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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-04-01A semiconducting thermooptic material for potential application to super-resolution optical data storageLee, HS; Cheong, B; Lee, TS; Lee, KS; Kim, WM; Huh, JY
2004-02Absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of CKD-732, a novel antiangiogenic fumagillin derivative, in rats, mice, and dogsLee, HS; Choi, WK; Son, HJ; Lee, SS; Kim, JK; Ahn, SK; Hong, CI; Min, HK; Kim, M; Myung, SW
2003-11Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory phenylpropanoid glycosides from Clerodendron trichotomumKang, DG; Lee, YS; Kim, HJ; Lee, YM; Lee, HS
1997-10Biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater by a single sludge reactorLee, YD; Shin, EB; Choi, YS; Yoon, HS; Lee, HS; Chung, IJ; Na, JS
2005-05-01Crystal structure and atomic arrangement of the metastable Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates by sputtering methodPark, YJ; Lee, JY; Youm, MS; Kim, YT; Lee, HS
2005-09Effect of temperature, oxidant and catalyst loading on the performance of direct formic acid fuel cellKim, JS; Yu, JK; Lee, HS; Kim, JY; Kim, YC; Han, JH; Oh, IH; Rhee, YW
2004-02-15Effect of thermal annealing on the surface and the microstructural properties of ZnO thin films grown on p-Si (100) substratesKim, TW; Lee, KH; Lee, HS; Lee, JY; Kang, SG; Kim, DW; Cho, WJ
1998-10Fabrication of lens rasters using a laser beam scanning methodJeon, HW; Lee, HS; Son, JY; Smirnov, VV; Choi, YS; Chun, YS
2004-05-15Formation mechanism of preferential c-axis oriented ZnO thin films grown on p-Si substratesLee, HS; Lee, JY; Kim, TW; Kim, D.W
2005-12-10Genotoxic evaluation of the biocomponents of the cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus, using three mutagenicity testsAhn, MY; Bae, HJ; Kim, IS; Yoo, EJ; Kwack, SJ; Kim, HS; Kim, DH; Ryu, KS; Lee, HS; Kim, JW; Kim, I; Lee, BM
2002-01Glucose effect on the biodegradation of plastics by compost from food garbageJang, JC; SHIN, PYONG KYUN; Yoon, JS; Lee, IM; Lee, HS; Kim, MN
2000Holographic automotive display with full color propertiesSmirnov, VV; Son, JY; Chun, JH; Lee, HS; Bahn, JE
1998-04Holographic video system with a pulse laserOh, HS; Jeon, HW; Shestak, SA; Kim, SK; Son, JY; Lee, HS; Choi, YJ; Kang, CE
2005-04HPLC analysis and pharmacokinetic characteristics of 11-hydroxyaclacinomycin X (ID-6105), a novel anthracycline, in rats and beagle dogsYoo, BI; Ahan, KB; Kang, MH; Moon, DC; Kwon, OS; Lee, HS; Ryu, JS; Kim, TY; Song, S; Chung, YB
2002-08Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthesis by catalposide from Catalpa ovataOh, H; Pae, HO; Oh, GS; Lee, SY; Chai, KY; Song, CE; Kwon, TO; Chung, HT; Lee, HS
2002-12Investigations on the chain conformation of weakly charged polyelectrolyte in solvents by using efficient hybrid molecular simulationsChun, MS; Lee, HS
2004-08-03Microstructural properties of Co thin films grown on p-GaAs (100) substratesLee, KH; Lee, HS; Lee, JY; Kim, TW; Yoo, KH; Yoon, YS
2000-12-01New Group 9 metal complexes containing N,P-chelate ligand system. Synthesis, characterization and application to catalytic hydrogenationLee, HS; Bae, JY; Ko, J; Kang, YS; Kim, HS; Kim, SJ; Chung, JH; Kang, SO
2000-06-05Novel bimetallic group 9 metal catalysts containing P,S-chelating o-carboranyl ligand system for the carbonylation of methanolLee, HS; Bae, JY; Ko, JJ; Kang, YS; Kim, HS; Kang, SO
1998-09-25Overexpression of cyclin D1 and cdk4 in tumorigenesis of sporadic hepatoblastomasKim, H; Ham, EK; Kim, YI; Chi, JG; Lee, HS; Park, SH; Jung, YM; Myung, NK; Lee, MJ; Jang, JJ
2001-12Performance of the W-B-N ternary diffusion barrier for Cu metallizationLee, CW; Kim, YT; Lee, HS; Park, YK; Lee, TH; Chen, Q; Richardson, NV
2005-04Pharmacokinetics of 11-hydroxyaclacinomycin X (ID-6105), a novel anthracycline, after iv bolus multiple administration in ratsYoo, BI; Ahan, KB; Kang, MH; Kwon, OS; Hong, YS; Lee, JJ; Lee, HS; Ryu, JS; Kim, TY; Moon, DC; Song, S; Chung, YB
1999-07-22Possibility of measuring displacement with sub-nanometre accuracy by ring laser operating in lock-in regimeSon, JY; Strilets, IA; Chun, JH; Shin, S; Choi, YJ; Lee, HS
2006-02Rapid quantitative determination of L-FMAU-TP from human peripheral-blood mononuclear cells of hepatitis B virus-infected patients treated with L-FMAU by ion-pairing, reverse-phase, liquid chromatography/electrospray tandem mass spectrometryLee, J; Yoo, BC; Lee, HS; Yoo, HW; Yoo, HH; Kang, MJ; Kim, DH
2002-01-07Rhodium and iridium phosphinothiolato complexes. Synthesis and crystal structures of mononuclear [M(cod)(S,P-SC2B10H10PPh2)] and dinuclear [M-2(CO)(2)(S,P-mu-SC2B10H10PPh2)] (M = Rh, Ir) and their performance in catalytic carbonylationLee, HS; Bae, JY; Kim, DH; Kim, HS; Kim, SJ; Cho, S; Ko, J; Kang, SO
2003-04-04Temperature dependent electrical properties in ITO/TPD/Alq(3)/Al organic light-emitting diodesKim, SK; Chung, DH; Lee, HS; Cho, HN; Park, JW; Hong, JW; Kim, TW
2002-11The identification of in vitro metabolites of CKD-732 by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometryMyung, SW; Kim, HY; Min, HK; Kim, DH; Kim, M; Cho, HW; Lee, HS; Kim, JK; Hong, CI
2004-10-04Thermoelectric PbTe thin film for superresolution optical data storageLee, HS; Cheong, BK; Lee, TS; Lee, KS; Kim, WM; Lee, JW; Cho, SH; Huh, JY