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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-07A micro-photoluminescence study of vertically stacked InGaAs-GaAs double-layer quantum dotsChoi, YC; Kim, TG; Park, YM; Park, YJ
1997-01A short-period GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-wire array laser with a submicrometer current blocking layerKim, TG; Park, KH; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Park, JH
2001-06Blue and red luminescence from Si ion-irradiated SiO2/Si/SiO2 layersSon, JH; Kim, TG; Shin, SW; Kim, HB; Lee, WS; Im, S; Song, JH; Whang, CN; Chae, KH
2001-11-01Characterization and light-emitting properties of Au/SiOx/p-Si and Au/Ni-implanted-SiOx/p-Si structuresBae, HS; Lee, WS; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Song, JH; Im, S
2002-03-01Controlling the formation of luminescent Si nanocrystals in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited silicon-rich silicon oxide through ion irradiationKim, TG; Whang, CN; Sun, Y; Seo, SY; Shin, JH; Song, JH
2006-02-28Correlation between photoluminescence and Fourier transform infrared spectra in tetra-ethyl-ortho-silicate thin filmsChoi, WC; Kim, TG; Kim, JS
1997-06Design and fabrication of a narrow stripe GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laserKim, TG; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Jeon, JI; Jeon, SJ; Park, JH
2005-03Effect of calcium sulfate-chitosan composite: Pellet on bone formation in bone defectCho, BC; Kim, TG; Yang, JD; Chung, HY; Park, JW; Kwon, IC; Roh, KH; Chung, HS; Lee, DS; Park, NU; Kim, IS
2005-07-15Effect of ZrO2 incorporation into high dielectric Gd2O3 film grown on Si(111)Park, SA; Roh, YS; Kim, YK; Baeck, JH; Noh, M; Jeong, K; Cho, MH; Chang, CH; Joo, MK; Kim, TG; Song, JH; Ko, DH
1996-08Effective carrier confinement of a short-period GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire arrayKim, TG; Park, JH; Kim, Y; Kim, SI; Son, CS; Kim, MS; Kim, EK; Min, SK
2001-01Effects of chemical etching with nitric acid on glass surfacesJang, HK; Chung, YD; Whangbo, SW; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Lee, SJ; Lee, S
1996-05Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the electrical properties of heavily carbon-doped InGaAsSon, CS; Kim, SI; Kim, TG; Kim, Y; Kim, MS; Min, SK
2000-08-15Effects of Si-dose on defect-related photoluminescence in Si-implanted SiO2 layersKim, HB; Kim, TG; Son, JH; Whang, CN; Chae, KH; Lee, WS; Im, S; Song, JH
1997-04Electrical properties of rapid thermal annealed carbon-doped InGaAs grown by atmospheric pressure metalorganic chemical vapor depositionSon, CS; Kim, SI; Kim, TG; Kim, Y; Cho, SH; Park, YK; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Choi, IH
2002-04-01Electroluminescence mechanism in SiOx layers containing radiative centersBae, HS; Kim, TG; Whang, CN; Im, S; Yun, JS; Song, JH
1998-01-08Fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage metal organic chemical vapour depositionKim, TG; Son, CS; Hwang, SM; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Leem, SJ; Park, JH
2005-05Fabrication of isolated magnetic nanostructures by using nanoporous anodic alumina films on SiLee, SG; Shin, SW; Lee, J; Lee, JH; Kim, TG; Song, JH
1997-03Fabrication of V-grooved inner stripe GaAs-AlGaAs quantum-wire lasersKim, TG; Hwang, SM; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Jeon, JI; Leem, SJ; Jeong, J; Park, JH
1999-06GaAs AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers fabricated by a single-stage selective epitaxial growth techniqueKim, TG; Son, CS; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Park, JH
1998-11GaAs/AlGaAs buried channel stripe lasers by single-stage MOCVD on V-grooved substratesKim, EK; Kim, TG; Son, CS; Hwang, SM; Kim, Y; Park, YK; Min, SK
1996-08-12Improvement of carrier capture efficiency of short-period GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array by a new lithography methodKim, TG; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Park, JH
2006-04-01InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers with dots in an asymmetric InxGa1-xAs quantum well structureChoi, WJ; Song, JD; Lee, JI; Kim, KC; Kim, TG
2006-04Interface study of ion irradiated Cu/Ni/Cu(002)/Si magnetic thin film by X-ray reflectivityKim, TG; Lee, JH; Song, JH; Chae, KH; Shin, SW; Hwang, HM; Lee, J; Jeong, K; Whang, CN; Lee, JS; Lee, KB
2002-04Ion beam induced atomic transport in bilayer systemsSon, JH; Kim, TG; Chang, GS; Whang, CN; Song, JH; Chae, KH
2005-08Ion-beam nano-patterning by using porous anodic alumina as a maskShin, SW; Lee, SG; Lee, J; Whang, CN; Lee, JH; Choi, IH; Kim, TG; Song, JH
1996-10Large-area GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on a GaAs substrate with submicron gratingsKim, TG; Hwang, SM; Kim, EK; Min, SK; Park, JH; Park, JH
2004-05Modification of interface magnetic anisotropy by ion irradiation on epitaxial Cu/Ni/Cu(002)/Si(100) filmsLee, JS; Lee, KB; Park, YJ; Kim, TG; Song, JH; Chae, KH; Lee, J; Whang, CN; Jeong, K; Kim, DH; Shin, SC
2001-08-15Modification of magnetic properties of epitaxial Co/Cu multilayers by 1 MeV C+ irradiationSung, MC; You, DG; Park, HS; Lee, JC; Ie, SY; Kim, IS; Lee, J; Whang, CN; Im, S; Jeong, K; Kim, TG; Yang, JS; Song, JH
2002-07MOKE studies of the magnetic anisotropy of epitaxial Ni/Cu(001) structure on HF-treated Si(001)Hwang, HM; Kim, IS; You, DG; Park, HS; Sung, MC; Jeong, K; Lee, J; Kim, TG; Song, JH
1998-01One-step selective growth of GaAs on V-groove patterned GaAs substrates using CBr4 and CCl4Kim, EK; Kim, TG; Son, CS; Kim, SI; Park, YK; Kim, Y; Min, SK; Choi, IH