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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-023D Optical microstructure fabrication and its bonding to micro IR detector using elastomeric polymer박종연; 김근태; 신현준; 문성욱; 박정호
2004-023D-feed horn antenna-coupled microbolometer김근태; 박종연; 한용희; 강호관; 신현준; 문성욱; 박정호
2008-11A controllable fabrication and evaluation of Au nanowires using selective metal nanoscale etch method제가타; 이병철; 신현준; 김상경
2005-06A Floated Absorbing Structure for Uncooled Microbolometer안미숙; 한용희; 신현준; 김근태; 이승훈; 문성욱; 오명환
2006-09A Microfluidic protease activity assay based on the detection of fluorescence polarization김정환; 신현준; 조현주; 곽승민; 조한상; 김태송; 강지윤; 양은경
2015-04A Neural Probe with Integrated Light Emitting Diodes Using Batch Process for Optogenetic Stimulation최원석; 김옥철; 이부용; 김태형; 진주영; 정진우; 신현준; 서준교; 김진석
2013-06A new optical coherence tomography system guided by active cannulas김수현; 문효원; 신현준; 이득희; 강성철; 김계리
2004-11A novel infrared absorbing structure for uncooled infrared detector안미숙; 한용희; 신현준; 문성욱; 김근태; 김신근; 뉴엔치안; 오명환
2018-07A Simple Separation Method of the Protein and Polystyrene Bead-Labeled Protein for Enhancing the Performance of Fluorescent Sensor신현준; 이병철; 양승훈; 강동훈; Hye Jin Kim; Eunji Lee; Taewon Ha; Youngbaek Kim; Kyo Seon Hwang; Jinsik Kim
2013-02Active control of dielectrophoretic force at nanowire electrode for ultrahigh single nanoparticle manipulation yield김진식; 이상엽; 서준교; 박정호; 신현준
2014-07An integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometric biosensor with a silicon oxynitride waveguide by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition추성중; 김진식; 이경운; 이동호; 신현준; 박정호
2010-04An Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Sensor based on Rib Waveguides추성중; 박정호; 신현준
2012-03An Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometric Sensor Fabricated by Using Cr mask Extension Lithography추성중; 박정호; 이상엽; 신현준
2002-10Application of MEMS technology to actuators문성욱; 김종용; 신현준
2004-11Application of microbolometer to integrated CO2 sensor김신근; 한용희; 김근태; 안미숙; 신현준; 문성욱
2011-07Assessment of Laser Retina Stimulation System for Optogenetic Vision Restoration문혁준; 김진모; 진준효; 전성민; 신현준; 서준교
2021-10Binarization for eliminating calibration in fiberscope image processing신현준; 김민경; 여윤수
2008-06Biosensor Implementation Using an Integrated Mach-Zehnder Interferometer추성중; 이병철; 김진식; 박정호; 신현준
2015-02Blue shift in the optical bandgap of tin oxide thin films by controlling oxygen-to-argon gas flow ratioMeenakshi; Sanjeev Gautam; 채근화; 이익재; 신현준; Anup Thakur
2014-05Brownian motion of electrokinetically driven nanoparticles in a curved nanoslit차병준; 맹준호; 신현준; 정재원; 이상엽
2012-06Characteristic of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 정석; 이상엽
2012-03Characteristics of CHO-K1 cells proliferation upon microfluidic media flows맹준호; 정효은; 신현준; 정석; 이상엽
2004-03Characteristics of Vanadium-tungsten-oxide bolometric thin films for Uncooled Infrared Detector한용희; 김근태; 뉴엔치엔; 신현준; 최인훈; 문성욱
2005-09Characterization of uncooled bolometer with vanadium tungsten oxide infrared active layer뉴엔치안; 신현준; 김근태; 한용희; 문성욱
2004-09Characterization of uncooled bolometer with vanadium tungsten oxide infrared material layer뉴엔치안; 신현준; 김근태; 한용희; 문성욱
2004-12Characterization of Uncooled Bolometer with Vanadium Tungsten Oxide Infrared-Active Layer뉴엔치안; 신현준; 김근태; 한용희; 문성욱
2004-04Characterizations of vanadium-tungsten-oxide bolometric thin films for uncooled IR detectors한용희; 문성욱; 신현준; 김신근; 안미숙; 김근태; 최인훈; 오명환
2015-10Control of bladder function by optogentic modulation on membrane potential of smooth muscle박재홍; 장자윤; 홍진기; 문혁준; 이헌휘; 신현준; 서준교
2011-11Dental derived neural stem cell based-optogenetic method for treatment of neurodegeneration전성민; 김진모; 문혁준; 진준효; 김병철; 신현준; 이창준; 황유식; 서준교
2003-11Deposition of Iridium Oxide Thin Films as Bottom Electrodes of Ferroelectric Capacitors허재성; 최훈상; 이종한; 최인훈; 문성욱; 신현준