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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-112D Image-based individual 3D face model generation and animation김진우; 고한석; 김형곤; 안상철
1998-033-D shape and motion recovery using SVD from image sequence정병오; 김형곤; 고한석
2005-023-Dimensional Voice Communication System for Two User Groups김천근; 안상철; 김익재; 김형곤
2002-013D cyber museum technology: 3D modeling, database, presentation & network권용무; 김익재; 안상철; 고희동; 김형곤
2000-053D facial feature extraction and global motion recovery using multi-modal information김상훈; 김형곤
2000-073D media information system권용무; 김익재; 안상철; 김형곤
2001-103D tracking of multi-objects using color and stereo for HCK김익재; 이상환; 안상철; 권용무; 김형곤
2004-06-243차원 가상환경에서의 문자 생성 시스템 및 방법김익재; 김형곤; 안상철
2006-06-273차원 영상 표시 장치권용무; 김동욱; 김성규; 김형곤
1995-10A color halftoning algorithm for low-bit flat panel displays.김형곤; 이제호; 권용무
2005-07A Computer Supported Tele-collaboration System안상철; 김형곤
2004-11A Generalized Framework for Immersive and Interactive Theater박창훈; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Koichi Hirota; Michitaka Hirose; 김형곤; 고희동
1999-04A hand gesture recognition system for interactive virtual environment조오영; 김형곤; 고성제; 안상철
1999-02A hand gesture recognition system for interactive virtual environment조오영; 안상철; 김형곤
1998-03A high performance disparity extraction algorithm using low resolution disparity histogram김남규; 이광도; 김형곤; 차균현
1996-05A high-performance distributed arithmetic processor for the HD video compression.김형곤; 이제호; 권용무
1990-06A memory intensive real-time 3x3 neighborhood processor for image processing.김형곤; 권용무
1994-07A new hardware architecture of quantizer/inverse quantizer processor for video CODEC.김형곤; 권용무; 민남기; 김재형
1994-10A pipelined architecture for VLSI implementation of quantizer/inverse quantizer processor for video CODEC.김형곤; 권용무; 민남기; 김재형
2005-01A study of face mouse interaction and shared working space for teleconferencing김진학; 안상철; 김형곤; 변혜란
1991-02A study on ASIC implementation of real time MCC for the sub-primary rate video codec system.김형곤; 권용무; 박종현; 서유석; 이한
1990-11A study on silicon/silicon dioxide interface by C-V techniques.강광남; 이정일; 이명복; 주병권; 김형곤; 오명환
1986-06A study on the design of multi channel data acquisition system.김형곤; 권용무; 김홍석; 오명환
1991-09A study on the development of a MPACS.김형곤; 권용무; 이재천; 김근섭; 임호근
1989-01A study on the interface trap states in the AC-TFELD structure정인재; 이윤희; 김형곤; 오명환
1995-11A subband tree structure for the very low bit-rate video coding.김형곤; 이제호; 권용무; 김용규; 박인숙; In Sook Park
1995-06A tree structured wavelet transform coding scheme for digital HD-VCR.김형곤; 김용규; 정현민; 박구만; 박규태
2011-07A Vision-Based Mobile Augmented Reality System for Baseball Games이성오; 안상철; 황재인; 김형곤
1990-01A VLSI implementation of real-time 8x8 2-D DCT processor for the subprimary rate video codec.김형곤; 권용무
2008-02Acoustic environment classification algorithm for context-aware mobile phone이계환; 장준혁; 김형곤