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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-08Capillarity-assisted fabrication of nanostructures using a less permeable mold for nanotribological applications서갑양; 정훈의; 김덕호; 이르빈드 싱; 윤의성
2007-06Cardiomyocytes self-powered polymer microrobot김진석; 양성욱; 백정은; 박세완; 김현철; 윤의성; 전국진
1998-01Case study of wear monitoring of a high duty air-compressor system by using an on-line opto-magnetic detector공호성; 윤의성; 권오관; 송재수; 엄형섭; L.V. Markova; N.K. Myshkin
2012-04CELL MIGRATION ON VARIOUS NANO PILLAR PATTERNS정규환; 박설경; 박수학; 윤의성; 전국진; 김진석
2012-07Cell Migration on Various Nano Pillar Patterns정규환; 박설경; 박수학; 윤의성; 김진석
2005-09Classification of Wear Particles based on Qualitative Morphological Features장래혁; 공호성; 윤의성; 최동훈
1999-04Classification of wear particles based on semantic featuresA. Ya. Grigoriev; 장래혁; 윤의성; 공호성
2011-04Combination of silicon patterns and tribology films for superhydrophobicity and low adhesion/frictionPham Duc Cuong; 나경환; 김진석; 윤의성
2008-05Combined Surface Treatments to Improve Micro-Tribological Properties of Silicon Surfaces윤의성; Arvind Singh; Phan Duc Cuong; 김진석; 양성욱
1998-06Condition monitoring technology for plant machinery system based on integrated wear monitoring윤의성; 장래혁; 공호성; 한흥구; 권오관; 송재수; 김재덕; 엄형섭
2016-09Deconvoluting Indivisual Role Asperity Parameters in Nanoscale Adhesion and Friction윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트
2014-06Design of endoscopic micro-robotic end effectors: safety and performance evaluation based on physical intestinal tissue damage characteristics김영태; 김대은; 양성욱; 윤의성
2010-11Development of improving directional problem and reducing cap distance between stimulation and recording sites in optical neural probe for deep brain stimulation박형달; 송혜정; 김태훈; 신현준; 윤의성; 서준교; 김진석
2008-05Development of Motorized Microdrive for Neural Signal Recording양성욱; 박기태; 전효진; 조제원; 신희섭; 윤의성
2018-06Directional wetting transitions during evaporation on microcavity surfaces윤의성; 양성욱; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트
2011-02DLC nano-dot surfaces for tribological applications in MEMS devices아르빈드 싱; 나경환; 이진우; 이광렬; 윤의성
2007-12Dual surface modifications of silicon surfaces for tribological application in MEMS팜두쿠옹; 아르빈드 싱; 윤의성
2017-10Effect of capillary forces on the correlation between nanoscale adhesion and friction of polymer patterned surfaces윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 하프릿 그리왈
2017-06Effect of capillary forces on tribology of lotus and mushroom inspired pillar patterned surfaces윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 하프릿 그리왈
2001-04Effect of contact conditions on the micro adhesion and friction characteristics using SPM윤의성; 양승호; 공호성; 정동윤
2009-11Effect of Locomotive Performance of Microrobot by Position Based Feedback Control System in GI tracts박기태; 양성욱; 김진석; 김태송; 윤의성
2001-02Effect of particulate concentration, materials and size on the friction and wear of a negative-pressure picoslider flying on a laser-textured disk윤의성; Bharat Bhushan
2000-10Effect of particulate contamination of the friction and wear of head-disk interface with picoslider윤의성; Bharat Bhushan
2000-12Effect of particulate contamination on the friction and wear of Pico/Nano-Slider윤의성; Bharat Bhushan
1996-01Effect of polymeric debris on the tribological behavior of diamond-like carbon films은광용; 이광렬; 윤의성; 공호성
1996-03Effect of Polymeric Debris on the Tribological Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Films은광용; 이광렬; 윤의성; 공호성
2001-12Effect of silver particle introduction of rolling friction양승호; 공호성; 윤의성; 김대은
2014-12Effect of topography on the wetting of nanoscale patterns: experimental and modeling studiesGrewal, H.S.; 조일주; 오재응; 윤의성
2009-07Elasticity Measurement of Single-stranded DNA on Chemically-modified Surface using Atomic Force Microscopy누엔티후옹; 이상명; 나경환; 김상경; 강지윤; 윤의성; 김진석