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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08A metabolomic approaches to evaluating the toxicological effects of nonylphenol in rat urine이정애; 정봉철
2018-05A Simple Colorimetric Method to Quantify Total Fecal Oil Using Oil-soluble Dyes in Laboratory Animals and Its Correlation with Liquid Chromatography?Mass Spectrometry Analysis이정애; 정혜선; 장유라
2013-02A study of Analysis and Stability of Odor Compounds in Drinking Water using GC-MS권운용; 이정애; 김승기; 최종호; 박주현; 표희수
2015-11A study of exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in obese children표희수; 이정애; 온지원; 이상원; 박미정
2015-11A study of exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in obese children온지원; 이상원; 박미정; 이정애; 표희수
1991-01A study on the relationship between doping agents and Korean traditional medicines.표희수; 박종세; 노동석; 박송자; 김연제; 김미숙; 백형기; 김승기; 이정애; 김영림
2019-11Altered polyamines profiling in the hair of patients with androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata이정애; 정봉철; 이유라; 유박린; 심우영; 홍종기
2013-10Analysis of alkoxyalcohols in detergents and wet wipes using headspace gas chromatography and mass spectrometry이수진; 김해동; 표희수; 이정애
2013-05Analysis of alkoxyalcohols in wet wipes using by HS-GC-MS이수진; 김해동; 표희수; 이정애
2000-01Analysis of amineptine and its metabolites in human urine by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry이정애; 김영림; 노동석
1997-01Analysis of antioxidants in fatty foods using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry이정애; 노동석
2013-05Analysis of bioactive components in blueberry, raspberry and blackberry based on metabolmics김우석; 표정주; 정보라; 전명윤; 백현진; 이정애
2019-04Analysis of combustion gas and soil contaminated with combustion gas after chemical accident(fire/explosion)표희수; 이정애; 최재영; 김윤환; 이윤혜; 조정만; 박선영; 김나은; 온지원
1999-01Analysis of cyclic boronated and trimethylsilylated phenolalkylamines by gas chromatography and electron impact mass spectrometry이정애; 김건; 노동석
2014-06Analysis of free 3-MCPD in various foods by GC-MS김우석; 이정애; 이광근; 표희수
2002-06Analysis of homocysteine in human blood using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry이정애; 정봉철; Nathalie Bergeron; Rinda Soong; Michael Wen; Jeen-Marc Schwarz
2004-04Analysis of homocysteine in plasma with Alzheimer's disease이정애; 김인성; 정봉철
2013-11Analysis of Propylene oxide in drinking water using headspace gas chromatogaphy mass spectrometry이수진; 김해동; 박주현; 이정애; 표희수
2004-04Analysis of substance P in rat brain by means of immunoaffinity capture and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass-spectrometry슈레쉬바브; 이정애; 노동석; 유영숙
1995-01Analysis of synephrine and octopamine in citrus fruits, drinks, and human urine노동석; 이정애; 김승기; 정현숙; 유보경; 박종세
1995-11Analysis of synephrine and octopamine in citrus fruits, drinks, and human urine.노동석; 이정애; 김승기; 정현숙; 유보경; 박종세
2004-05Analysis of urinary polyols using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry이정애; 정봉철
2014-05Analytical method for 3-MCPD in foodstuffs by GC-MS김우석; 이정애; 이광근; 표희수
2013-05Assessment of exposure to di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in human urine온지원; 이정애; 이상원; 표희수
2021-04Assessment of Soil Contamination by Gas Cloud Generated from Chemical Fire Using Metabolic Profiling and Associated Bacterial Communities이정애; 최재영; 안용태; 김민석; 조정만; 칼리무스 판디; 김나은; 윤성택
2014-02Association between urinary levels of bisphenol-A and estrogen metabolism in Korean adults김은지; 이동호; 정봉철; 표희수; 이정애
2006-05Biochemical role of urinary myo-Inositol in lipid metabolism of breast cancer이정애; 공구; 정봉철
2006-05Biomedical role of urinary myo-inositol in lipid metabolism of breast cancer이정애; 공구; 정봉철
2012-12Biomonitoring of total mercury in whole blood of South Korean by age and regional (2010 - 2011)정다영; 최종호; 이정애; 박경수; 윤혜정; 표희수
2014-04Biomonitoring of urinary DEHP metabolites and its biomarkers based on Envirometabolomics온지원; 이정애; 이상원; 표희수