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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-09A double underlayer for Co-based longitudinal recording thin film mediaLee, TD; Hong, SY; Bae, SY; Shin, KH
2000-09A numerical model incorporating friction induced temperatures for contact recording applicationsKim, JH; Shin, KH
1999-09Annealing effect on microstructure and asymmetric giant magneto-impedance in co-based amorphous ribbonJang, KJ; Kim, CG; Yoon, SS; Shin, KH
2000-05-01Annealing temperature dependence of permeability spectra and asymmetrical giant magnetoimpedance in Co-based amorphous ribbonJang, KJ; Kim, CG; Kim, HC; Yu, SC; Shin, KH
2004-06Antiinflammatory activity of hyperin from Acanthopanax chiisanensis rootsLee, S; Jung, SH; Lee, YS; Yamada, M; Kim, BK; Ohuchi, K; Shin, KH
2004-02Antioxidant activities of isoflavones from the rhizomes of Belamcanda chinensis on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic injury in ratsJung, SH; Lee, YS; Lim, SS; Lee, S; Shin, KH; Kim, YS
2006-04Asymmetric magnetoresistance in a double magnetic barrier deviceJoo, S; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Jung, KY; Kim, KH; Kim, SU; Lee, BC; Park, WH; Shin, KH
1999-06Before- and after-domain rotation of the free layer of an FeMn based spin valveLee, JH; Park, BK; Rhie, K; Choe, G; Shin, KH
2004-07Control of the spin-orbit coupling by gate voltage in semiconductor FET structuresHong, J; Lee, J; Joo, S; Rhie, K; Lee, BC; Lee, J; An, SY; Kim, J; Shin, KH
2001-06Crystallographic and magnetic properties of nanostructured hematite synthesized by the sol-gel processKim, JG; Han, KH; Lee, CH; Jeong, JY; Shin, KH
2001-05Crystallographic texture evolution of hexagonal CoCrMn thin films depending on the Mn content and processing parametersSong, HJ; Shin, KH; Kwon, SJ
1996-09Effect of a Cr interlayer on properties of CoCrTa/Cr media: Experiments and simulationsLee, KJ; Kim, SH; Shin, KH; Lee, TD
2001-07Effect of tensile stress on local magnetic properties and micromagnetic structure of Co-RICH amorphous microwiresShalyguina, EE; Shin, KH; Bekoeva, LM
2001-05Effect of the Cr75Ti25 intermediate layer on magnetic and recording properties in CoCrPt longitudinal recording mediaHong, SY; Shin, KH; Lee, TD
1998-01Effects of application of axial fields on asymmetric magnetization reversalShin, KH; Graham, CD; Zhou, PY
1996-09Effects of Cr/Al underlayer on magnetic properties and crystallography in CoCrPtTa/Cr/Al thin filmsChang, HS; Shin, KH; Lee, TD; Park, J
2004-05Effects of particle shape on magnetostrictive properties of polymer-bonded Fe-Co based alloy compositesNa, SM; Suh, SJ; Shin, KH; Lim, SH
1999-03-12Effects of substrate bias voltage on properties of CoCrTa/Cr mediaKim, SH; Shin, KH; Lee, TD
1996-04-15Effects of surface topology and texture on exchange anisotropy in NiFe/Cu/NiFe/FeMn spin valvesPark, CM; Min, KI; Shin, KH
1996-09Effects of surface-roughness related process parameters on the magnetoresistive characteristics of spin valvesPark, CM; Min, KI; Shin, KH
1999-12Elemental segregation in Co-Cr-P-Pt/Cr magnetic thin films by imaging filterChoi, JH; Sung, C; Shin, KH; Allard, LF
2002-02Enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance and thermal stability of magnetic tunnel junction by rapid thermal annealLee, KI; Lee, JH; Lee, WY; Rhie, KW; Ha, JG; Kim, CS; Shin, KH
2002-05-15Enhancement of low field magnetoresistance by chemical interaction in bulk composites La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrMeO3 (Me=Ti, Zr)Shlyakhtin, OA; Shin, KH; Oh, YJ
1999-04-15Enhancement of magnetic properties in CoCrPt longitudinal recording media by Cr75Ti25/CoTi bilayerHong, SY; Lee, TD; Shin, KH
2004-06Enhancement of magnetoresistance by geometric and intrinsic factorsLee, J; Hong, J; Rhie, K; Ahn, S; Kim, J; Lee, J; Shin, KH; Lee, BC
1998-07Enhancement of magnetoresistance characteristics in spin valve structures by two-step sputter depositionPark, CM; Shin, KH
2005-02-01Enhancement of tunneling magneto resistance by inserting an amorphous nonmagnetic FeZr layer in magnetic tunnel junctionsJun, KI; Lee, JH; Shin, KH; Rhie, K; Lee, BC
2005-03Fabrication of a nanosized current-driven spin valve device using proximity correction in electron-beam lithographyYi, HJ; Nguyen, THY; Chang, JY; Shin, KH
2000-05-01Feasibility of FePt longitudinal recording media for ultrahigh density recordingBae, SY; Shin, KH; Jeong, JY; Kim, JG
1996-04Giant magnetoresistance of Co/Cu, NiFeCo/Cu, and NiFe/Cu multilayers sputter-deposited on Cu/Si(111) substratesMin, KI; Joo, SK; Shin, KH