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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-023D Object Classification Using Deep Volumetric CNNChoi HyeOk; Kim, Dong Hwan; Hyeran Byun
1999-1140 GHz optical PLL based on four-wave-mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifierKim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Sang Hyuck; Jo, Jae Cheol; Jhon, Young Min; Kim, Bong Kyu; Choi, Sang Sam
2015-02-20A 3D-grasp synthesis algorithm to grasp unknown objects based on graspable boundary and convex segmentsAla, RajeshKanna; Kim, Dong Hwan; Shin, Sung Yul; Kim, ChangHwan; Park, Sung-Kee
2019-06A Monitoring System to Support Home Health Care for the Elderly with Dementia by Detecting Going Out Activities Based on RGB-D SensorsYun, Guhnoo; Kim, Kijung; Park, Sung-Kee; Kim, Dong Hwan
2013-06-17A new dual-frequency stimulation method to increase the number of visual stimuli for multi-class SSVEP-based brain-computer interface (BCI)Hwang, Han-Jeong; Kim, Dong Hwan; Han, Chang-Hee; Im, Chang-Hwan
2015-01A New Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation with Probabilistic VotingYoo, Ju Han; Park, Sung-Kee; Kim, Dong Hwan
-A New Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation with Probabilistic VotingYOO JU HAN; Kim, Dong Hwan; Park, Sung Kee
2015A New Robotic Context-Based Object Recognition Algorithm for Humanoid RobotsYoo, Ju Han; Kim, Dong Hwan
2017-12A Robust Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation Using the Relevance of Line SegmentsYoo, Ju Han; Lee, Seong-Whan; Park, Sung-Kee; Kim, Dong Hwan
2018-01A Single Model-Based Object Tracking Method Robust to Scale Changes for Mobile ManipulatorYOO JU HAN; Lee Jeong ho; Kim, Dong Hwan
2020-06A Software Architecture for Service Robots Manipulating Objects in Human EnvironmentsNam, Changjoo; Lee, Seokjun; Lee, Jeongho; Cheong, Sang Hun; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Changhwan; Kim, Incheol; Park, Sung-Kee
2018-04-27An automated, high-throughput plant phenotyping system using machine learning based plant segmentation and image analysisLee, Unseok; Chang, Sungyul; Putra, Gian Anantrio; Kim, Hyoungseok; Kim, Dong Hwan
2015-01Categorical Object Recognition Method Robust to Scale Changes Using Depth Data From an RGB-D SensorYoo, Ju Han; Park, Sung-Kee; Kim, Dong Hwan
-Categorical Object Recognition Method Robust to Scale Changes Using Depth Data From an RGB-D SensorYOO JU HAN; Kim, Dong Hwan; Park, Sung Kee
2024-01Characteristic Behaviors of Elementary Students in a Low Attention State During Online Learning Identified Using ElectroencephalographyKim, Suhye; Kim, Jung-Hwan; Hyung, Wooseok; Shin, Suhkyung; Choi, Myoung Jin; Kim, Dong Hwan; Im, Chang-Hwan
2024-01Comparison of Various Cathode Materials Fabricated by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Low-Temperature Ceramic Fuel CellsKim, Dong Hwan; Yang, Sungeun; Kwon, Deok-Hwang; Ji, Ho-Il; Yoon, Kyung Joong; Lee, Jong-Ho; Shim, Joon Hyung; Son, Ji-Won
-Context-based object recognition for door detectionSoohwan Kim; Cheong Ho-won; Kim, Dong Hwan; Park, Sung Kee
2015-08Development of a hybrid mental spelling system combining SSVEP-based brain-computer interface and webcam-based eye trackingLim, Jeong-Hwan; Lee, Jun-Hak; Hwang, Han-Jeong; Kim, Dong Hwan; Im, Chang-Hwan
2022-03Effects of Social Behaviors of Robots in Privacy-Sensitive SituationsYang, Daseul; Chae, Yu-Jung; Kim, Doogon; Lim, Yoonseob; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, ChangHwan; Park, Sung-Kee; Nam, Changjoo
2022-08-23Efficient Fall Detection for a Healthcare Robot System Based on 3-Axis Accelerometer and Depth Sensor Fusion with LSTM Networks김기정; 윤건우; 박성기; Kim, Dong Hwan
2022-01Experimental verification of semimetallic band structure in PtSe2 via thermoelectric power measurementsKim, Jeongmin; Youn, Seonhye; Bang, Joonho; Moon, Hongjae; Jang, Woosun; Roh, Jong Wook; Kim, Dong Hwan; Chang, Joonyeon; Lee, Wooyoung
2019-07Fall Detection for the Elderly Based on 3-Axis Accelerometer and Depth Sensor Fusion with Random Forest ClassifierKim, Kijung; Yun, Guhnoo; Park, Sung-Kee; Kim, Dong Hwan
2021-10Fast and Resilient Manipulation Planning for Object Retrieval in Cluttered and Confined EnvironmentsNam, Changjoo; Cheong, Sang Hun; Lee, Jinhwi; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, ChangHwan
2022-10Feasibility of epidural temporal interference stimulation for minimally invasive electrical deep brain stimulation: simulation and phantom experimental studiesLee, Sangjun; Park, Jimin; Choi, Da Som; Lim, Seokbeen; Kwak, Youngjong; Jang, Dong Pyo; Kim, Dong Hwan; Ji, Han Bi; Bin Choy, Young; Im, Chang-Hwan
2024-02Formation of Dewetted Epitaxial Structures of Fe3O4/Fe and Their Magnetic Switching PropertiesYe, Jongpil; Jin, Yongsik; Lee, Dongchul; Ju, Seungjin; Kim, Dong Hwan; Kim, Dong Seob; Choi, Jun Woo
2023-07-25Grasp Synthesis of Dishware Using Mean Shape Fitting for a Table Bussing RobotLee, Jeongho; Kim, Dong Hwan
2023-10-04Heterogeneous Robot-Assisted Services in Isolation Wards: A System Development and Usability StudyKwon Youngsun; Shin Soyeon; Yang, Kyon-Mo; Park, Seongah; Shin Soomin; Jeon, Hwawoo; Kim, Kijung; Yun, Guhnoo; Park, Sang Yong; Byun, Jeewon; Kang, Sang Hoon; Song, Kyoung-Ho; Kim, Do ik; Kim, Dong Hwan; Seo, Kap-Ho; Kwak, Sona; Lim, Yoon seob
2022-11High-Performance and Durable Fuel Cells using Co/Sr-Free Fluorite-Based Mixed Conducting (Pr,Ce)O2-delta CathodeSeo, Han Gil; Kim, Dong Hwan; Seo, Jongsu; Jeong, Seung Jin; Kim, Jinwook; Tuller, Harry L.; Son, Ji-Won; Jung, WooChul
2018-09-05High-Performance Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells with 1 mu m Thick Y:Ba(Ce, Zr)O-3 ElectrolytesBae, Kiho; Kim, Dong Hwan; Choi, Hyung Jong; Son, Ji-Won; Shim, Joon Hyung
2022-04High-performance protonic ceramic fuel cells with electrode-electrolyte composite cathode functional layersYang, Sung Jea; Chang, Wanhyuk; Jeong, Heon Jun; Kim, Dong Hwan; Shim, Joon Hyung