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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-15The growth of LiNbO3 (006) on MgO (001) and LiTaO3 (012) substrates by sol-gel procedureKim, RH; Park, HH; Joo, GT
2001-02-01Structural characteristics of Y2O3 films grown on oxidized Si(111) surfaceCho, MH; Ko, DH; Choi, YK; Lyo, IW; Jeong, K; Kim, TG; Song, JH; Whang, CN
2001-11Substrate modification for the direct formation of PZT film with perovskite structure by low temperature annealHa, SM; Kim, WS; Park, HH; Kim, TS
2001-04Electrical characteristics of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Ta2O5/Si using Ta2O5 as the buffer layerChoi, HS; Kim, YT; Kim, SI; Choi, IH
2001-06-01The effect of ZrO2 buffer layer on electrical properties in Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/ZrO2/Si ferroelectric gate oxide structureChoi, HS; Kim, EH; Choi, IH; Kim, YT; Choi, JH; Lee, JY
2001-12Electrical properties of Pt/SrBi2Ta2O9/Ta2O5/Si ferroelectric gate structureChoi, HS; Park, KS; Hur, JS; Choi, IH; Kim, YT; Kim, SI
2001-11The effects of film thickness of ortho-nitrobenzaldehyde modified PZT on the crystallization and ferroelectric propertiesHa, SM; Kim, WS; Park, HH; Kim, TS
2001-11The effect of ortho-nitrobenzaldehyde as photosensitizer on the properties of PZT filmsHa, SM; Kim, WS; Park, HH; Kim, TS
2001-01Tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) film deposition by ion beam sputteringHan, Y; Kim, D; Cho, JS; Koh, SK; Song, YS
2001-11Electric and longitudinal piezoelectric properties of PZT(52/48) films as a function of thickness prepared by diol based sol-gel method.Lee, JH; Yoon, KH; Kim, TS