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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-073D-networked carbon nanotube/diamond core-shell nanowires for enhanced electrochemical performance안재평; 이승구; 송민정; 김종훈; 간태석; 임영균; 임대순
2017-08A cost-effective route to produce Al/AlN composites with low coefficient of thermal expansion안재평; 원성옥; 이건배; 유성현; 김용환; 한철웅; 최현주
2007-01A Cu-based amorphous alloy with a simultaneous improvement in its glass forming ability and plasticity김규현; 이석우; 안재평; 에릭플러리; 김유찬; 이재철
2012-11A new absorption band and visible absorption properties in V-doped TiO2 nanopowder지현석; 박훈; 이건배; 장혜정; 안재평; 박종구
2018-07A new method for mapping the three-dimensional atomic distribution within nanoparticles by atom probe tomography (APT)안재평; 이지영; 김세호; 강필웅; 박오옥; 설재복; 최벽파
2007-03A parameter governing the plasticity of Cu-Zr containing bulk metallic glasses이석우; 이창면; 안재평; 김유찬; 이재철
2016-01A room temperature Na/S battery using a beta" alumina solid electrolyte separator, tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether electrolyte, and a S/C composite cathode안재평; 김액표; 박진영; 김창현; 박진우; 안주현; 김기원; 안효준
2018-12A self-healing Sn anode with an ultra-long cycle life for sodium-ion batteries안재평; 김창현; 김익표; 김휘훈; 밀란 사단; 여혜원; 조규봉; 안주현; 안효준
2015-12A simple method of analyzing the phase transition behavior of a Na-Sn battery using energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy안재평; 허가현; 서종현; 변영운; 최용석; 이재철
2012-08A simple route for the synthesis of copper nanowiresLee, K. B.; Seo, J. H.; 안재평; Kwon, H.; Yang, H. R.
2016-03A singular flexible cathode for room temperature sodium/sulfur battery안재평; 김익표; 김창현; 최선화; 안주현; 김기원; EltonCairns; 안효준
2018-10Activation of a Ni electrocatalyst through spontaneous transformation of nickel sulfide to nickel hydroxide in an oxygen evolution reaction안재평; 민병권; 황윤정; 조민경; 오형석; 이민오
2015-12Advanced Methodologies for manipulating nanoscale features in focused ion beam안재평; 이지영; 김양희; 서종현
2004-09Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor synthesis of Ti1-xVxO2 nanopowder with a big adsorption in visible region안재평; 박훈; 정현성; 김형철; 박종구
2012-02Al-AlN composite manufactured by gas reaction method for high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion김효진; 박경원; 장혜정; 이건재; 이재철; 안재평
2021-10Anisotropic growth of Pt on Pd nanocube promotes direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide안재평; 한상수; 김홍규; 홍재영; 김민철; 송요셉; 한근호; Xiangyun Xiao; 정의영; 이관영; 유태경
2015-08Anomalous Stagewise Lithiation of Gold-Coated Silicon Nanowires: A Combined In Situ Characterization and First-Principles StudyChia-Yun Chou; 서종현; Yu-Hao Tsai; 안재평; Eunsu Paek; Mann-Ho Cho; 최인석; Hwang, Gyeong S.
2009-05Application of spinodal decomposition to produce metallic glass matrix composite with simultaneous improvement of strength and plasticity김민욱; 안재평; 석현광; 에릭플러리; 장혜정; 김도향; 차필령; 김유찬
2009-04Applications of nanomanipulator in nanowires윤상원; 서종현; 안재평; 성태연; 이건배
2018-11Aqueous-phase synthesis of Pd/TiO2/Fe3O4 hybrid nanostructures and their enhanced catalytic properties안재평; 조아영; 한근호; 김진수; 이재철; 이관영; 유태경
2018-04Atom Probe Tomography (APT) Analysis of Nanoparticles in 3D Atomic Scale안재평; 이지영; 김세호; 강필웅; 박오옥; 설재복; 최벽파
2015-10Atom probe tomograpy 정량 분석 연구이연희; 안재평; 이지영; 김양희; 장윤정; 송재봉
2015-10Atom Probe를 이용한 정량 분석의 신뢰성 연구이연희; 안재평; 이지영; 김양희; 장윤정; 송재봉
2019-03Atomic layout of an orthodontic titanium mini-implant in human tissue:Insights into the possible mechanisms during osseointegration안재평; 김양희; 김준식; 서경원; Homayoun Zadehd; 김성훈
2010-11Atomistic deformation mechanism of perfect crystal Au nanowires서종현; 유영동; 윤상원; 성태연; 최인석; 이건배; 김봉수; 안재평
2001-04Au-Ni-Sn intermetallic phase relationships in eutectic Pb-Sn solder formed on Ni/Au metallization송호건; 안재평; A.M. Minor; J.W. Morris, Jr.
2017-05Bent Polytypic ZnSe and CdSe Nanowires Probed by Photoluminescence안재평; Yejin Kim; Hyung Soon Im; Kidong Park; Seung Jo Yoo; Jundong Kim; 박정희; Jin-Gyu Kim
2013-08Biodegradability engineering of biodegradable Mg alloys: Tailoring the electrochemical properties and microstructure of constituent phases차필령; 한형섭; 양귀복; 김유찬; 홍기하; 이승철; 정재영; 안재평; 김영율; 조성윤; 변지영; 이강식; 양석조; 석현광
2015-11Carrier mobility enhancement of tensile strained Si and SiGe nanowires via surface defect engineering마진원; 이우정; J. M. Bae; K. S. Jeong; S. H. Oh; J. H. Kim; S.-H. Kim; J.-H. Seo; 안재평; H. Kim; 조만호
2019-04Catalytically Active Au Layers Grown on Pd Nanoparticles for Direct Synthesis of H2O2: Lattice Strain and Charge-Transfer Perspective Analyses안재평; 김홍규; 김진수; 김성훈; 김인호; 유태경; 한근호; 이관영; 이재철