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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-05-21Fabrication of wirelike InAs quantum dots on 2 degrees-off GaAs (100) substrates by changing the thickness of the InAs layerKim, HJ; Park, YJ; Park, YM; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2001-04Dependence of buffer layer on the distribution of InAs quantum dotsKim, HJ; Park, YJ; Min, BD; Hyon, CK; Park, SK; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2001-09-01Ellipsometric study of InAs wetting layer in InAs/GaAs quantum dots at the threshold of quantum dot formationLee, H; Kim, SM; Park, YJ; Kim, EK
2001-12Studies on the retention behaviour of some thiazolylazo derivatives in reversed phase liquid chromatographyLee, W; Kim, MK; Kim, EK; Park, KS; Kim, YS
2001-07Influence of growth conditions on the formation and the optical properties of self-assembled InAs quantum dots on (001)GaAsNah, J; Park, SH; Kim, KM; Park, YJ; Hyon, CK; Kim, EK
2001-06Effects of substrate orientation, temperature, and hole concentration on the bandgap energy of carbon-doped GaAsCho, S; Kim, EK
2001-03Size control of InAs quantum dots on 2 degrees-off GaAs (100) substrate by the thickness of GaAs buffer layerKim, HJ; Park, YJ; Kim, EK; Kim, TW
2001-03Selective positioning of InAs quantum dots on a GaAs substrate directly patterned by using an atomic force microscopeHyon, CK; Choi, SC; Hwang, SW; Min, BD; Ahn, D; Park, YJ; Kim, EK
2001-09Patterned formation of InAs QDs for single-electron device applicationsSon, MH; Choi, BH; Hwang, SW; Ahn, D; Hyon, CK; Kim, EK; Kim, Y; Lim, JS
2001-06Defect generation in multi-stacked InAs quantum dot/GaAs structuresRoh, CH; Park, YJ; Kim, KM; Park, YM; Kim, EK; Shim, KB