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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-032D layer assembly of Pt-ZnO nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide for flexible NO2 sensors장지수; 강준영; 구원태; 김동하; 정용진; 김이현; 안재완; 최선진; 김일두
2020-092D materials decorated with ultrathin and porous graphene oxide for high stability and selective surface activity장지수; 정홍주; 정상규; 김동하; 김지한; 김상욱; 김일두
2019-08A general synthesis of crumpled metal oxide nanosheets as superior chemiresistive sensing layers장지수; 김이현; 김동하; 강준영; 조희진; 정용진; 김일두
2017-09Accelerating Palladium Nanowire H2 Sensors Using Engineered Nanofiltration장지수; 구원태; Shaopeng Qiao; Alana F Ogata; Gaurav Jha; Vivian T Chen; 김일두; Reginald M Penner
2019-07All-carbon fiber-based chemical sensor: Improved reversible NO2 reaction kinetics정현수; 이동명; 유하영; 최선진; 장지수; 김민혁; 강준영; 김일두
2018-05Bimodally Porous WO3 Microbelts Functionalized with Pt Catalysts for Selective H2S Sensors장지수; 김민혁; 구원태; 최선진; 김상준; 김동하; 김일두
2019-01Bio-inspired heterogeneous sensitization of bimetal oxides on SnO 2 scaffolds for unparalleled formaldehyde detection장지수; 정용진; 김동하; 강준영; 김이현; 김일두
2018-05Bioinspired Cocatalysts Decorated WO3 Nanotube Toward Unparalleled Hydrogen Sulfide Chemiresistor장지수; 김동하; 구원태; 최선진; 조희진; 김민혁; 김상준; 김일두
2016-02Catalyst-decorated hollow WO3 nanotubes using layer-by-layer self-assembly on polymeric nanofiber templates and their application in exhaled breath sensor장지수; 구원태; 최선진; 김남훈; 김일두
2019-11Catalytic Metal Nanoparticles Embedded in Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks for Chemiresistors: Highly Active and Conductive Porous Materials장지수; 구원태; 김상준; 김동하; 김일두
2018-01Chitosan-templated Pt nanocatalyst loaded mesoporous SnO 2 nanofibers: a superior chemiresistor toward acetone molecules정용진; 구원태; 김동하; 조희진; 김일두; 장지수
2020-12Colorimetric dye-loaded nanofiber yarn: Eye-readable and weavable gas sensing platform장지수; 김동하; 차준회; 임지영; 배재형; 이우성; 윤기로; 김찬훈; 황원태; 김일두
2021-08Confinement of Ultrasmall Bimetallic Nanoparticles in Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks via Site-Specific Nucleation장지수; 박충성; 구원태; 정상규; 신하민; 김윤화; 조희진; 김동하; 이지영; 박세연; 고재현; 김지한; 김일두
2019-08Continuous Meter-Scale Synthesis of Weavable Tunicate Cellulose/Carbon Nanotube Fibers for High-Performance Wearable Sensors정현수; 이승기; 유하영; 박성웅; 최정훈; 강호영; 장지수; 홍혜진; 조수연; 김일두; 정희태
2020-11Dopant­Driven Positive Reinforcement in Ex­Solution Process: New Strategy to Develop Highly Capable and Durable Catalytic Materials장지수; 김준규; 김경학; 정완길; 임채성; 김상우; 김동하; 김봉중; 한정우; 정우철; 김일두
2021-06Effect of Metal/Metal Oxide Catalysts on Graphene Fiber for Improved NO2 Sensing장지수; 엄원식; 이상훈; 이은송; 정우재; 김일두; 최선진; 한태희
2017-07Elaborate manipulation for Sub-10 nm hollow catalyst sensitized heterogeneous oxide nanofibers for room temperature chemical sensors장지수; 최선진; 구원태; 김상준; 정준영; 김일두
2017-09Exceptional high­performance of Pt­based bimetallic catalysts for exclusive detection of exhaled biomarkers장지수; 김상준; 최선진; 조희진; 구원태; Harry L Tuller; 김일두
2017-05Facile synthetic method of catalyst-loaded ZnO nanofibers composite sensor arrays using bio-inspired protein cages for pattern recognition of exhaled breath장지수; 조희진; 김상준; 최선진; 김일두
2018-09Few­Layered WS2 Nanoplates Confined in Co, N­Doped Hollow Carbon Nanocages: Abundant WS2 Edges for Highly Sensitive Gas Sensors장지수; 구원태; 차준회; 정지원; 최선진; 김동하; 김일두
2022-01Flash-thermochemical engineering of phase and surface activity on metal oxides장지수; 김동하; 차준회; 심기웅; 김윤화; 신하민; 안재완; 최성율; 김일두
2020-09Focused Electric-Field Polymer Writing: Toward Ultralarge, Multi-Stimuli-Responsive Membranes고건환; 황원태; 정재욱; 이지영; 최명우; 홍정욱; 김일두; 장지수; 조동휘; 남상현; 전석우
2021-02Frequency Doubler and Universal Logic Gate Based on Two- Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Transistors with Low Power Consumption황도경; 김태욱; 안종태; 나현수; 장지수; Takashi Taniguchi; Kenji Watanabe; 심재원; 이영택
2018-11Glass-Fabric Reinforced Ag Nanowire/Siloxane Composite Heater Substrate: Sub-10 nm Metal@Metal Oxide Nanosheet for Sensitive Flexible Sensing Platform장지수; 임영우; 김동하; 이대원; 구원태; 이현환; 배병수; 김일두
2018-01Graphene oxide templating: facile synthesis of morphology engineered crumpled SnO 2 nanofibers for superior chemiresistors장지수; 김동하; 구원태; 김일두
2019-03Heterogeneous Metal Oxide?Graphene Thorn-Bush Single Fiber as a Freestanding Chemiresistor정현수; 유하영; 장지수; 최선진; 구원태; 이지영; 김동하; 강준영; 정영진; 김일두
2016-10Heterogeneous sensitization of metal?organic framework driven metal@ metal oxide complex catalysts on an oxide nanofiber scaffold toward superior gas sensors장지수; 구원태; 최선진; 김상준; Harry L Tuller; 김일두
2019-10Heterogeneous, porous 2D oxide sheets via rapid galvanic replacement: toward superior HCHO sensing application장지수; 이상은; 최선진; 구원태; 김동하; 신하민; 박희정; 김일두
2018-04Hierarchically interconnected porosity control of catalyst-loaded WO3 nanofiber scaffold: Superior acetone sensing layers for exhaled breath analysis장지수; 김동하; 구원태; 최선진; 김상준; 김일두
2019-05High-resolution, fast, and shape-conformable hydrogen sensor platform: polymer nanofiber yarn coupled with nanograined Pd@ Pt장지수; 김동하; 김상준; 신하민; 구원태; 강준영; 정용진; 김일두