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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-01100 ㎚ electron beam lithography using a modified scanning electron microscope.김성일; 민석기; 김은규; 최범호; 황성우; 정석구; 김태근
2009-128x8 single-walled carbon nanotube transistor arrays for chemical sensors김경헌; 김수현; 이석; 김선호; 김태근; 변영태
1997-01A short-period GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-wire array laser with a submicrometer current blocking layer김태근; 박경현; 김은규; 민석기; 박정호
2007-08Comparison of optical gain and α-factor in laser diodes having different quantum dot structures김경찬; 유영채; J. H. Jung; 한일기; 이정일; D. H. Kim; 김태근
2015-02Converting optical scanning holograms of real objects to binary Fourier holograms using an iterative direct binary search algorithm티보르펄티에; 박민철; 김유석; 김태근
2006-01Correlation between photoluminescence and fourier transform infrared spectra in tetra-ethyl-ortho-silicate thin films최원철; 김태근; 김진상
1997-06Design and fabrication of a narrow stripe GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laser김은규; 민석기; 김태근; 정종일; 전시종; 박정호
2007-12Effect of AlSb buffer layer and InAs channel thickness on electrical properties of InAs/AlSb-based 2 DEG HEMT structure신상훈; 임주영; 송진동; 한석희; 김태근
1996-08Effective carrier confinement of a short-period GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array김태근; 박정호; 김용; 김성일; 손창식; 김무성; 김은규; 민석기
1996-01Effects of a rapid thermal annealing on the electrical properties of heavily carbon-doped InGaAs.손창식; 김성일; 김태근; 김용; 김무성; 민석기
1996-01Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the electrical properties of heavily carbon-doped InGaAs.김성일; 손창식; 김태근; 김용; 김무성; 민석기
2014-05Electrical Detection of Biomolecules Using Newly Proposed Measurement Principle of Dynamic Microcantilever Sensors채명식; 유용경; 김혜진; 김태송; 김태근; 이정훈; 황교선
1997-04Electrical properties of rapid thermal annealed carbon-doped InGaAs grown by atmospheric pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition손창식; 김성일; 김태근; 김용; 조신호; 박영균; 김은규; 민석기; 최인훈
2018-07Exciton-phonon coupling channels in a ‘strain-free’ GaAs droplet epitaxy single quantum dot한일기; 송진동; 조민경; 정영우; 여인아; 이송이; 김태근; 김종수; 이경수
1996-10Fabrication and characterization modulation-doped-field-effect-transistors with antidot-patterned passivation layers.김은규; 민석기; 김무성; 황성우; 김태근; 한철구; 박정호; Y. S. Yu; W. I. Ha
1998-01Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage metal organic chemical vapor deposition김태근; 손창식; 황성민; 김은규; 민석기; 임시종; 박정호
1997-03Fabrication of V-grooved inner stripe GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-wire lasers김태근; 황성민; 김은규; 민석기; 전종일; 임시종; Jichai Jeong; 박종호
2014-07Fabrication of wide-bandgap transparent electrodes by using conductive filaments: Performance breakthrough in vertical-type GaN LED김수진; 김희동; 김경헌; 신희웅; 한일기; 김태근
1996-01Formation of submicron current-blocking layer for high power GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array layer.손창식; 김태근; 김성일; 박정호; 황성민; 민석기; 김은규; 박경현
1998-02GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on V-grooved substrate김은규; 김태근; 손창식; 황성민; 민석기
1998-11GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage MOCVD on V-grooved substrates김은규; 김태근; 손창식; 황성민; 김용; 박영균; 민석기
1999-06GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers fabricated by a single-stage selective epitaxial growth technique.김태근; 손창식; 김은규; 민석기; 박정호
1996-01GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laser with an effective current blocking layer.김성일; 민석기; 김태근; 김은규; 박경현; 황성민; 박정호
2014-08GABA from reactive astrocytes impairs memory in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease조선미; 올레그; 황유진; 천예은; 박미정; 우동호; 배진영; 김태근; 이재광; 전희정; 박현정; 이다용; 홍진표; 김혜연; 오수진; 박승주; 이효; 윤보은; 김영수; 정용; 심인섭; 배용철; 조제원; Neil W Kowall; 류훈; 황은미; 김대수; 이창준
2010-04Gain-dependent linewidth enhancement factor in the quantum dot structures김경찬; 한일기; 이정일; 김태근
2014-07Generation of Binary Hologram Preserving the 3D Information티볼트 루이스; 박민철; 김태근; 손정영
2014-11Glial GABA, synthesized by monoamine oxidase B, mediates tonic inhibition윤보은; 우준성; 천예은; 전희정; 조선미; 배진영; 안희영; 민주옥; 오수진; 한경석; 김혜연; 김태근; 김영수; 배용철; 이창준
2011-02Growth of 2dimensional hole gas (2DHG) with GaSb channel using III-V materials on InP substrate신상훈; 송진동; 한석희; 김태근
2010-08Growth of high quality InSb on InxAl1-xSb grading buffer on GaAs (x=1→0)신상훈; 송진동; 한석희; 김태근