon-on-Insulator: Crystalline Silicon on Atomic Layer Deposited Beryllium Oxide김성근; 이우철; Seung Min Lee; Jung Hwan Yum; Eric S. Larsen; Christopher W. Bielawski; Jungwoo Oh
2015-07Asymmetry in electrical properties of Al-doped TiO2 film with respect to bias voltage전우진; 라상호; 이웅규; 안철현; 정민정; 김상현; 조철진; 김성근; 황철성
2020-01Atomic engineering of metastable BeO6 octahedra in a rocksalt framework최정혜; 백승협; 김성근; 김상태; 이우철; Eric S. Larsen; Minji Lee; Deok-Yong Cho; Han-Koo Lee; Cheol Seong Hwang; Christopher W. Bielawski
2014-05Atomic layer deposition of HfO2 thin films using H2O2 as oxidant최민정; Hyung-Ho Park; 정두석; Jeong Hwan Kim; 김진상; 김성근
2019-11Atomic layer deposition of SnO2 thin films using tetraethyltin and H2O2김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 김광천; 임상순; 백인환; 박형호
2013-03Atomic Layer Deposition of SrTiO3 Films with Cyclopentadienyl-Based Precursors for Metal-Insulator-Metal CapacitorsWoongkyu Lee; Jeong Hwan Han; Woojin Jeon; Yeon Woo Yoo; Sang Woon Lee; 김성근; Chang-Hee Ko; Clement Lansalot-Matras; Cheol Seong Hwang
2019-12Atomic layer deposition of Ta-doped SnO2 films with enhanced dopant distribution for thermally stable capacitor electrode applications김진상; 김성근; 편정준; 조철진; Cheol Seong Hwang
2017-12Atomic-Layer Deposition of Single-Crystalline BeO Epitaxially Grown on GaN substrates김성근; 이우철; Seung Min Lee; Jung Hwan Yum; Seonno Yoon; Eric S. Larsen; Shahab Shervin; Weijie Wang; Jae-Hyun Ryou; Christopher W. Bielawski; Jungwoo Oh
2021-06Atomic-layer deposition of TiO2 thin films with a thermally stable (CpMe5)Ti(OMe)3 precursor김진상; 원성옥; 김성근; 정홍근; Yongjoo Park; Tae Joo Park
2017-01Bio-fabrication of nanomesh channels of single-walled carbon nanotubes for locally gated field-effect transistors이현정; 김성근; 이우철; 변혜현; 김원빈; 김웅
2013-03Capacitance-voltage analysis of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures김성근; 김신익; 황진하; 김진상; 백승협
2020-06Carrier Modulation in Bi2Te3-Based Alloys via Interfacial Doping with Atomic Layer Deposition김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 김광천; 임상순; 이승혁; Hyung-Ho Park
2015-10Catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction on platinum-based core-shell nanoparticles: all-electron density functional theoryJungho Shin; 최정혜; Pil-Ryung Cha; 김성근; 김인호; 이승철; 정두석
2020-03Cation-Regulated Transformation for Continuous Two-Dimensional Tin Monosulfide강종윤; 원성옥; 김성근; 송영근; 편정준; 이한솔; 백인환; Ga-Yeon Lee; Jeong Hwan Han; Taek-Mo Chung; Cheol Seong Hwang
2014-02Chemical Structures and Electrical Properties of Atomic layer deposited HfO2 Thin Films Grown at an Extremely Low Temperature (≤100 °C) Using O3 as an Oxygen SourceJeong Hwan Kim; Tae Joo Park; 김성근; Deok-Yong Cho; Hyung-Suk Jung; Sang Young Lee; Cheol Seong Hwang
2014-12Chemistry of active oxygen in RuOx and its influence on the atomic layer deposition of TiO2 filmsWoojin Jeon; Woongkyu Lee; Yeon Woo Yoo; Cheol Hyun An; Jeong Hwan Han; 김성근; Cheol Seong Hwang
2020-07Combined hot extrusion and spark plasma sintering method for producing highly textured thermoelectric Bi2Te3 alloys김진상; 원성옥; 김동익; 백승협; 김성근; 이병현; 신준철; 임상순; 정성진; 김병규; 박형호
2019-07Confined polaronic transport in (LaFeO3)n/(SrFeO3)1 superlattices김성근; Seo Hyoung Chang; Young-Min Kim; Yonggi Dong; Chad M. Folkman; Da Woon Jeong; Woo Seok Choi; Albina Y. Borisevich; Jeffrey A. Eastman; Anand Bhattacharya; Dillon D. Fong
2013-02Control of conducting filaments in TiO2 films by a thin interfacial conducting oxide layer at the cathode김성근; Byung Joon Choi; Kyung Jean Yoon; Yeon Woo Yoo; Cheol Seong Hwang
2015-07Control of the initial growth in atomic layer deposition of Pt films by surface pretreatment편정준; 조철진; 백승협; 강종윤; 김진상; 정두석; 김성근
2014-04Controlling the Al-Doping Profile and Accompanying Electrical Properties of Rutile-Phased TiO2 Thin FilmsWoojin Jeon; Sang Ho Rha; Woongkyu Lee; Yeon Woo Yoo; Cheol Hyun An; Kwang Hwan Jung; 김성근; Cheol Seong Hwang
2016-11Correct Extraction of Frequency Dispersion in Accumulation Capacitance in InGaAs Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Devices송진동; 최정혜; 김성근; 조철진; 이우철; Cheol Seong Hwang
2016-05Correction of Electrical and Thermal Extrinsic Effects in Thermoelectric Measurement by the Harman Method현도빈; 김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 권범진; 강민수; 노임준; 이윤구; 주병권
2016-05Correction of the Electrical and Thermal Extrinsic Effects in Thermoelectric Measurements by the Harman Method현도빈; 김진상; 백승협; 김성근; 권범진; 강민수; 노임준; 이윤구; 주병권
2019-10Crystal properties of atomic-layer deposited beryllium oxide on crystal and amorphous substrates김성근; 이우철; Seung Min Lee; Yoonseo Jang; Jung Hwan Yum; Eric S. Larsen; Christopher W. Bielawski; Jungwoo Oh