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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-09High power laser diodes/superluminescent diodes허두창; 한일기; 송진동; 박용주; 최원준; 조운조; 이정일
2003-08High-density quantum nanostructure for single mode distributed feedback semiconductor lasers by one-step growth손창식; 백종협; 김성일; 박용주; 김용태; 최훈상; 최인훈
2008-04Hybrid integration of GaAs/AlGaAs in-plane-gate resonant tunneling and field effect transistors손승훈; M. G. Kang; S. W. Hwang; 이정일; 박용주; Y. S. Yu; 안도열
2002-08H₂/N₂ mixing plasma pretreatment of sapphire for GaN depositionJ.K.Kim; 박용주; D.Byun; E.K.Koh
2002-06Implantation of N ions on sapphire substrate for improvement of GaN epilayer조용석; 진정근; 박용주; 조성찬; 고의관; 김은규; 김긍호; 변동진; 민석기
2001-11Implantation of N-ion on sapphire substrate for GaN epilayer박용주; Yong Suk Cho; Eui Kwan Koh; 김은규; Gyeungho Kim; Dongjin Byun; Suk-Ki Min
2001-11Improved crystalline quality of GaN by substrate ion beam pre-treatmentDongjin Byun; Yong Suk Cho; Jaekyun Kim; 박용주; 김은규; 김긍호; Eui-kwan Koh; Suk-Ki Min
2002-06Improved crystalline quality of GaN by substrate ion beam pretreatment조용석; 진정근; 고의관; 박용주; 김은규; 김긍호; 민석기; 변동진
1991-01Improved growth techniques for GaAs single crystal.박용주; 박승철; 한철원; 민석기; 심광보
2002-09Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO ₂ and SiNx capping films.J.H. Lee; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 조운조; 이정일; E.K. Kim
2003-06Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO₂ and SiNx capping films이정호; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 이정일; 조운조; 김은규
2005-03In situ HREM study on the thermal stability of atomic layer epitaxy grown InAs/GaAs quantum dots김형석; J. H. Suh; 박찬경; 이상준; 노삼규; 송진동; 박용주; 최원준; 이정일
1994-11Influence of a magnetic field on the temperature distribution in a Ga-melt.박용주; 민석기; 한승호; 윤종규
2004-10Influence of arsenic during indium deposition on the formation of the wetting layers of InAs quantum dots grown by migration enhanced epitaxy송진동; 박영민; 신재철; 임재구; 박용주; 최원준; 한일기; 이정일; H.S. Kim; 박찬경
2000-01Influence of growth conditions on formation and optical properties of self assembled InAs quantum dots on GaAs(001)나종범; 김광무; 박용주; 현찬경; 노정현; 김은규; 박승환
2001-07Influence of growth conditions on the formation and the optical properties of self-assembled InAs quantum dots on (001)GaAs나종범; 박승한; 김광무; 박용주; 현찬경; 김은규
2003-06Influence of intentionally strained sapphire substrate on GaN epilayers김재균; 박용주; 변동진; 진정근; 강민구; 고의관; 문영부; 민석기
1997-06InGaAs layer effect on the growth of AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wires on V-grooved GaAs substrates김은규; 이민석; 김성일; 박용주; 민석기; 이정용
2004-11Interdiffusion and structural change in an InGaAs dots-in-a-well structure by rapid thermal annealing박영민; 박용주; 김광무; 송진동; 이정일; 유건호; 김형석; 박찬경
2008-06Large Spin Diffusion Length in an Amorphous Organic SemiconductorJ.H. Shim; K.V. Raman; 박용주; T. S. Santos; G. X. Miao; B. Satpati; J. S. Moodera
2020-08Large-Scale Fast Fluid Dynamic Processes for the Syntheses of 2D Nanohybrids of Metal Nanoparticle-Deposited Boron Nitride Nanosheet and Their Glycolysis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate)서호영; 정재민; 진세빈; 박홍준; 박승화; 전현열; 박용주; 서동혁; 황성연; 김도현; 최봉길
2001-02Lifetime control by low energy electron irradiation and hydrogen annealing이승호; 김효진; Seong Il Kim; 조중열; Y. Nishihara; 박용주
2001-10Linearization of quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique for analog optical links최원준; 한일기; 박용주; 김은규; 이정일; 김운식; 이종창
2001-11Linearized multiple quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique최원준; Woon Sik Kim; 한일기; 박용주; 김은규; 이정일; Jong Chang Yi
1998-07Localization of quantum dots by using a patterned gallium oxide mask layer박용주; 한철구; 장영준; 오치성; 정석구; 고동완; 김광무; 김은규; 민석기
2002-08Localized bond states and quantum size effect in SiNχ p-Si(100) thin films deposited by rf-reactive sputtering methodTae-Gyoung Lee; 박용주; Eun-Kyu Kim
2007-10Macroscopic and microscopic charging effects of Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiO2 layer김재호; 오도현; 이수진; 이규환; 조운조; 김태환; 박용주
2003-04Magnetic properties and microstructure of cobalt nanoparticles in a polymer filmI.-W. Park; M. Moon; Y.M. Kim; Y. Kim; H. Yoon; H.J. Song; V. Volkov; A. Avilov; 박용주
2003-08Magnetic properties of iron nanoparticles in a polymer filmM. Moon; Y.M. Kim; Y. Kim; V. Volkov; H.J. Song; 박용주; S.L. Vasilyak; I.-W. Park
2000-11Microscopic analysis of direct synthesized GaN microcrystals박일우; 고의관; 박찬수; 박용주; 김은규; 박성수; H.W. Shin; 조성호; 김상식; 성만영