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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Advanced controller design and implementation of a sensorized microgripper for micromanipulationPark, JY; Kim, SM; Kim, DH; Kim, BK; Kwon, SJ; Park, JO; Lee, KI
2004-06Antiinflammatory activity of hyperin from Acanthopanax chiisanensis rootsLee, S; Jung, SH; Lee, YS; Yamada, M; Kim, BK; Ohuchi, K; Shin, KH
1998-02Cationic ordering in lead samarium magnesium niobateCha, SB; Park, SJ; Han, KR; Kim, BK
1998-09Cationic ordering structures of lead magnesium niobates with isovalent dopants having different ionic radiiKim, BK; Cha, SB; Park, JH; Park, SJ
1999-03-15Characteristics of the intracavity dispersion in an erbium-doped fiber laserKim, BK; Lee, JC; Jhon, YM; Kim, MW; Kim, SK; Choi, SS; Oh, MS
1999-12Dielectric hysteresis measurement in lossy ferroelectricsPark, JH; Kim, BK; Park, JG; Kim, IT; Je, HJ; Kim, Y; Park, SJ
1997-01Effect of convection gas on the synthesis of nanophase tin oxides during a gas condensation methodAhn, JP; Park, JK; Kim, BK; Huh, HY
2001-11Effect of microstructure on the microwave properties in dielectric ceramicsPark, JH; Kim, BK; Park, JG; Kim, Y
2002-02-01Effect of MnO2 addition on the piezoelectric properties in Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3 relaxor ferroelectricsPark, JH; Park, JG; Kim, BK; Je, HJ; Kim, Y
1999-07Effect of niobium/manganese addition on the piezoelectric properties and the electric-field-induced strains in PZTPark, JH; Kim, BK; Park, JG; Kim, IT; Kim, Y; Park, SJ
1999-12Effects of copper-based compounds addition on the microstructures and dielectric properties of barium titanate ceramics having ultra-fine grainsCho, JM; Kim, BH; Je, HJ; Kim, BK
1997-09Effects of H2O2 on the morphology of ZrO2 powder prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysisCho, SY; Kim, IT; Kim, DY; Park, SJ; Kim, BK; Lee, JH
2003-09Effects of niobium addition on the relaxor ferroelectric properties and ordering structures of lead iron tantalatesWoo, BC; Kim, BK
2002-03-15Electrical conductivity and defect structure of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxideLee, JH; Yoon, SM; Kim, BK; Lee, HW; Song, HS
2001-09Electrical conductivity and defect structure of yttria-doped ceria-stabilized zirconiaLee, JH; Yoon, SM; Kim, BK; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Song, HS
1996-02Electrostrictive coefficients of 0.9Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-O.1PbTiO(3) relaxor ferroelectric ceramics in the ferroelectricity-dominated temperature rangePark, JH; Kim, BK; Park, SJ
2000Improvement of structural stability and IR detecting characteristics of microbolometerKang, HK; Ha, WH; Park, CW; Kim, BK; Moon, S; Kim, TH
2004Mechanical force response of single living cells using a microrobotic systemKim, DH; Yun, S; Kim, BK
1997-10Mode assignments of the Raman spectrum of monoclinic zirconia by isotopic exchange techniqueKim, BK; Hamaguchi, HO
2001-01Near minimum-time direct voltage control algorithms for wheeled mobile robots with current and voltage constraintsChoi, JS; Kim, BK
1999-03-29Ordering behaviors of divalent and pentavalent cations in lead magnesium niobates modified by lanthanum, nickel, zinc, and cadmiumKim, BK; Cha, SB; Park, JH
1999-03Oxidation of nanophase tin particlesHuh, MY; Kim, SH; Ahn, JP; Park, JK; Kim, BK
2004-03-12Prevention of ginsenoside-induced desensitization of Ca2+-activated Cl- current by microinjection of inositol hexakisphosphate in Xenopus laevis oocytes - Involvement of GRK2 AND beta-arrestin ILee, JH; Jeong, SM; Lee, BH; Noh, HS; Kim, BK; Kim, JI; Rhim, H; Kim, HC; Kim, KM; Nah, SY
2002-06-15Probing of nanoscaled nonstoichiometric 1 : 1 ordering in Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-based relaxor ferroelectrics by Raman spectroscopyKim, BK
1997-04-15Quantitative phase analysis in tetragonal-rich tetragonal/monoclinic two phase zirconia by Raman spectroscopyKim, BK; Hahn, JW; Han, KR
1997-10Raman spectrum of O-18-labelled hafniaKim, BK; Hamaguchi, H
1997-04-15Role of oxygen phonons in the martensitic phase transformation of yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystalsKim, BK; Hamaguchi, HO
1999-12Stabilization of electron emission from PZT by MgO coatingsOkuyama, M; Morikawa, Y; Zhu, H; Kim, BK
1998-04Superlattice reflections in Pr-3+,Pr-4+-doped Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3Kim, BK; Cha, SB; Jang, JW
1997-06Synthesis and cationic ordering structure of samarium-doped lead magnesium niobate ceramicsKim, BK; Cha, SB