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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08I-V characteristics of a methanol sensor for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) as a function of deposited platinum (Pt) thickness양진석; 박정호; 김성일; 김서영; 김용태; 한일기
2016-07Improving Performance and Stability of Flexible Planar- Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells Using Polymeric Hole-Transport Material한일기; 고민재; 박준서; 손해정; 조제웅; 서명석; 박민우; 김재엽; 안형주; 정재웅; 손병혁
2003-12Improvment of the high-temperature characteristics of 1.52 ㎛ InGaAs laser with (InAlAs)0.4(InGaAs)0.6 short-period superlattice barriers허두창; 송진동; 최원준; 이정일; 이용탁; 정지채; 한일기
2002-09Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO ₂ and SiNx capping films.J.H. Lee; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 조운조; 이정일; E.K. Kim
2003-06Impurity free vacancy disordering of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots by using PECVD-grown SiO₂ and SiNx capping films이정호; 최원준; 박용주; 한일기; 이정일; 조운조; 김은규
2010-05InAs quantum dot superluminescent diodes with trench structure유영채; 김이현; 한일기
2011-08InAs 및 GaAs 웨이퍼를 이용한 type-Ⅱ InSb 나노 구조 형성이은혜; 송진동; 김수연; 배민환; 한일기; 장수경; 이정일
2004-10Influence of arsenic during indium deposition on the formation of the wetting layers of InAs quantum dots grown by migration enhanced epitaxy송진동; 박영민; 신재철; 임재구; 박용주; 최원준; 한일기; 이정일; H.S. Kim; 박찬경
2011-08InP/InGaP를 이용한 808 nm 대역 양자 구조 성장과 구조적 및 광학적 분석김수연; 송진동; 이은혜; 한일기; 이정일; 김태환
1996-10Instability of anodically sulfur-treated InP.김은규; 민석기; 우덕하; 한일기; 이정일; 강광남; H. J. Kim; S. H. Kim; H. Lim; H. L. Park
1990-01Insulating layer grown by PECVD for InP MISFET.강광남; 이정일; 최원준; 한일기; 이유종; 이명복; 조준환
2003-10Investigation of detection wavelength tuning in quantum well infrared-photodetectors by quantum well intermixing technique황성호; 신재철; 최원준; 한일기; 김은규; 이정일
2007-08Investigation of linewidth enhancement factor for two types of quantum dot laser diode김경찬; 유영채; 정정화; 정진욱; 한일기; 이정일; 김동호; 김태근
2008-08Junction temperature measurement of InAs quantum-dot laser diodes by utilizing voltage-temperature method정정화; 김경찬; 이정일; 김현재; 한일기
2008-11Junction temperature of quantum dot laser diodes depending on the mesa depth정정화; 한일기; 이정일
2011-11Junction Temperature Simulation of InAs Quantum dot Laser Diodes for High Optical Power박승철; 한일기
2018-08Kinetics and mechanisms for ion-assisted etching of InP thin films in HBr + Cl-2 + Ar inductively coupled plasma with various HBr/Cl-2 mixing ratios김영환; 한일기; Alexander Efremov; Jaemin Lee; Kwang-Ho Kwon; Changmok Kim
2012-05Large GaAs island growth by low density droplet epitaxy이은혜; 송진동; 배민환; 한일기; 장수경; 이정일
2001-03Light-current characteristics of highly p-doped 1.55 ㎛ diffraction-limited high-power laser diodes한일기; 우덕하; 김선호; 이정일; 허두창; 정지채; Fred G. Johnson; 조시형; 송정호; Peter J. S. Heim; Mario Dagenais
2001-10Linearization of quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique for analog optical links최원준; 한일기; 박용주; 김은규; 이정일; 김운식; 이종창
2001-11Linearized multiple quantum well electro-absorption modulator by quantum well intermixing technique최원준; Woon Sik Kim; 한일기; 박용주; 김은규; 이정일; Jong Chang Yi
2011-10Linearly polarized light emission from InGaN/GaN quantum well structure with high indium compositionHooyoung Song; Eun Kyu Kim; 한일기; Sung-Ho Lee; Sung-Min Hwang
2018-12Long-distance transmission of broadband nearinfrared light guided by a semi-disordered 2D array of metal nanoparticles한일기; 권석준; 이관일; 여선주; 김정제; 김형욱; 정기남; 장원석; 김영동
2017-01Long-term efficient organic photovoltaics based on quaternary bulk heterojunctions한일기; 권석준; 허가현; 남민우; 차민정; 이현희; 이규태; 유재홍; 고두현
1994-12Low dark current and high-speed metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector on sulfur-treated InP.강광남; 이정일; 한일기; 허준; 변영태; 이석; 우덕하; 김선호; 박홍이
2010-07Low density GaAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy이은혜; 송진동; 김수연; 신상훈; 한일기; 이정일; 김종수; 장수경
2002-07Low frequency excess noise modeling in semiconductor heterostructure devices한일기; 최원준; 장브리니; 알렌쇼베; 이정일
2001-10Low frequency noise in gate current of HEMT structures이정일; 한일기; J. Brini; A. Chovet
2001-12Low frequency noise in HEMT structure한일기; 이정일; J. Brini; A. Chovet