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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Hyperthermophilic amidohydrolases : an indispensible tools for the hydrolysis of cyclic amide ringCHUNG JI HYUNG; 박영인; KIM, SUNG HO; Han Ye Sun
-Exact polyhedral machining전차수; 김동수; Park Se Hyung
-FDTD simulation on nondestructive testing for concrete structure by using GPR김상욱; 현승엽
-Surface-functionalized polymer particles prepared by living dispersion polymerizationKIM HEO JEN; Kim Jung Ahn; Ryu Hyun Soo; KIM KEON HYEONG; Kim Kwang Ung; 임승순
-Pb-based piezoelectric thick films prepared by a screen printingPAIK DONG SOO; SHIN HYO SOON; 심성훈; PARK YONG-WOOK; KANG CHONG YUN; 신현용; YOON SEOK JIN
-The effect of activation time of phosphoric ester cellulose particles on the electrorheological properties of anhydrous ER fluidsAHN BYENG GIL; Choi Ung Su; Kim Chang Ho; Kwon Oh Kwan
-Thermal conductivity of diamond-wafer deposited with multi-cathode DC-PACVD홍진수; 채희백; LEE JAE KAP; Baik Young Joon
-Structural characterization of branched polyesters using TOF-SIMS combined with transesterificationLEE YEON HEE; HAN SEUNG HEE; 윤정현; LIM HYUN EUI; SUH MOO JIN
-Study of PSII-treated PMMA, PHEMA, and PHPMA ; investigation of their surface stabilitiesLIM HYUN EUI; LEE YEON HEE; HAN SEUNG HEE; 조정희; SUH MOO JIN; 김강진
-Two-phase anaerobic process for the microbial conversion of pig wastewater into biogasCHUNG YUNCHUL; LEE SANG MIN; SHIN PYONG KYUN; JUNG JIN YOUNG
-Simulation-based method for improving dimensoinal quality of automobile bodiesCHANG MIN HO
-Propagation of variations in the assembly of compliant partsCHANG MIN HO
-Dependence of crystallinity of SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films on crystallinity of YMnO3/Si substratesHo Nyung Lee; 김익수; Kim Yong Tae; PARK YOUNG KYUN; Kim Seong Il; KIM CHUN KEUN; 조성호
-Comparison of ferroelectric hysteresis between Pt and RuO2 top electrodes for SrBi2Ta2O9/Pt and SrBi2Ta2O9/Si structuresSung-Kyun Lee; Ho Nyung Lee; Kim Yong Tae; 이철의
-Composite cathodes and gel polymer electrolytes for lithium polymer batteries송민규; 조진연; Cho Byung Won; Yun Kyung Suk; 이희우
-Air pollution trends and countermeasures of Seoul Metropolitan area last 20 yearsMoon Kil Choo (K.C); Ghim Young Sung; KIM YONG PYO; KIM JIN YOUNG
-Consequence analysis for accidental releases of toxic substances in a complex terrain with shoreline in KoreaGhim Young Sung; 오현선; Moon Kil Choo (K.C)
-Application of quantitative structure-activity relationships to endocrine disrupting chemicalsYoon Chang No
-Characterization of a novel microporous sulfide framework analogous to zeolite Li-A(BW) structure김영희 ( 고영희 ); KIM MYUNG HUN; 안성환; UH YOUNG SUN
-Alicyclic polymers based on t-BOC norbornene derivatives and maleic anhydride for applications as ArF photoresistsAhn Kwang-Duk