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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10A luminescent down-shifting and moth-eyed anti-reflective film for highly efficient photovoltaic devices김용현; 정기남; Myunghun Shin; 고형덕
2015-04A multifunctional fullerene interlayer in colloidal quantum dot-based hybrid solar cells남민우; Joongpill Park; Keekeun Lee; Sang-Wook Kim; 고형덕; 한일기; Doo-Hyun Ko
2016-09A Plasmonic Platform with Disordered Array of Metal Nanoparticles for Three-Order Enhanced Upconversion Luminescence and Highly Sensitive Near-Infrared Photodetector한일기; 권석준; 장호성; 박준서; 고형덕; 정기남; 이기용; 주홍렬
2014-07Additive-Free Hollow-Structured Co3O4 Nanoparticle Li-Ion Battery: The Origins of Irreversible Capacity LossYoungjun Kim; Jung-Hyun Lee; Sungeun Cho; Yongwoo Kwon; Insik In; Jihoon Lee; 유남호; Elsa Reichmanis; 고형덕; 이규태; 권현근; 고두현; Heesun Yang; Byoungnam Park
2014-11Blue Inorganic Light Emitting Diode on Flexible Polyimide Substrate Using Laser Lift-Off Process닐리쉬; 김영동; 고형덕; 박준서; 박병남; 고두현; 한일기
2020-12Bright Blue, Green, and Red Luminescence from Dye-sensitized Core@Shell Upconversion Nanophosphors under 800 nm Near Infrared Light장호성; 고형덕; 강구민; 홍아라
2014-09Broadband light absorption using a multilayered gap surface plasmon resonator고형덕; 고두현; Younghak Cho; 한일기
2002-10Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate by ECR chemical vapor deposition이중기; 전법주; 조병원; 박달근; 고형덕; 변동진
2002-10Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate by ECR chemical vapor deposition이중기; 전법주; 조병원; 박달근; 고형덕; 변동진
2003-01Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrate prepared by room temperature ECR-MOCVD coupled with periodic DC bias.이중기; 고형덕; 현진; 변동진; 조병원; 박달근
2014-10Competition between Charge Transport and Energy Barrier in Injection-Limited Metal/Quantum Dot Nanocrystal Contacts김영준; 조승근; 정선호; 고두현; 고형덕; 유남호; 장민철; Elsa Reichmanis; 박준영; 박성영; 이종석; 양희선; 인인식; 박병남
2005-12Copper Thin films on PET prepared at ambient temperature by ECR-CVD고형덕; 진정근; 변동진; 이중기; 박달근
2013-09Down-conversion effect on GaAs single junction solar cell using CdSe quantum dots한일기; 송진동; 박준서; 고형덕; 김지훈; 김은겸
2015-08Enhanced triplettriplet annihilation in bicomponent organic systems by using a gap plasmon resonatorJun Kue Park; 이기용; 정기남; Doo-Hyun Ko; 한일기; 고형덕
2019-10Formation of a functional homo-junction interface through ZnO atomic layer passivation: Enhancement of carrier mobility and threshold voltage in a ZnO nanocrystal field effect transistor고형덕; Youngjun Kim; Mincheol Chang; Seongeun Cho; Minkyong Kim; Hyunsik Kim; Eunsoo Choi; Jinha Hwang; Byoungnam Park
2017-08Graphene quantum dot (GQD)-induced photovoltaic and photoelectric memory elements in a pentacene/GQD field effect transistor as a probe of functional interface고형덕; Youngjun Kim; Seongeun Cho; Hyeran Kim; Soonjoo Seo; Hyun Uk Lee; Jouhahn Lee; Mincheol Chang; Byoungnam Park
2019-11High-efficiency white-light solar window using waveguide glass plate고형덕; 이기용; Ganghoo Lee; Myunghun Shin
2018-05Highly Secure Plasmonic Encryption Keys Combined with Upconversion Luminescence Nanocrystals한일기; 장호성; 고형덕; 박민지; 박기선; 박지훈; 김재균; 조영학; 변동진
2021-02Highly sensitive and fast perovskite photodetector functionalized by plasmonic Au nanoparticles-alkanethiol assembly변지영; 고형덕; 강구민; 김인수; 강준현; 라주아
2015-02Highly Stable and Imperceptible Electronics Utilizing Photoactivated Heterogeneous Sol-Gel Metal?Oxide Dielectrics and SemiconductorsJeong-Wan jo; Jaekyun Kim; Kyung-Tae Kim; Jin-Gu Kang; Myung-Gil Kim; Kwang-Ho Kim; 고형덕; Yong-Hoon Kim; Sung Kyu Park
2020-04Highly stable, solution-processed quaternary oxide thin film-based resistive switching random access memory devices via global and local stoichiometric manipulation strategy고형덕; Dongyun Lee; Min Chul Chun; Bo Soo Kang; Jaekyun Kim
2002-08Influence of the process parameters on the surface resistance of Cu/C films on polymer substrates prepared at ambient temperature by ECR-chemical vapor deposition.이중기; 전법주; 고형덕; 변동진; 박달근
2018-04Interfacial dynamic surface traps of lead sulfide (PbS) nanocrystals: testplatform for interfacial charge carrier traps at the organic/inorganic functional interface고형덕; 김영준; 박병남
2018-12Multicolor Tunable Upconversion Luminescence from Sensitized Seed-Mediated Grown LiGdF4:Yb,Tm-Based Core/Triple-Shell Nanophosphors for Transparent Displays송진동; 장호성; 고형덕; 홍아라; 신지혜; 김지훈; 이광렬
2018-08Near-infrared photodetector achieved by chemically-exfoliated multilayered MoS2 flakes고형덕; 박민지; 박기선
2019-10Optical Detection of Small Metabolites for Biological Gas Conversion by using Metal Nanoparticle Monolayers Produced by Capillary-Assisted Transfer고형덕; Keumrai Whang; Jeehan Chang; Kwangyeong Jung; Jungchul Lee; Inhee Choi; Taewook Kang
2015-02Optically Switchable Smart Windows with Integrated Photovoltaic Devices권현근; 이규태; 허가현; 문성환; M.M. Quasim; T.D. Wilkinson; 한지영; 고형덕; 한일기; 박병남; 민병권; 주병권; S.M. Morris; R.H. Friend; 고두현
2021-10Phosphine-Free-Synthesized ZnSe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots for White Light-Emitting Diodes변지영; 장호성; 고형덕; 냠수렌 바수렌; 조지연; 주병권
2018-06Plasmonic nanobump-assembled platform for absorption enhancement of upconversion materials권석준; 고형덕; 정기남
2016-11Plasmonic Nanowire-Enhanced Upconversion Luminescence for Anticounterfeit Devices한일기; 권석준; 장호성; 고형덕; 정기남; 박기선; 변동진