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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994-01A mossbauer effect study of the acicular cobalt ferrite particles.나종갑; D. H. Han; J. G. Zhao; H. L. Luo
1992-01A study on the relaxation in the CO-substituted spinel ferrite thin films.나종갑; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park
1994-01Anisotropic GMR induced by magnetoannealing in Fe/Ag glanular thin films.나종갑; C. T. Yu; X. G. Zhao; W. Y. Lai; J. G. Zhao
1998-01Characterization of metal/cobalt ferrite magnetic thin films박창회; 나종갑; 허남회; 이성래; 김종렬; 박경순
1999-07Cold rolling condition and magnetic induction in a thin-gauged 3 % Si-Fe strip허남회; 신재호; 채경훈; 나종갑; 우종수
1997-01Effect of alloying elements on fracture behavior of Fe-18Ni-2Ti-(8Co) alloys허남회; 나종갑
1995-01Effect of phosphorous doping on the stability of coercivity of cobalt substituted acicular oxides나종갑; 정원용; D. H. Han; G. H. Wang; H. L. Luo
1999-04Effect of surface segregation of sulfur on recrystallization kinetics in 3% Si-Fe alloy strip허남회; 채경훈; 나종갑; 김종렬; 우종수
1999-09Effects of annealing condition on the structural and magnetic properties of FePt thin filmsChang Hoi Park; 나종갑; Pyung Woo Jang; Seong-Rae Lee
1989-01Effects of annealing temperature on microstructure and electrical and optical properties of radio-frequency-sputtered tin-doped indium oxid thin films.나종갑; Y. R. Cho; Y. H. Kim; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park
1993-01Effects of cation distribution on magnetic properties in cobalt ferrite.나종갑; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park
1995-11Effects of cation distribution on superexchange interaction in cobalt ferrites.나종갑; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park; Y. Tang; H. L. Luo
1992-01Effects of cation distribution on the magnetic and electrical properties of cobalt ferrites.나종갑; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park
1997-01Effects of pre-annealing and rolling condition on magnetic property of thin-gauged 3% Si-Fe sheet나종갑; N. H. Heo; Y. J. Kim; S. R. Lee; D. R. Son; C. S. Lee; J. S. Woo
1998-01Effects of rolling conditions on grain orientation and magnetic properties of thin-gauged 3% Si-Fe sheets김재철; 허남회; 채경훈; 나종갑; 우종수; G. M. Kim
1997-04Effects of rolling conditions on microstructure and magnetic properties of thin gauged 3% Si-Fe sheets (abstracts)나종갑; K. Y. Kim; Y. J. Kim; S. R. Lee; D. R. Son; C. S. Lee; J. S. Woo
1999-09Effects of segregated sulfur on recrystallization texture and magnetic induction in thin-gauged 3% silicon steelK. H. Chai; N. H. Heo; 나종갑; H.-T. Jeong; S. R. Lee
1998-01Effects of silicon addition on grain boundary segregation behaviors and mechanical properties in α-iron김재철; 허남회; 나종갑; 우종수; G. M. Kim
1999-01Effects of substrate temperature on the magnetic and electrical properties of cobalt ferrite/metal composite thin films나종갑; 박창회; 허남회; 김종렬; 박경순
1999-03Effects of sulfur segregation on tertiary recrystallization kinetics in thin-gauged 3% Si-Fe electrical strip채경훈; 나종갑; 허남회; 김재철; 이성래; 우종수
1996-01Fabrication and magnetic properties of metal/cobalt ferrite composite thin fims.나종갑
2000-07Formation of YIG epitaxial films from amorphous yttrium iron oxide films sputtered on gadolinium gallium garnet(111) substrates장평우; 나종갑; 정원용
1998-01Fracture behavior in α -ferrite containing Al허남회; 박창회; 나종갑
1999-07Goss texture formation and the magnetic induction in thin-gauged 3% Si-Fe strips채경훈; 나종갑; 허남회; 정효태; 우종수
1993-01Influence of heattreatment conditions on the electrial conduction mechanism of grain boundary in cobalt ferrites.나종갑; T. D. Lee; S. J. Park; M. C. Kim
1997-02Magnetic and electrical properties of metal/ferrite composite thin films나종갑
1998-06Magnetic and structural properties of (Co//1//-//xFe//x)Pt thin films장평우; D. W. Kim; 박창회; 나종갑; 이성래
1998-06Magnetic induction and surface segregation in thin-gauged 3% Si Steel허남회; 채경훈; 나종갑; 우종수
1996-01Magnetic properties and cation distribution of phosphorous-doped Co- γ -Fe//2O//3 particles.나종갑; D.H. Han
1999-07Magnetic properties and inhomogeneous phase transition in (FexCo0.5-x)Pt0.5 films장평우; 박창회; 나종갑; 이성래