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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09Metal-organic framework-derived metal oxide nanoparticles@reduced graphene oxide composites as cathode materials for rechargeable aluminium-ion batteries차주환; 최지원; 장개강; Tae Hyung Lee; Ho Won Jang; Morteza Mahmoudi; Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr
2014-05Microstructural variation and dielectric properties of KTiNbO5 and K3Ti5NbO14 ceramics임미르; 권상효; 김진성; 남산; 최지원; 황성주
2012-12Microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Bi12SiO20 ceramics정병직; 정미리; 권상효; 김진성; 남산; 최지원; 황성주
2013-07Microstructures and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Bi2O3-Deficient Bi12SiO20 Ceramics정병직; 정미리; 권상효; 김진성; 남산; 최지원; 황성주
1997-11Microwave characteristics of (Pb,Ca)(Fe,Nb,Sn)O//3 dielectric materials김현재; 최지원; Sergey Kucheiko; 윤석진; 정형진
2002-06Microwave dielectric characteristics of (1-x)(Al ₁ / ₂ Ta ₁ / ₂ )O ₂ -xToO ₂ ceramics최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; Ki Hyun Yoon
2003-09Microwave dielectric characteristics of 0.75(Al1/2Ta1/2)O2-0.25(Ti1-xSnx)O2 ceramics최지원; 하종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2002-08Microwave dielectric characteristics of aluminum magnesium tantalate solid solutions with variations of lonic polarizability and crystal structure최지원; 하종윤; 강종윤; 윤석진; 윤기현; 김현재
2002-09Microwave dielectric characteristics of aluminum tantalate based solid solutions with variations of ionic polarizability and crystal structure최지원; Sung-Hun Sim; 윤석진; 김현재; Ki Hyun Yoon
2002-09Microwave dielectric characteristics of Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)1-xZrx)]O3-δ ceramics최지원; Jong-Yoon Ha; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; Ki Hyun Yoon
2004-01Microwave Dielectric Characteristics of Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)1-xZrx]O3-δ Ceramics최지원; 하종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2003-02Microwave dielectric constant characteristics of (Al,Mg,Ta)O₂solid solutions with crystal structure and lonic polarizability최지원; 하종윤; 안병국; 박용욱; 윤석진; 김현재
2008-12Microwave dielectric loss of thermally stressed MgTiO3 via TEM observation유선희; 윤기현; 최지원
2001-11Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)(Al₁/₂Ta₁/₂)O₂-x(Mg₁/₃Ta₂/₃)O₂ ceramics최지원; Sergey Kucheiko; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2002-04Microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)(Al₁/₂Ta₁/₂)O₂-xTiO₂ ceramics최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2000-11Microwave dielectric properties of (Pb,Ca)(Mg,Nb,Sn)O3 ceramics최지원; 하종윤; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2000-01Microwave dielectric properties of (Pb,Ca)[(Fe,Nb)Sn]O3 with CuO-Bi2O3 additives하종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 윤기현; 김현재
2003-10Microwave Dielectric Properties of Bi2O3 Doped Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)1-xTix]O3-δ Ceramics하종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 최두진; 윤기현; 김현재
2012-01Microwave dielectric properties of BiNbO4 ceramics with CuO-V2O5 addition이홍렬; 윤기현; 김응수; 최지원; Richard Boucher
2001-12Microwave dielectric properties of B₂O₃ doped Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)0.9Ti0.1]O3-δ ceramics최지원; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 정형진; Ki Hyun Yoon
1999-06Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)1-xMx]O3-δ (M=Sn, Ti) Ceramics최지원; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 정형진; 윤기현
2006-12Microwave dielectric properties of Ca[(Li1/3Nb2/3)1-xTix]O3-δ ceramics with glass하종윤; 최지원; 강종윤; 윤석진; 최두진; 김현재
2002-05Microwave dielectric properties of CaTiO ₃ -CaAl ₁ / ₂ Nb ₁ / ₂ O ₃ ceramics doped with Li ₃ NbO ₄Sergey Kucheiko; Dong-Hun Yeo; 최지원; 윤석진; 김현재
1996-01Microwave dielectric properties of CaTiO₃-Ca(Al₁/₂Ta₁/₂)O₃ ceramics최지원; 정형진; 김현재; Sergey Kucheiko
2000-12Microwave dielectric properties of CuO doped Ca[(Li ₁ / ₃ Nb ₂ / ₃ ) ₁ -x Tix]O ₃ - δ ceramics최지원; 강종윤; 윤석진; 김현재; 정형진; 윤기현
2001-07Microwave dielectric properties of low temperature fired (Pb//0//.//4//5Ca//0//.//5//5) [(Fe//0//.//5Nb//0//.//5)//0//.//9Sn//0//.//1]O//3 ceramics with various additives하종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2001-04Microwave dielectric properties of low temperature sintered (Pb,Ca)[(Fe,Nb)Sn]O3 with CuO-B2O3 and CuO-V2O5 additives하종윤; 최지원; 윤석진; 김현재; 윤기현
2003-10Miniaturized Multilayer Band Pass Chip Filter for IMT-2000임혁; 하종윤; 심성훈; 강종윤; 최지원; 최세영; 오영제; 김현재; 윤석진
2004-05Modeling and Optimization of LTCC-based Inductors on Ground Substrate심성훈; 강종윤; 최지원; 윤영중; 윤석진; 김현재
1999-01Monoblock λ/4 dielectric filter using high K material강종윤; 윤석진; 최지원; 김현재; Y. S. Ko; C. D. An; C. Y. Park