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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-05-15Decrease of electron paramagnetic defect density and enhancement of electron field emission in annealed carbon filmsLee, YH; Kim, DH; Jang, YT; Ju, BK; Oh, MH
2003-01Development of a cold-cathode electron gun for cathode-ray tube using a Mo-tip field-emitter arrayKim, H; Seo, SW; Park, JW; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
2002-05-01Direct nano-wiring carbon nanotube using growth barrier: A possible mechanism of selective lateral growthLee, YH; Jang, YT; Choi, CH; Kim, EK; Ju, BK; Kim, DH; Lee, CW; Yoon, SS
2001-09-14Direct nanowiring of carbon nanotubes for highly integrated electronic and spintronic devicesLee, YH; Jang, YT; Choi, CH; Kim, DH; Lee, CW; Lee, JE; Han, YS; Yoon, SS; Shin, JK; Kim, ST; Kim, EK; Ju, BK
2004Droplet-based magnetically activated cell separationKim, YH; Hong, S; Kim, B; Yun, S; Kang, YR; Paek, KK; Lee, JW; Lee, SH; Ju, BK
1996-06-01Effect of an interlayer on the emission characteristics of a white-light-emitting electroluminescent device with a Pr and Ce doubly sloped ZnS phosphor layerLee, YH; Ju, BK; Song, MH; Hahn, TS; Oh, MH; Kim, DH
1998-10Effect of diamond-like carbon coating on the emission characteristics of molybdenum field emitter arraysJung, JH; Ju, BK; Kim, H; Lee, YH; Chung, SJ; Jang, J; Oh, MH
1998-03Effect of N doping on the electron emission properties of diamondlike carbon film on a 2-in. Mo field emitter array panelJung, JH; Ju, BK; Kim, H; Oh, MH; Chung, SJ; Jang, J
2003-05-06Effect of NH3 and thickness of catalyst on growth of carbon nanotubes using thermal chemical vapor depositionJang, TK; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH; Ju, BK
2001-03Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on anodic bondingChoi, SW; Choi, WB; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Kim, BH
2000-12Effect of the hybrid etching methods on the field emission characteristics of Mo-tip field emitter arraysKim, H; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Oh, MH
1999-12Effects of a hydrophilic surface in anodic bondingLee, DJ; Ju, BK; Jang, J; Lee, KB; Oh, MH
1996-10Effects of the phosphorus doping level and excess silicon on the oxidation of tungsten polycideChung, HH; Lee, JH; Ju, BK; Kim, YC; Chung, KS
1997Effects of the thickness on the dielectric reliability of multilayered BaTiO3 insulating layerOh, JH; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Park, CY; Shin, DK; Oh, MH
2004-12Electrical properties of shadow-mask patterned organic thin film transistor fabricated on plastic substrateLee, JW; Kim, JM; Ju, BK; Kim, JK; Oh, MH; Jang, J
2002-06Electron emission characteristics of the porous polycrystalline silicon diodeKim, H; Park, JW; Lee, JW; Lee, YH; Song, YH; Lee, JH; Cho, KI; Jang, J; Oh, MH; Ju, BK
1998-11Electrostatic bonding of silicon-to-ITO coated #7059 glass using Li-doped oxide interlayerJeong, JW; Ju, BK; Lee, DJ; Lee, YH; Oh, MH; Choi, DJ
1997-03Emission characteristic of diamond-tip field emitter arrays fabricated by transfer mold techniqueKim, S; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Park, BS; Baik, YJ; Lim, S; Oh, MH
1996-10-01Emission characteristics of the molybdenum-coated silicon field emitter arrayPark, HW; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Park, JH; Oh, MH
1999-03Emission stability of a diamond-like carbon coated metal-tip field emitter arrayJung, JH; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Oh, MH
2005-11Enhancement of efficiency for white-organic light-emitting diode with a thin electron-blocking layerPark, JS; Lee, JW; Kim, YM; Bae, SJ; Jang, J; Kim, JK; Ju, BK
1997-05Enhancement of electron emission efficiency and stability of Molybdenum-tip field emitter array by diamond like carbon coatingJung, JH; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Oh, MH
2003-01Enhancement of emission characteristics for field-emitter arrays by optimizing the etched feature of the gate electrodeKim, H; Seo, SW; Lee, JW; Park, JW; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
1997-12Experimental analysis on the anodic bonding with an evaporated glass layerChoi, WB; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jeong, JW; Haskard, MR; Lee, NY; Sung, MY; Oh, MH
2003-07-31Fabrication and characteristics of field emitter using carbon nanotubes directly grown by thermal chemical vapor depositionJang, YT; Choi, CH; Ju, BK; Ahn, JH; Lee, YH
1996-10-01Fabrication and characterization of diamond-like carbon coated knife edge field emitter arrayKo, CG; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Park, JH; Oh, MH
1999Fabrication and estimation of characteristics for Nb-silicide FEAsPark, JS; Lee, S; Ju, BK; Jang, J; Jeon, D; Oh, MH
1998-11Fabrication and field emission properties of poly-diamond filmsJu, BK; Lee, YH; Oh, MH
1997-03Fabrication and field emission study of gated diamondlike-carbon-coated silicon tipsLee, S; Ju, BK; Lee, YH; Jeon, D; Oh, MH
1998-05Fabrication of diamondlike carbon-coated field emitter triode using aluminum parting layerLee, S; Lee, S; Jeon, D; Lee, KR; Ju, BK; Oh, MH