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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998-053-D object recognition using projective invariant relationship by single view노경식; 권인소; 유범재
2010-113-D Reconstruction Using a Touch Sensor for Mouse Stereotactic Surgery in Unstructured Environment김신정; 김기훈; 이성온; 유범재; 오상록
2010-113D Ball tracking in a Humanoid Robot using Depth Map김강건; 박가람; 유범재
2012-123D Pose Tracking Using Particle Filter with Back Projection-Based Sampling이지용; 정문호; 이중재; 김강건; 유범재
2006-05-033차원 계측을 위한 다수 교정 영상을 이용한 카메라 교정방법강동중; 유범재; 정문호; 하종은
2002-07A behaviour-based approach to reactive navigation for autonomous robot.윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태; 유범재
1999-08A compact/open network-based controller incorporating modular software architecture for a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 이종원
1995-01A compliance control strategy for robot manipulators using a self-controlled stiffness function.오상록; 유범재; H. C. Kim; I. H. Suh; C. W. Lee
2002-10A control architecture for an internet-based robot systemDong To Nguyen; 오상록; 유범재; 황보명; Brian Kwang-Ho Lee
1998-10A design of a compact network-based controller mounted on a humanoid robot조영조; 유범재; 오상록; 김문상; 홍예선; 이종원
1997-01A discrete-event approach to the task planning and control for robotic manipulation전은석; 유범재; 조영조; 윤태웅
2002-10A fast map-matching method using a laser range finder문정현; 유범재; 김학배; 오상록
2005-12A Framework for Internet-based Interaction of Humans, Robots, and Responsive Environments using Agent Technology뉴엔토동; 오상록; 유범재
2005-09A Generic Shape Matching with Anchoring of Knowledge Primitives of Object Ontology한동일; 유범재; 김용세; 서일홍
2000-01A human-like real-time grasp synthesis method for humanoid robot hands임미섭; 오상록; 손재범; 유범재; 김광배
2010-10A Humanoid Robot's Walking Pattern Generation for Starting Swiftly홍석민; 오용환; 김도익; 유범재; 오상록
2007-08A Knowledge-Based Service Approach for Human-Centered Robots파르끄; 박정민; 김창환; 유범재
2002-10A new behavior coordination method for autonomous robot윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태; 유범재
2004-10A New Event-based Approach for Real-time Visual Tracking of Multiple Objects based on a Petri-net-based Model김치호; 유범재; 김학배; 오용환
2010-11A New Skin Color Tracking Method Using an Oscillatory Neural Network Model for Moving Pictures황용원; 오상록; 유범재; 이지용; 정문호; 박민용
2002-04A novel behavior-based approach to reactive navigation method윤도영; 오상록; 박귀태; 유범재
2004-10A Novel Shape Descriptor Based on Interrelation Quadruplet한동일; 유범재; 오상록
1999-11A novel stereo visual servoing method using QR decomposition and disturbance observer이준수; 서일홍; 유범재; 오상록
1999-05A novel visual servoing approach involving disturbance observer이준수; 서일홍; 유범재; 오상록
2000-06A novel visual servoing method using QR decomposition and disturbance observer이준수; 서일홍; 유범재; 오상록
2010-06A Piezoelectric Actuator with a Motion-decoupling Amplifier for Optical Disk Drives양우성; 이승엽; 유범재
2001-05A real-time color-based object tracking robust to irregular illumination variationsYong-Beom Lee; 유범재; 이성환
2007-08A Robust Approach Toward Face Tracking이윤형; 정문호; 하종은; 강동중; 유범재
2003-10A Robust General Voronoi Graph based SLAM for a Hyper Symmetric Environment도낙주; 정완균; 이성온; 오상록; 유범재
2007-08A Run-time Estimate Method of Measurement Error Variance for Kalman Estimator강재구; 유범재