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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01-012차원 영상 기반 3차원 개인 얼굴 모델 생성 및 애니메이션Ahn, Sang Chul
2005-023-Dimensional Voice Communication System for Two User GroupsChun-geun Kim; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, IG JAE; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2014-123D Deformable Spatial Pyramid for Dense 3D Motion Flow of Deformable ObjectHur, Junhwa; Lim, Hwasup; Ahn, Sang Chul
2011-093D Interaction Using Mobile Device on 3D Environments with Large ScreenLee Dongwoo; Gerard Jounghyun Kim; Jae-In Hwang; Ahn, Sang Chul
2016-093D Modeling from Photos Given Topological InformationKim, Young Min; Cho, Junghyun; Ahn, Sang Chul
2001-01-013D Tracking of Multi-objects using Color and Stereo for HCIAhn, Sang Chul
2005-07A Computer Supported Tele-collaboration SystemAhn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2012-08A Convenient Way to Use Robots in a Networked EnvironmentSong Ui Kyu; Ahn, Sang Chul; Kwon, Yong-Moo
2014-12A Fast TGV-l(1) RGB-D Flow EstimationRoh, Junha; Lim, Hwasup; Ahn, Sang Chul
2009-10A Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Component-based Service Robot Software PlatformsHeejune Ahn; Byoung Wook Choi; Ahn, Sang Chul
2022-10A generalized framework for recognition of expiration dates on product packages using fully convolutional networksSeker, Ahmet Cagatay; Ahn, Sang Chul
2010-07A Hierarchical Fault Tolerant Architecture for Component-based Service Robots안희준; 이동수; Ahn, Sang Chul
2005-11A Simple and Easy 2D/3D Map Modeling of indoor environmentJo Sang Woo; PARK JIN WOO; Kwon, Yong-Moo; Ahn, Sang Chul
2005-01A study of face mouse interaction and shared working space for teleconferencingKIM JIN HAK; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon; 변혜란
2018-09A Walking-in-Place Method for Virtual Reality Using Position and Orientation TrackingLee, Juyoung; Ahn, Sang Chul; Hwang, Jae-In
2004-01Active IR Stereo Vision Based Tracking System For Immersive DisplaysJae-Phill Koo; KIM, IG JAE; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2017-01Active Panoramic VR Video Play Using Low Latency Step Detection on SmartphoneAzeem Syed Muhammad; Ahn, Sang Chul; Jae-In Hwang
2007-11ADL Classification Using Triaxial Accelerometers and RFIDKIM, IG JAE; Saemi Im; Hong,Yu-jin; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2004-11An Interactive Teleconference System for Small GroupsOh Sang Yun; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon; Ko, Han Seok
2001-01-01Audience Interaction for Virtual Reality Theater and Its ImplementationAhn, Sang Chul
2008-09Augmented Robot Agent: Enhancing Co-Presence of the Remote ParticipantHwang Jane; SANG-YUP LEE; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2005-12Augmented Telexistence in Smart SpaceKIM, IG JAE; SANG-YUP LEE; Ahn, Sang Chul; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2018-01Cascaded fingertip detection and classification for human-projector interaction on tabletop surfacesOuk Choi; Young-Jun Son; Hwasup Lim; Ahn, Sang Chul
2019-06Co-Recognition of Multiple Fingertips for Tabletop Human-Projector InteractionChoi, Ouk; Son, Young-Jun; Lim, Hwasup; Ahn, Sang Chul
2009-08Component Design Patterns for Robot Platform Standardization: Anatomical studies and a ProposalHeejune Ahn; Sang Hyuk Kang; Ahn, Sang Chul
2009-07Component Manager for the dynamic reconfiguration of the robot serviceLIM KIWOONG; Ahn, Sang Chul; Kwon, Yong-Moo; Ko, Heedong; KIM, Hyoung Gon
2006-04Computer supported remote learning and gaming using Tele-Face Mouse systemAhn, Sang Chul; Kim, Jin Hak; Kim, Hyoung-Gon
2004-01Computer Vision-Based Interactive Presentation SystemAhn, Sang Chul; KIM, IG JAE; Kwon, Yong-Moo; KIM, Hyoung Gon; LEE, TAE SUNG
2014-12Depth Data-Driven Real-Time Articulated Hand Pose RecognitionCha, Young-Woon; Lim, Hwasup; Sung, Min-Hyuk; Ahn, Sang Chul
2017-01-05Depth-based Fingertip Detection for Human-Projector Interaction on Tabletop SurfacesSon, Young-Jun; Choi, Ouk; Lim, Hwasup; Ahn, Sang Chul