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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-12A basic research for the microbolometer using Vanadium Oxide thin films문성욱; 김민철; 강호관; 윤영수; 서상희; 오명환; 김도훈
1998-11A basic study for the microbolometer using VOx thin films문성욱; 김민철; 강호관; 윤영수; 서상희; 김도훈; 오명환
2000-10A study on Fabrication of Thermopile Infrared Detector이성준; 주병권; 이윤희; 서상희; 오영제; 김태윤; 김철주
1991-01A study on the active layer dissolution of InP/InGaAsP/InP DH structure for 1.55㎛ long-wavelength grown by liquid phase epitaxy서상희; 김을락; 곽노정; 최인훈
1993-01A study on the growth and characteristics of LPE Cd0.94Zn0.06Te서상희; 곽노정; 최인훈; 임성욱
1991-01A study on the LPE growth of InP/GaInAsP and its lasing wavelength.서상희; 이경구; 전준범; 이용탁; 최인훈; 박찬용
1999-12A study on the MOVPE CdTe layers for passivation of HgCdTe송종형; 홍진기; 김선웅; 박만장; 정관욱; 김진상; 서상희
1999-11A study on the passivation of HgCdTe with CdZnTe송종형; 안세영; 김진상; 서상희; 홍진기; 김용식; 김선웅; 박만장
2005-07Ammonium sulfide treatment of HgCdTe substrate and its effects on electrical properties of ZnS/HgCdTe heterostructure정용철; 안세영; 서상희; 최덕균; 김진상
1998-01An electron microscopy study on the formation mechanism of hillocks on the (100)CdTe/GaAs김윤경; 이정용; H.S. Kim; 송종형; 서상희
2016-06Analysis of pitting corrosion failure of copper tubes in an apartment fire sprinkler system서상희; Suh Young Joon; 윤형국; 오정한; 김영준; 정기민; 권혁상
1999-05Cantilever type optical switch using magnetostrictive thin films문성욱; 임상호; 한석희; 서상희; 오명환; 강호관; 김민철; 김도훈
1998-12CdZnTe Passivation of HgCdTe by Using Electron Beam Evaporation and Its Interfacial Properties김진상; 정관욱; 서상희; 송종형
1996-12CdZnTe를 이용한 HgCdTe 표면의 passivation에 관한 연구이태석; 최경구; 정용택; 김흥국; 김재묵; 김영훈; 송종형; 장진만; 송원선; 김선웅; 박만장; 서상희; 이상돈
1999-07Characteristic estimation of the formation and etching of PZT thin films for pyroelectric IR sensor application박윤권; 주병권; 전호승; 윤영수; 오영제; 이윤희; 서상희; 오명환; 김철주
2003-11Characteristics of HgCdTe layers grown by MOVPE on (211)B CdTe/Si substrates서상희; 김진상; 서대원; S-R Hahn; S. Sivananthan
2000-09Characteristics of HgCdTe on CdZnTe grown by MOVPE서상희; 김진상; 김형준; 김용식; 안세영
2001-09Characteristics of MOVPE grown HgCdTe on GaAs and CdZnTe substrates김진상; 서상희
2001-06Characteristics of photovoltaic HgCdTe devices for short wavelength infrared detectors김진상; 안세영; 전용우; 서상희
2002-01Characteristics of SWIR diodes of HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy김진상; 안세영; 서상희
2002-03Control of hillock formation during MOVPE growth of HgCdTe by suppressing the pre-reaction of the Cd precursor with Hg서상희; 김진상; 김형준; 송종형
2016-09Controlling the growth temperature gradient and interface shape for traveling heater method growth of CdTe single crystals서상희; 김진상; Suh Young Joon
1988-01Cooling rate dependence of the morphology of Hg0.80Cd0.20Te liquid phase epitaxial layer.서상희; D. A. Stevenson
1998-07Current status and technology of the HgCdTe IR detector in Korea김재묵; 이희철; 서상희
1996-01Defect reduction in ZnMgSSe epilayers on GaAs by using ZnMgSe/ZnSSe strained-layer superlattices.김진상; 서상희; 김창훈; 정수진
1996-01Deformation modes of the superplastic Al-10wt%Ti alloy at high strain-rates.금동화; 서상희; 김혜성; 김원태
1994-01Double crystal X-ray diffraction studies of ZnSe on (100) GaAs grown by MBE.서상희; 김진상; 정수진; 임성욱
1990-01Effect of Cd-annealing on the ir transactions of CdTe wafers grown by the bridgman method.서상희; W. J. Kim; 박만장; 김재묵; 송원준; S. U. Kim; T. S. Lee
1990-01Effect of Hg-annealing at different temperatures on the electrical properties of LPE grown Hg0.8Cd0.2Te.서상희; 최종술; 정용택; 김재묵; 문성욱
2017-09Effect of iodine doping in the deposition solution and iodine vapor pressure in the sensitization treatment on the properties of PbSe films서상희; Youngjoon Suh