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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-04Asymmetric synthesis of furo[3,2-i]indolizines from L-malic acidLee, YS; Lee, JY; Kim, DW; Park, HK
2000-01Biological nitrogen removal using a modified oxic/anoxic reactor with zeolite circulationSon, DH; Kim, DW; Chung, YC
2005-02-01Crystal growth in the low-temperature deposition of polycrystalline silicon thin filmShin, SD; Kim, DW; Kim, DK; Kim, DY
2003-04-10Determination of stress-strain curve for microelectronic solder joint by ESPI measurement and FE analysisLee, BW; Jeong, JH; Jang, W; Kim, JY; Kim, DW; Kwon, D; Nah, JW; Paik, KW
2003-05Development and evaluation of an automated stainer for acid-fast bacilliKim, SC; Kang, SI; Kim, DW; Kim, SC; Cho, SN; Hwang, JH; Kim, Y; Song, SD; Kim, YH
2005-02-01Effect of thermal annealing on the structural and the optical properties of (Zn1-xCox)O thin films grown on p-Si (100) substratesKim, DW; Cho, WJ; Kim, TW
2004-02-15Effect of thermal annealing on the surface and the microstructural properties of ZnO thin films grown on p-Si (100) substratesKim, TW; Lee, KH; Lee, HS; Lee, JY; Kang, SG; Kim, DW; Cho, WJ
2005-12-08Glass-free LTCC microwave dielectric ceramicsBian, JJ; Kim, DW; Hong, KS
1996-11Growth of an epitaxial Bi4Ti3O12/CeO2/MgO heterostructure for waveguide applicationsNoh, TW; Kim, DW; Jo, W; Byun, YT; Kim, SH
2004-04-30Hydroxylation of alkyl halides with water in ionic liquid: Significantly enhanced nucleophilicity of waterKim, DW; Hong, DJ; Seo, JW; Kim, HS; Kim, HK; Song, CE; Chi, DY
1998-06-01Magnetic and structural properties of (Co1-xFex)Pt thin filmsJang, PW; Kim, DW; Park, CH; Na, JG; Lee, SR
2002-09-04New method of fluorination using potassium fluoride in ionic liquid: Significantly enhanced reactivity of fluoride and improved selectivityKim, DW; Song, CE; Chi, DY
2001-01Optimization of foaming process using triblock polyimides with thermally labile blocksKim, DW; Hwang, SS; Hong, SM; Yoo, HO; Hong, SP
2003-03Optimum electrode configuration for detection of arm movement using bio-impedanceKim, SC; Nam, KC; Kim, DW; Ryu, CY; Kim, YH; Kim, JC
2002-07-26Preparation of 7-alkylamino-2-methylquinoline-5,8-dionesChoi, HY; Kim, DW; Chi, DY; Yoon, EY; Kim, DJ
1998-08-19Removal of aromatic compounds in the aqueous solution via micellar enhanced ultrafiltration: Part 1. Behavior of nonionic surfactantsKim, CK; Kim, SS; Kim, DW; Lim, JC; Kim, JJ
2003-05-30Significantly enhanced reactivities of the nucleophilic substitution reactions in ionic liquidKim, DW; Song, CE; Chi, DY
2004-08-01Structural and magnetic properties of annealed ZnO-Co digital alloysKim, DW; Cho, WJ; Kim, TW
2000-07Surface morphology of polyphenylsilsesquioxanes/hydroxyl-functionalized polystyrene blends investigated by atomic force microscopyKim, DW; Hwang, SS; Hong, SM; Lee, EC
1998-08Synthesis of c-8a hydroxyethyl-substituted indolizidinesLee, YS; Kim, DW; Lee, JY; Jeong, KS; Park, H
1997-02-20Synthesis of side-chain nonlinear optical polymers with carbazolylnitrostilbene chromophoresKim, DW; Hong, SI; Park, SY; Kim, N
2005-09Voltage-tunable dielectric properties of pyrochlore Bi-Zn-Nb-Ti-O solid-solution thin filmsKim, JY; Kim, DW; Jung, HS; Hong, KS