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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-023D MULTI-FUNCTIONAL NEURAL PROBE ARRAY FOR MAPPING FUNCTIONAL CONNECTIVITIES IN A 3D NEURON CHIPShin, Hyogeun; Kim, Sohyun; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Hyunjoo Jenny; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Cho, Il-Joo
2007-04A biomimetic approach for effective reduction in micro-scale friction by direct replication of topography of natural water-repellent surfacesSingh, R. Arvind; Kim, Hong Joon; Kim, Jinseok; Yang, Sungwook; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Suh, Kahp Y.; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2016-10A flexible multimodal tactile display array for virtual shape and textureSon, Choonghyun; Ko, Kyungmin; Lee, Hyunjoo Jenny; Na, Kyungwhan; Han, Jiseok; Yun, Kwang-Seok; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Kim, Euntai; Cho, Il-Joo
2006-06A micromachined reaction force actuator (RFA) for a nanomanipulator preparationHwang, Il-Han; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Lee, Jong-Hyun
2015-03A multichannel neural probe with embedded microfluidic channels for simultaneous in vivo neural recording and drug deliveryLee, Hyunjoo J. c; Son, Yoojin; Kim, Jeongyeon; Lee, C. Justin; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Cho, Il-Joo
2016-02-29A NEW MEMS NEURAL PROBE SYSTEM INTEGRATED WITH PUSH-PULL MICROFLUIDIC CHANNELS AND BIOSENSORS FOR REAL-TIME MONITORING OF NEUROCHEMICALSChae, Uikyu; Shin, Hyoguen; Lee, Hyuqjoo Jenny; Lee, Jnngpyo; Choi, Nakwon; Lee, Yi Jae; Lee, Soo Hyun; Woo, Jiwan; Cho, Yakdol; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Yu, Hyun-Yong; Cho, Il-Joo
2015-03-31A new thin silicon microneedle with an embedded microchannel for deep brain drug infusionLee, Hyunjoo J.; Son, Yoojin; Kim, Dohee; Kim, Yun Kyung; Choi, Nakwon; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Cho, Il-Joo
2017-07A Study on Surface Modification for Tribological Application in MEMSPham Due Cuong; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Tran Due Quy
2010-08Active locomotion of a paddling-based capsule endoscope in an in vitro and in vivo experimentKim, Hee Man; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok; Park, Semi; Cho, Jae Hee; Park, Jeong Youp; Kim, Tae Song; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Song, Si Young; Bang, Seungmin
2013-10An implantable neural probe with monolithically integrated dielectric waveguide and recording electrodes for optogenetics applicationsWu, Fan; Stark, Eran; Im, Maesoon; Cho, Il-Joo; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Buzsaki, Gyoergy; Wise, Kensall D.; Yoon, Euisik
2010-02-19An improved measurement of dsDNA elasticity using AFMNguyen, Thi-Huong; Lee, Sang-Myung; Na, Kyounghwan; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2010-05An Optimal Micropatterned End-Effecter for Enhancing Frictional Force on Large Intestinal SurfaceLee, Sung-Hoon; Kim, Young-Tae; Yang, Sungwook; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Kim, Dae-Eun; Suh, Kahp Y.
2017-02Anisotropically organized three-dimensional culture platform for reconstruction of a hippocampal neural networkKim, So Hyun; Im, Sun-Kyoung; Oh, Soo-Jin; Jeong, Sohyeon; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Lee, C. Justin; Choi, Nakwon; Hur, Eun-Mi
2009-02-15Bio-inspired dual surface modification to improve tribological properties at small-scaleSingh, R. Arvind; Pham, Duc-Cuong; Kim, Jinseok; Yang, Sungwook; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2008-03Biomimetics in tribology - Recent developmentsSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2009-02Biomimetics: The science of imitating natureSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Jackson, Robert L.
2006-08-01Capillarity-assisted fabrication of nanostructures using a less permeable mold for nanotribological applicationsSuh, Kahp Y.; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Kim, Deok-Ho; Singh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2014-06Design of endoscopic micro-robotic end effectors: safety and performance evaluation based on physical intestinal tissue damage characteristicsKim, Young-Tae; Kim, Dae-Eun; Yang, Sungwook; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2011-02-01DLC nano-dot surfaces for tribological applications in MEMS devicesSingh, R. Arvind; Na, Kyounghwan; Yi, Jin Woo; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2017-10Effect of capillary forces on the correlation between nanoscale adhesion and friction of polymer patterned surfacesPendyala, Prashant; Kim, Hong Nam; Grewal, Harpreet S.; Cho, Il-Joo; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2014-12Effect of topography on the wetting of nanoscale patterns: experimental and modeling studiesGrewal, H. S.; Cho, Il-Joo; Oh, Jae-Eung; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2007-10Establishment of a fabrication method for a long-term actuated hybrid cell robotKim, Jinseok; Park, Jungyul; Yang, Sungwook; Baek, Jeongeun; Kim, Byungkyu; Lee, Sang Ho; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Chun, Kukjin; Park, Sukho
2011-02-15Feedback controlled piezo-motor microdrive for accurate electrode positioning in chronic single unit recording in behaving miceYang, Sungwook; Cho, Jeiwon; Lee, Semin; Park, Kitae; Kim, Jinseok; Huh, Yeowool; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Shin, Hee-Sup
2017-07Flexible piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pMUT) for application in brain stimulationLee, Jin-Hyung; Cho, Il-Joo; Ko, Kyungmin; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Park, Hyung-Ho; Kim, Tae Song
2007-01-04Friction behaviour of chemical vapor deposited self-assembled monolayers on silicon waferSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Han, Hung-Gu; Kong, Hosung
2006-12-20Friction behaviour of diamond-like carbon films with varying mechanical propertiesSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Kim, Hong Joon; Kong, Hosung; Park, Se-Jun; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol
2006-06Friction mechanisms of silicon wafer and silicon wafer coated with diamond-like carbon film and two monolayersSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung; Han, Hung-Gu; Kong, Hosung
2007-09-10Friction of chemically and topographically modified Si (100) surfacesSingh, R. Arvind; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2010Highly-Accurate, Implantable Micromanipulator for Single Neuron RecordingsYang, Sungwook; Lee, Semin; Park, Kitae; Kim, Jinseok; Cho, Jeiwon; Shin, Hee-Sup; Yoon, Eui-Sung