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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-CO sensing properties of macroporous TiO2 thin film enhanced surface activity by using colloidal templateMoon Hi Gyu; Jang Ho Won; Hyung-Ho Park; KIM, JIN SANG; YOON, SEOK JIN
-CO sensing properties of TiO2-doped Nb2O5 thin film gas sensor by rf co-sputteringMoon Hi Gyu; Jang Ho Won; KIM, JIN SANG; Park Hyung Ho; YOON, SEOK JIN
-Controlling the growth temperature gradient and interface shape for traveling heater method growth of CdTe single crystalsYoung Joon Suh; KIM, JIN SANG; SUH, SANG HEE
-Effect of microstructure on thermoelectric properties of multi-phase Bi2Te3-PbTe compoundsJung Kyoo Ho; Yim Ju-hyuk; Choi wonchel; KIM, JIN SANG
-Fabrication and gas sensing properties of cross-linked TiO2 hollow hemispheres with nanobridgesJang Ho Won; Moon Hi Gyu; Shim young suk; KIM, JIN SANG; YOON, SEOK JIN
-Fabrication of 64x1 Linear Array for HgCdTe IR Detector and its Application to IR Image SystemAN SE YOUNG; 정용철; Lee Hak Joon; Suh, Sang Hee; KIM, JIN SANG
-Growth of Bi-Te Based Materials on GaAs and Sapphire Substrates for High Performance Thermoelectric ApplicationsKIM, JIN SANG; Kwon Sung Do; Kim jeong hun; YOON, SEOK JIN; SUH, SANG HEE
-Highly sensitive CO sensing properties of multilayered TiO2 thin films by colloidal templatingMoon Hi Gyu; Shim young suk; Jang Ho Won; KIM, JIN SANG; Hyung-Ho Park; YOON, SEOK JIN
-Lattice expansion and polarization induced by dipole at LaAlO3 (or CaTiO3)/SrTiO3 interfacesJong Kwon Choi; Joowhi Lee; BAEK, SEUNG HYUB; Moon Seon Young; KIM, JIN SANG; Park Jae Hong; Cheol Seong Hwang; Jung-Hae Choi; Hye Jung Chang
-Low temperature processing of PZT thin films with Excimer laser annealingDo Young Ho; Kang Min Gyu; Oh Seung min; KIM, JIN SANG; KANG, CHONG YUN; YOON, SEOK JIN
2022-04Operation of Wearable Thermoelectric Generators Using Dual Sources of Heat and LightMyeong Hoon Jeong; Kwang-Chon Kim; KIM, JIN SANG; Kyoung Jin Choi
-Overview of the high efficient thermoelectrics and potential applicationsJEONG, DAE YONG; KIM, JIN SANG
-Preparation of ferroelectric PZT thin films by laser transfer processingDo Young Ho; Kang Min Gyu; Oh Seung min; KIM, JIN SANG; KANG, CHONG YUN; YOON, SEOK JIN
-Selective gas sensing using a sensor array based on various metal oxide thin filmsMoon Hi Gyu; Jang Ho Won; KIM, JIN SANG; Park Hyung Ho; YOON, SEOK JIN
-Structural Characteristics of Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 films on (001) GaAs Substrates grown by MOCVDKim, Jeong-Hun; Kwon sung-do; JEONG, DAE YONG; Joo, ByeongKwon; YOON, SEOK JIN; KIM, JIN SANG
-Sulfide treatment of HgCdTe substrate for improving the interfacial characteristics of ZnS/HgCdTe heterostructureKIM, JIN SANG; YOON, SEOK JIN; KANG, CHONG YUN; Suh, Sang Hee
-The effect of substrate on the thermoelectric properties of rf sputtered Bi2Te3 filmKim Hyo-Jung; you Hyun Woo; Choi wonchel; 박찬; Kim, Young-Hwan; Kim, Seong Il; KIM, JIN SANG
-The role of surface adsorbates in the MOCVD growth Bi2Te3 films on sapphire substratesKwon Sung Do; Kim jeong hun; JEONG, DAE YONG; YOON, SEOK JIN; Ju Byeong Kwon; KIM, JIN SANG
-Tuning Conductivity at Oxide Heterointerfaces by Octahedral RotationsMoon Seon Young; Dai-Hong Kim; Hye Jung Chang; 최종권; KANG, CHONG YUN; Heon_Jin Choi; Seong-Hyeon Hong; BAEK, SEUNG HYUB; KIM, JIN SANG; Jang Ho Won
-(Undefined)Kim Kwang Chon; leechahun; Choi wonchel; 김현재; KIM, JIN SANG
-(Undefined)정용철; AN SE YOUNG; Lee Hak Joon; 최덕균; KIM, JIN SANG