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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-02Hall-probe array 와 SQUID 를 이용한 YBa ₂ Cu ₃ O//7 단결정의 자기적 특성 비교심성엽; 황태종; 김동호; 한일기; 오상준; 이형철; 김진태
1991-01Heating effect in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon-nitride.강광남; 이정일; J. H. Jo; 한일기; Y. J. Lee
2003-09High performance of 1.54㎛ InGaAsP high-power tapered laser using high p-doped separate confinement layer and strain compensated multiple quantum wells허두창; 한일기; 이정일; 정지채
2003-05High power broadband InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot superluminescent diodes허두창; 송진동; 최원준; 이정일; 정지채; 한일기
2007-09High power broadband superluminescent diodes with chirped multiple quantum dots유영채; 한일기; 이정일
2004-12High power laser diodes/superluminescent diodes한일기
2004-09High power laser diodes/superluminescent diodes허두창; 한일기; 송진동; 박용주; 최원준; 조운조; 이정일
2010-06High power single-lateral-mode operation of InAs quantum dot based ridge type laser diodes by utilizing a double bend waveguide structure김경찬; 한일기; 이정일; 김태근
2016-06High-performance flexible and air-stable perovskite solar cells with a large active area based on poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanofibrils한일기; 박준서; 박민우; 오진영
1999-06High-power 1.5㎛ superluminescent diodesS.H. Cho; 한일기; Y. Hu; J.H. Song; P.J.S. Heim; M. Dagenais; F.G. Johnson; D.R. Stone
2011-11High-power 745-nm Laser Diode Utilizing InP/InGaP Quantum Structures Grown by Using Migration Enhanced Epitaxy하승규; 송진동; 한일기; 고대영; 김수연; 이은혜
2020-07High-power and flexible indoor solar cells via controlled growth of Perovskite using a greener antisolvent한일기; 강구민; 김소영; 오희윤; 정인영; 박민우
2000-07High-power broad-band superluminescent diode with low spectral modulation at 1.5-㎛ wavelengthJ. H. Song; S. H. Cho; 한일기; Y. Hu; P. J. S. Heim; F. G. Johnson; D. R. Stone; M. Dagenais
2012-10High-power InAs Quantum-dot Superluminescent Diodes with Offset J-shaped Waveguides유영채; 한일기; 김지현
2009-10High-power single-mode 1.3-㎛ InGaAsP-InGaAsP multiple-quantum-well laser diodes With Wide Apertures김경찬; 장동기; 이정일; 김태근; 이우원; 김정호; 양은정; 구본조; 한일기
2019-03High-speed colloidal quantum dot photodiodes via accelerating charge separation at metal-oxide interface한일기; 박준서; 황도경; 차순규; 정신영; 김지훈; 주병권; 강성준
2018-05Highly Secure Plasmonic Encryption Keys Combined with Upconversion Luminescence Nanocrystals한일기; 장호성; 고형덕; 박민지; 박기선; 박지훈; 김재균; 조영학; 변동진
2020-04Highly transparent phototransistor based on quantum-dots and ZnO bilayers for optical logic gate operation in visible-light한일기; 정신영; 김병준; 조남광; 박성호; 전도연; 강예빈; 김태영; 김연상; 강성준
2018-09Hole mobility characteristics with surface roughness on silicon-on-insulator substrate한일기; Hyeseon Shin; Jae-Hyeon Ko; Moongyu Jang
1995-05HR-coated facet effect on the spectral characteristics of a three-section DBR tunable laser이석; W. J. Choi; 한일기; 우덕하; 김선호; 이정일; 강광남; 박홍이
2008-08I-V characteristics of a methanol sensor for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) as a function of deposited platinum (Pt) thickness양진석; 박정호; 김성일; 김서영; 김용태; 한일기
2016-07Improving Performance and Stability of Flexible Planar- Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Using Polymeric Hole-Transport Material한일기; 고민재; 박준서; 손해정; 조제웅; 서명석; 박민우; 김재엽; 안형주; 정재웅; 손병혁
2003-12Improvment of the high-temperature characteristics of 1.52 ㎛ InGaAs laser with (InAlAs)0.4(InGaAs)0.6 short-period superlattice barriers허두창; 송진동; 최원준; 이정일; 이용탁; 정지채; 한일기
2002-09Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO ₂ and SiNx capping films.J.H. Lee; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 조운조; 이정일; E.K. Kim
2003-06Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO₂ and SiNx capping films이정호; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 이정일; 조운조; 김은규
2010-05InAs quantum dot superluminescent diodes with trench structure유영채; 김이현; 한일기
2011-08InAs 및 GaAs 웨이퍼를 이용한 type-Ⅱ InSb 나노 구조 형성이은혜; 송진동; 김수연; 배민환; 한일기; 장수경; 이정일
2004-10Influence of arsenic during indium deposition on the formation of the wetting layers of InAs quantum dots grown by migration enhanced epitaxy송진동; 박영민; 신재철; 임재구; 박용주; 최원준; 한일기; 이정일; H.S. Kim; 박찬경
2011-08InP/InGaP를 이용한 808 nm 대역 양자 구조 성장과 구조적 및 광학적 분석김수연; 송진동; 이은혜; 한일기; 이정일; 김태환