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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-08Nano adhesion and friction of DDPO₄ and ODPO₄ SAM coatings윤의성; 양승호; 공호성; Andrei Ya Grigoriev
2002-04Nano adhesion, friction and wear of hydrophobic surfaces using SPM윤의성; 양승호; 한흥구; 공호성
2008-05Nano tribological properties of sub-micrometer polymeric channels fabricated on silicon waferPhan Duc Cuong; Arvind Singh; 윤의성
2007-04Nano-Channel Topography for Reduction of Adhesive and Friction Forces아르빈드싱; 팜두쿠옹; 윤의성; 정훈의; 서갑양
2008-05Nano-patterning of Poly (methyl-methacrylate) Polymeric Surface and Effects of Pitch on Hydrophobicity and Tribological Properties윤의성; Phan Duc Cuong; Arvind Singh; 김진석; 양성욱; 곽문규; 서갑양
2004-06Nano-scale adhesion and friction on Si wafer with the tip size using AFM아르빈드 싱; 윤의성; 오현진; 공호성
2005-06Nano-scale Friction Properties of SAMs with Different Chain Length and End Groups아르빈드 싱; 윤의성; 한흥구; 공호성
2008-10Nano-Scale Tribological Properties of Silicon Pillars with the Variation in PitchPhan Duc Cuong; Arvind Singh; 김진석; 양성욱; 윤의성
2005-10Nano/Micro Friction with the Contact Area윤의성; 아르빈드 싱; 공호성
2004-12Nano/Micro-scale friction properties of Silicon and Silicon coated with Chemical Vapor Deposited (CVD) Self-assembled monolayers윤의성; 아르빈드싱; 오현진; 한흥구; 공호성
2015-01Nanomechanical measurement of astrocyte stiffness correlated with cytoskeletal maturation이상명; 뉴엔티홍; 나경환; 조일주; 우동호; 오재응; 이창준; 윤의성
2016-01Nanotribological and wetting performance of hierarchical patterns하프릿 그리왈; 박수학; 조일주; 장경영; 윤의성
2017-08Nanotribological behavior of bioinspired textured surfaces with directional characteristics윤의성; 조일주; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 신효근; 하프릿 그리왈
2003-04Nanotribological characteristics of plasma treated hydrophobic thin films on silicon surfaces using SPM윤의성; 박지현; 양승호; 한흥구; 공호성; 고석근
2002-02Nanotribological characteristics of silicon surfaces modified by IBAD윤의성; 박지현; 양승호; 공호성; 장경영
2011-04Nanotribological Properties of Bio-mimetic Poly(methyl methacrylic) Hierarchical Patterns박수학; Pham Duc Cuong; 나경환; 김진석; 양성욱; Kyung-Young Jhang; 윤의성
2002-10Nanotribological properties of hydrophobic surfaces using an atomic force microscope.윤의성; 양승호; 오현진; 한흥구; 공호성; 이해성
2010-01Nanotribological properties of silicon nano-pillars coated by a Z-DOL lubricating filmPham Duc Cuong; 나경환; 양성욱; 김진석; 윤의성
2009-04Nanotribological Properties of Topographically-Chemically Modified Silicon SurfacesPham Duc Cuong; Arvind Singh; 나경환; 양성욱; 윤의성
2009-06Nature-inspired Tribological Surfaces for Nano/Micro-scale ApplicationsPham Duc Cuong; Arvind Singh; 나경환; 양성욱; 윤의성
2015-08Neural probes with multi-drug delivery capability신효근; 이현주; 채의규; 김휘영; 김정연; 최낙원; 우지완; 조약돌; 이창준; 윤의성; 조일주
2008-06New Finite Element Method Modeling for contractile Forces of Cardiomyocytes on Hybrid Biopolymer Microcantilevers나경환; 김진석; 양성욱; 윤영미; 윤의성
2004-12Novel Experimental Technique for Calibration of Frictional Force in Atomic Force Microscopy최덕현; 황운봉; 윤의성
2001-12Optical ferroanalyzer and its application to wear monitoring in tribosystemsL.V. Markova; N.K. Myshkin; 공호성; M.S. Semenyuk; 윤의성; E.L. Pinchuk
2007-04Paddling based Microrobot for Capsule Endoscopes박현준; 박성진; 윤의성; 김병규; 박종오; 박석호
2014-02Partially flexible MEMS neural probe composed of polyimide and sucrose gel for reducing brain damage during and after implantation전명건; 조제원; 김윤경; 정다희; 윤의성; 신세현; 조일주
2008-12Photolithographic Silicon Patterns with Z-DOL (perfluoropolyether, PFPE) Coating as Tribological Surfaces for Miniaturized DevicesArvind Singh; Pham Duc Cuong; 윤의성
2008-08Piezo motor based Microdrive for Neural Signal Recording양성욱; 이세민; 박기태; 전효진; 허여울; 조제원; 신희섭; 윤의성
2008-11Piezo motor based microdrive for neural signal recording in freely moving mice양성욱; 이세민; 박기태; 전효진; 허여울; 조제원; 신희섭; 윤의성
2016-07POLYMER PATTERN GEOMETRIES FOR TUNING NANOFRICTION윤의성; 조일주; 김홍남; 펜디얄라 프라샨트; 하프릿 그리왈